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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the increase in cases of the drug-resistant bacterial infection Shigella could be a predi

News Medical Mar 22 2023 - 08:14

Targeting the virus that infects the disease-causing bacterium could be a cheap way to prioritize populations for vaccination campaigns.

Nature Mar 21 2023 - 22:01

COVID is waning in Denver, but the city is starting a program to replace a state-run effort testing wastewater for viruses.

Axios on MSN.com Mar 21 2023 - 14:56

A new body of work by Jakarta-based artist Agnes Hansella magnifies the tiny world of microorganisms through fiber.

Colossal Mar 21 2023 - 06:47

Climate change is causing serious consequences, and one of them is the melting of the Arctic permafrost.

Mena FN Mar 21 2023 - 02:19

The humidity of where you live can play a big role in how long airborne viruses can survive.

KUNC Mar 20 2023 - 15:16

To determine the best movies about viruses and pandemics, 24/7 Tempo developed an index using average ratings on IMDb, an online movie database own

24/7 Wall St Mar 20 2023 - 13:00

The symptoms are more severe in H3N2 than Covid because most people have received two doses of vaccines of the latter, says expert.

India Today on MSN.com Mar 20 2023 - 06:43

The uptick in the number of infections caused by two subtypes of influenza A has left the health department worried.

Indiatimes Mar 19 2023 - 18:09

According to the Special Communications Service, Russian hackers have been infecting such software with trojan viruses that allow them to get acces

Yahoo News Mar 19 2023 - 09:48

We are beginning to learn how different factors influence the mixture of viruses in the guts of young children, called the gut virome, but its impo

New Scientist Mar 19 2023 - 05:00

A combination of respiratory viruses--ranging from Covid-19 virus, swine flu (H1N1)--has led to increase in infection from H3N2.

The Tribune Mar 16 2023 - 21:05

Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have confirmed that bacteria-killing viruses called bacteriophages depl

Phys.org Mar 16 2023 - 08:33

Virologist explains why so many viruses such as Covid and bird flu are emerging .

Irish Mirror on MSN.com Mar 15 2023 - 12:38

Scientists Revive “Zombie Viruses” That Were Frozen 48,500 Years Ago It sounds like something out of The X-Files: Scientists have revived viruses t

MSN Mar 15 2023 - 07:01

From the widespread outbreak of Mpox (formerly called monkeypox) in 2022, to the evolving bird flu situation, to recent cases of Marburg virus in E

AllAfrica.com Mar 15 2023 - 02:59

Or, have we just become better at detecting outbreaks thanks to improved technology developed during the COVID pandemic?

Bristol Post Mar 15 2023 (All day)

It’s likely a combination of the incidence of viral outbreaks increasing, and the fact we’re getting better at detecting them.

The Conversation Mar 14 2023 - 10:18

New research from a group of international climate scientists shows that so-called "zombie viruses" once revived, can infect amoeba cells

Fox News Mar 14 2023 - 06:50

Tracking microbes through a malodorous network of sewer lines led virologist Marc Johnson to the source of unusual coronavirus mutants.

NDTV Mar 13 2023 - 21:33

New research from a group of international climate scientists shows that so-called “zombie viruses” once revived, can infect amoeba cells.

New York Post Mar 13 2023 - 19:48

What's the risk of contracting a surprising virus from Fido or Kitty? It's not a frivolous question, as one virologist explains.

Texas Public Radio Mar 13 2023 - 14:47

The next pandemic that cascades through the human population could be caused by a new influenza virus strain concocted in animals, against which hu

Medical Xpress Mar 13 2023 - 10:55

The researchers revived viruses from up to 48,000 years ago - and warn that there could be even more ancient viruses lurking in the ice, which coul

YAHOO!News Mar 13 2023 - 08:23

The researchers revived viruses from up to 48,000 years ago - and warn that there could be even more ancient viruses lurking in the ice, which coul

YAHOO!News Mar 13 2023 - 08:23

Scientists have revived viruses that had lain dormant in the frozen ground of the Arctic for as long as 48,500 years

Best Life on MSN.com Mar 13 2023 - 05:38

Before the pandemic, asthma-related ER visits for Black kids were seven times higher than for white kids.

KVUE on MSN.com Mar 13 2023 - 04:54

The ICMR data, however, reports a combination of respiratory viruses ranging from Covid-19 virus, swine flu (H1N1), H3N2, and the seasonal Victoria

The Pioneer Mar 13 2023 - 03:10

Scientists resurrected 13 viruses from frozen Russian soils and showed that they were still capable of infecting single-celled organisms but there

Daily Express Mar 13 2023 - 02:05

It is encouraging that 194 member nations of the World Health Organization have agreed to develop the first draft of a legally binding agreement de

The Telegraph Mar 12 2023 - 16:45

Committee will be headed by chief secretary H.K. Dwivedi, experts such as Dr Sukumar Mukherjee and Dr Gopal Krishna Dhali have been included

The Telegraph Mar 11 2023 - 15:14

It's not one, but an assortment of at least five respiratory viruses has been dominating the infection scenario over the last five months, cau

Indiatimes Mar 11 2023 - 14:59

New study states that further investigations are necessary to gain a deeper understanding of a virus's potential to infect humans.

Medindia Mar 11 2023 - 10:28

Are certain people immune to Covid? Scientists are testing people who have never been infected with the Covid virus to understand

AOL Mar 11 2023 - 02:00

Following the worst respiratory virus surge Oregon has ever seen, the state's top health official today painted an optimistic picture for spri

YAHOO!News Mar 10 2023 - 20:17

A team of European researchers digging into Siberian permafrost discovered and revived 13 types of prehistoric viruses.

WebMD Mar 10 2023 - 15:09

Most of what scientists know about viruses in animals is the list of nucleotides that compose their genomic sequence—which, while valuable, offers

Phys.org Mar 10 2023 - 12:08

Scientists known for their expertise on climate change have been warning that extreme weather events are becoming more common, from flooding and hu

Alternet on MSN.com Mar 10 2023 - 11:03

A team of climate scientists from France, Russia and Germany has found that ancient viruses dormant for tens of thousands of years in permafrost ca

Phys.org Mar 10 2023 - 10:30

The study also stated that the one infection of the Acanthamoeba remained for more than 48,500 years while in deep permafrost.A man walks through a

The Jerusalem Post on MSN.com Mar 9 2023 - 18:09

Scientists have revived a "zombie" virus they say spent nearly 50,000 years frozen in permafrost, part of a new batch of research that id

USA Today Mar 9 2023 - 13:05

The Arctic tundra’s permafrost layer of soil has frozen long-lost animals and species of flowers.

YAHOO!News Mar 9 2023 - 11:27

Researchers have raised alarm bells over “zombie viruses” being released by thawing Arctic permafrost that has been frozen for tens of thousands of

Couriermail Mar 9 2023 - 02:57

With sudden increase of influenza A subtype H3N2 cases across the country raising concerns, health expert at Delhi's Sir Gangaram Hospital on

Hindustan Times Mar 9 2023 - 02:44

With sudden increase of influenza A subtype H3N2 cases across the country raising concerns, health expert at Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital on Thurs

The Statesman on MSN.com Mar 9 2023 - 01:57

AirAnswers® and Enviro Building Systems team up to identify and to eliminate indoor biocontaminationNORTH CHICAGO, Il., March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSW

YAHOO!Finance Mar 8 2023 - 14:27

On that same day, the CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to respond to the emerging outbreak.

KING5 on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 06:33

Dr. David Perlin leads a team of researchers at the Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery and Innovation in New Jersey.

CBS News Mar 8 2023 - 06:22

(CNN)Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are thawing the region's permafrost — a frozen layer of soil beneath the ground — and potentially stirr

CNN Mar 8 2023 - 05:35

The current pandemic has focused attention to the importance of healthy indoor air and could spur lasting improvements to the air we breathe.

Nature Mar 7 2023 - 03:31