F.A.Q. Submission Guidelines

The Frequently Asked Questions section offers a question and answer format in order to help the public with their questions and concerns relating to microbiology. We strive to make this section of our site comprehensible to most individuals by recommending the use of common English.
We are accepting F.A.Q. sets and F.A.Q. links on general and also specific topics and issues relating to microbiology.
F.A.Q. answers should not be long and involved but rather short and to the point. We recommend the word count to be in range of 500 words or less.
Who is eligible to send F.A.Q.s?
We welcome link contributions from individuals or organization involved in any aspect of Microbiology. You can submit once, or become a regular contributor, or just submit F.A.Q. links whenever you have material ready.
What we are looking for?

  • Informative F.A.Q.'s on subjects relating to microbiology.
  • F.A.Q.'s should be written in common English.
  • F.A.Q. answers should be in the range of 500 words.

Submissions are reviewed within four weeks. If accepted they will appear in the appropriate F.A.Q. sections.
Microbes.info reserves the right to reject any F.A.Q. submissions that are deemed inappropriate or irrelevant.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions concerning F.A.Q.'s.