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By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health reported this week a fatal case of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronav

Pink May 8 2021 - 05:23

Preclinical development of and research on potential Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) medical countermeasures remain prelimi

Medscape May 7 2021 - 17:00

Taken within 3 days of presentation. ‡Antibodies against Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. §Symptomatic but refused hospitalization.

Medscape May 7 2021 - 17:00

Understanding how the innate immune system senses coronaviruses and how coronaviruses can escape detection could provide novel approaches to tackle

Nature May 5 2021 - 23:18

PUTRAJAYA: The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has killed its first victim in Asia, a Malaysian man who developed respirato

The Star May 3 2021 - 17:00

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) are serious infectious respiratory diseases that are caused by

Baylor College of Medicine Apr 29 2021 - 06:08

Since mid-March 2014, the frequency with which cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection have been reported has in

Medscape Apr 27 2021 - 16:59

A DNA vaccine candidate for MERS-CoV induced potent immune responses and protective efficacy in non-human primates when given intradermally.

GEN Apr 26 2021 - 05:00

A synthetic DNA vaccine candidate for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) developed at The Wistar Institute induced potent immu

News Medical Apr 22 2021 - 17:00

Scientists have found the coronavirus in poop samples, but it’s unclear if it can spread to people once aerosolized.

Miami Herald Apr 22 2021 - 11:51

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, three-term Senator, now Deputy Speaker, Loren Legarda called for bolder efforts on climate action am

GMA Network Apr 22 2021 - 02:03

A synthetic DNA vaccine candidate for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) developed at The Wistar Institute induced potent immu

Science Daily Apr 21 2021 - 17:01

Scientists in the USA – from the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland – have recently uncovered the mechanism by which SARS-CoV-

News Medical Apr 21 2021 - 09:42

Enhancing research and development and ensuring equitable pricing and access to cutting-edge treatments are both vital to a biopharmaceutical innov

Cambridge University Press Apr 21 2021 - 05:02

The drug can also decrease damage it causes to lungs, states the study conducted on hamsters.

The New Indian Express Apr 20 2021 - 21:28

Scientists have warned predicting the next pandemic will be "harder than we think".

Yahoo Style Canada Apr 20 2021 - 13:39

A new study shows that rapamycin, an immunosuppressive drug used in some cancers, and its analogs, may have an undesirable effect on viral entry in

News Medical Apr 20 2021 - 08:13

An orally administered antiviral drug initially developed to treat influenza can significantly decrease novel coronavirus levels in hamsters, holdi

The Hindu Apr 20 2021 - 01:46

India's Sputnik V decision a win for Russia's soft power diplomacy.

rediff.com Apr 19 2021 - 23:08

While there are currently only vaccines and no drugs for use against coronavirus, researchers are in the final stage of human trial of orally-admin

Hindustan Times Apr 19 2021 - 07:50

The government has banned the export of Remdesivir to meet the shortage All manufacturers of Remdesivir have been asked to give details of their st

cnbctv18 Apr 19 2021 - 05:34

Armed with giant testing swabs, a group researchers are testing camels in the Kapiti natural reserve, in southern Kenya, in a bid to better underst

The Guardian Nigeria Apr 19 2021 - 00:01

The second wave of COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented rise in cases.

DNA on MSN.com Apr 18 2021 - 22:50

Antiviral drug Remdesivir is experiencing a massive shortage in hospitals than it did in 2020.

The News Minute Apr 18 2021 - 19:54

When I immigrated to the United States, I brought a cotton mask with me, and on a crisp fall day, I decided to wear it to my elementary school.

Khaleej Times on MSN.com Apr 18 2021 - 13:44

In October 2012 and April 2013, three agencies collected samples from bats in regions where MERS cases had been identified (Figure 1).

Medscape Apr 16 2021 - 17:00

A confluence of historic gene swapping and evolutionary optimizations and adaptations helped make the coronavirus causing COVID-19 so infectious to

Nature Apr 16 2021 - 02:41

Research is critical to advance understanding of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) -- a far deadlier cousin of Covid-19 that scientists fear

Business Daily Africa Apr 16 2021 - 02:13

In 2017, three leading vaccine researchers submitted a grant application with an ambitious goal.

Science | AAAS Apr 15 2021 - 13:37

Entornointeligente.com / Research on camels in Kenya is critical to advance understanding of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a far deadlier cousi

Entorno Inteligente Apr 15 2021 - 02:19

But the research is critical to advance understanding of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) -- a far deadlier cousin of Covid-19 that scientis

MSN Apr 14 2021 - 22:56

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are available to everyone 16 years old and older, let’s talk about your teens and COVID-19 vaccines.

Staunton News Leader on MSN.com Apr 14 2021 - 07:50

Despite dire warnings, a stockpile of ready compounds to fight viral pandemics was sorely lacking. Can drugmakers finally do the right thing?

Nature Apr 14 2021 - 03:55

The drug was subsequently used to treat patients of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), both of w

The Indian Express Apr 13 2021 - 18:58

While remdesivir did not get much success against MERS and SARS, it was reported to have worked to some extent against the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavi

The Indian Express on MSN.com Apr 13 2021 - 06:29

The agencies have drawn up a new guidance aimed "to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and other zoonoses in traditional food markets

Hindustan Times Apr 13 2021 - 05:01

A phylogenetic study has revealed that this virus is closely related to SARS and more distantly related to Middle East respiratory syndrome coronav

News Medical Apr 13 2021 - 02:29

Musician Ted Nugent was going viral on Twitter TWTR, -0.46% on Monday over a recent Facebook Live video where the Motor City Madman shared some of

MarketWatch Apr 12 2021 - 13:29

In 2012, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus with a 43% fatality rate was identified,” the paper notes.

The Daily Progress Apr 10 2021 - 15:43

A team of scientists recently conducted an online survey to examine the changes in sleep duration among adult US citizens during the COVID-19 pande

News Medical Apr 9 2021 - 06:17

In previous research conducted during and after more recent, and less severe pandemics such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), swine flu

EurekAlert! Apr 6 2021 - 20:59

With that genetic makeup in mind and building on research on the coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, WRAIR scientist

Military.com Apr 6 2021 - 15:38

This insight emerged long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yahoo News Apr 5 2021 - 11:55

The Kingdom's experience in combating Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2012 and the years after has contributed to boosting the prep

spa.gov.sa Apr 5 2021 - 11:52

She also points out that scientists already had plenty of research from previous coronaviruses, such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) an

Newsday Apr 5 2021 - 04:50

He pointed to South Korea ’s implementation of a sophisticated digital contact-tracing system after its 2015 outbreak of Middle East respiratory sy

Asia One Apr 4 2021 - 19:20

Experts say the normalisation of extraordinary Covid-19 regulations raises questions about how readily authorities may embrace illiberal responses

South China Morning Post Apr 3 2021 - 10:00

Database searches revealed regions of the spike protein conserved between SARS-CoV-2, the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) a

Armed robbery in Revesby Apr 1 2021 - 17:42

Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute, USA, have described a potential target for COVID-19 vaccines.

News Medical Apr 1 2021 - 11:38