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Miles apart from the hazmat suit you probably pictured upon hearing that phrase, Vollebak’s ingenious Full Metal Jacket has the power to kill harmf

Robb Report May 18 2020 - 11:04

Lloyd Blankfein said the U.S.

Bloomberg on MSN.com May 18 2020 - 10:31

Scientists are racing to produce a coronavirus inoculation on an unprecedented timescale, and some political leaders have warned that the restricti

Houston Chronicle May 18 2020 - 09:12

"Bezos sees a future where packages will be delivered by self-driving vans, small bots rolling through neighborhoods and drones buzzing to the

Newsweek May 18 2020 - 03:00

After the sewerage-laying work stopped at Adityapur Colony because of protests from local residents, the dug-up roads have not been filled.

The Telegraph May 17 2020 - 12:47

Across the Global South, the coronavirus crisis has highlighted how IMF “structural adjustment” policies have undermined public health care.

Jacobin May 16 2020 - 14:35

When the spread of COVID-19 amongst healthcare professionals resulted in a shortage of PPE, finding a solution that offers better protection alongs

International Business Times May 16 2020 - 05:30

In the battle to slow or prevent the transmission of viruses, such as the novel coronavirus, continuously active disinfectants could provide a new

Medical Xpress May 15 2020 - 23:21

A growing number of genetic studies suggest the new coronavirus spilled over naturally from bats to humans, rather than leaking from a Chinese lab.

Business Insider on MSN.com May 15 2020 - 14:30

Shoring up international health systems will require more than human goodwill.

The Globe and Mail May 15 2020 - 13:00

How many of those revelers there, and in other states like Texas with lax policies, may contract the virus remains to be seen, but a recent viral v

The Guardian on MSN.com May 15 2020 - 11:34

Environmental virologist Charles Gerba called the antimicrobial coatings a ‘breakthrough in infection control’

The News International May 15 2020 - 02:21

Biologists in Canada have developed a new tool to sequence circular DNA and provide more accurate intelligence on how to fight some of the major sc

RT May 15 2020 - 02:05

Experts believe when it comes to daily commute and other forms of travel these sprays will fight off viruses on contagious surfaces

Geo News May 15 2020 - 01:29

Video says that onions can cure bronchitis, fever and kill viruses in the air.

Tulsa World May 14 2020 - 14:18

Japan recently released an eye-opening video that was created to remind everyone for the millionth time to wash their hands.

Raleigh News & Observer May 14 2020 - 13:12

Japan recently released an eye-opening video that was created to remind everyone for the millionth time to wash their hands.

Miami Herald May 14 2020 - 13:12

A research team from the University of Valencia has carried out a study of infection and immunity markers by detecting antibodies in the blood of s

Medical Xpress May 14 2020 - 08:12

Ilan University have developed new methodologies to produce powerful, environmentally friendly disinfectants based on tap water that can eliminate

Medical Xpress May 14 2020 - 07:40

COVID-19 differs significantly from HIV and Ebola. But the potential consequences of having a misinformed public are similar.

The Conversation May 14 2020 - 07:05

Scientists have developed a textile coating that can repel various types of liquid and stop viruses from adhering to its surface.

International Business Times May 14 2020 - 05:10

Second, to optimize the oncolytic capacity of the wild-type rClone30, a series of chimeric viruses rClone30-Anh(HN), rClone30-Anh(F), and rClone30-

Nature May 14 2020 - 04:25

It can be the worse feeling when you're working on your computer, and suddenly a virus sneaks in and not even your antivirus can remove the th

Windows Central May 14 2020 - 04:00

Masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protecting healthcare workers.

News Medical May 13 2020 - 22:26

Masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protecting healthcare workers.

Phys.org May 13 2020 - 12:46

Please select your cookie preferences or Accept Recommended Cookies How long do viruses like cold, flu and coronavirus survive outside the body?

New Scientist May 13 2020 - 11:40

According to the report, Cybercrime includes maware, hacking and DoS attacks, computer viruses, fraud, identity theft, harassment and threats, and

Technology Marketing Corporation Dec 15 2016 - 12:58

Genome project gathers samples of bird feces, wetland sediment and water to test for viruses and provide early warning SUMMERLAND, B.C.

The Western Producter Dec 15 2016 - 12:58

The Eurasian wigeon, for instance, a common duck species that has been studied extensively, wasn't sickened by the 2014 H5N8 strain and severa

science.sciencemag.org Dec 15 2016 - 11:11

It has long been the topic of jokes but scientists say that so-called man flu really does exist.

infowars.com Dec 15 2016 - 09:16

The point was to search for active pathogens.

cancertherapyadvisor.com Dec 15 2016 - 07:36

Power can never be innocent and while nuclear power can be used for various beneficial purposes, we’ve seen the horrors it can cause in the past.

blogs.systweak.com Dec 15 2016 - 05:06

New research has shown that viral infections can evolve to affect men and women differently and become more virulent in men.

Dentistry Dec 14 2016 - 23:29

Scientists in the UK have found that some viruses have evolved to cause less-severe diseases in women than in men.

healthtimes.com.au Dec 14 2016 - 22:53

The mosquito-borne Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest Virus were detected in trapping sites at Albury by NSW Health on Thursday.

The Border Mail Dec 14 2016 - 21:20

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timeshighereducation.com Dec 14 2016 - 16:41

Some viruses have evolved to be less severe when they infect women than men in order to help the virus survive, according to a study.

Medscape News Dec 14 2016 - 13:42

The idea that men suffer more from some infectious diseases is not new.

broadly.vice.com Dec 14 2016 - 13:06

Women sometimes complain that when the men in their lives get the flu, they get to stay in bed, whimper about their symptoms and have someone take

Mother Nature Network MNN Dec 14 2016 - 13:06

Are they or are they not life forms? Note that the article on giant viruses, abstracted below, is public access.

uncommondescent.com Dec 14 2016 - 10:29

BELGRADE – Viruses, it turns out, have most likely evolved to affect men in more severe ways than women: tuberculosis, papillomavirus, and others h

InSerbia Dec 14 2016 - 09:17

While this difference in mortality rates between the sexes is often put down to a stronger immune system in women, the study suggests mutations in

Flapship Dec 14 2016 - 08:42

Man flu could be real, after all. It seems that viruses may actually be evolving to infect men more severely than they infect women.

iflscience.com Dec 14 2016 - 08:34

Men, who have long been maligned for their self-indulgence of symptoms for sympathy when undergoing a bout of ill health, can feel some relief that

newstalk.com Dec 14 2016 - 07:16

Throughout history, men have been ridiculed for their apparent inability to handle simple viruses like the common cold – otherwise referred to as t

iNews880AM Dec 14 2016 - 04:45

In the past few years’ resistance to drugs is observed among viruses with increasing diversity of viruses.

Whatech Dec 14 2016 - 00:20

The cloud will bring that cost right down.

foundersguide.com Dec 13 2016 - 23:09

bbci.co.uk schreibt dazu: Viruses can evolve to become more aggressive in men than in women, at least in theory .

ad-hoc-news.de Dec 13 2016 - 19:41

As if having colds dismissed as “man flu” were not aggravating enough, the supposedly stronger sex may have to put up with something altogether wor

The Times Dec 13 2016 - 16:07