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Although the SARS-CoV-2 virus has sickened more than 14 million people, bats contract similar viruses all the time without experiencing any known s

Science | AAAS Jul 22 2020 - 08:32

Researchers hope to use the information to crack the secrets of how bats carry coronaviruses without getting sick.

YAHOO! Jul 22 2020 - 08:17

One aspect of the paper findings shows evolution through gene expansion and loss in a family of genes, APOBEC3, which is known to play an important

Phys.org Jul 22 2020 - 08:01

The adage "all things in moderation" applies not to just to food and drink, but also to the legions of bacteria inside our guts helping u

News Medical Jul 21 2020 - 15:58

The simple answer might be for enterprises, cities, and national governments to collectively create a massive global network of sensors to detect v

Benzinga.com Jul 21 2020 - 15:22

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have identified new pathways in an RNA-based virus where inhibitors, like medical treatments,

Seacoastonline.com Jul 21 2020 - 10:06

A tiny arms race between bacteria and the viruses that attack them inside the gut could eventually offer a new way to treat out-of-balance microbio

EurekAlert! Jul 21 2020 - 08:59

COVID-19 has made most of us more aware than ever before of the air we breathe.

CNET Jul 21 2020 - 02:10

This article was originally published by Sarah Wray on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an intern

The Next Web Jul 21 2020 - 02:07

Pathogens that switch to a new host species have some adapting to do. How does that affect the course of a pandemic like COVID-19?

Medscape Jul 20 2020 - 10:23

Swiss textile innovation firm HeiQ has partnered with two denim brands to create the first-ever antiviral jeans.

Vogue Jul 20 2020 - 10:13

The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses has approved formal classification of viruses characterized solely by metagenomics 10.

Nature Jul 20 2020 - 08:04

Beacon Targeted Therapies ( are leaders in tailored clinical trial and drug development database products that provide accurate, in-depth, and real

Benzinga.com Jul 20 2020 - 02:00

While virologist and Trump adviser Dr.

Houston Chronicle on MSN.com Jul 20 2020 - 02:00

An international research team has discovered how the brain prevents the entry of specific viruses through neurons that transmit sensory input from

natureasia.com Jul 20 2020 - 01:49

Before there was COVID-19, outbreaks of deadly contagions such as Smallpox, Ebola and AIDS have shaped the way that our medical and social systems

Nine.com.au Jul 19 2020 - 23:33

Viruses may be colorblind, but the more we understand COVID-19, the worse it seems to get for Black, Hispanic and Native American Minnesotans.

Post-Bulletin Jul 19 2020 - 07:04

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The Pantagraph Jul 18 2020 - 04:12

(Shutterstock) COACHELLA VALLEY, CA — Additional mosquitoes trapped in the Coachella Valley tested positive for two potentially deadly viruses, inc

Patch Jul 16 2020 - 11:48

Inside the ocean, there is a tremendous amount of viruses that impact the animals and organisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and plankton).

WorldAtlas Jul 16 2020 - 10:42

Increasing binge eating and consumption of junk foods, neglect towards regular exercise, rising levels of stress, are key market drivers.

MarketWatch Jul 15 2020 - 17:34

Our goal was to find the customers that could make the biggest impact on Covid, and we've done that,” said Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS.

The Business Journals Jul 15 2020 - 12:45

On Tuesday night a caller wanted to know about CyberArk Software (CYBR) .

TheStreet.com Jul 15 2020 - 11:26

The report provides rational insights along with historical and forecast data to aid in better understanding of

MarketWatch Jul 15 2020 - 11:09

SoClean Inc., the innovative device company, has announced the launch of two new products, the first in a series of consumer items the company plan

YAHOO! Jul 15 2020 - 05:15

The British aviation hub is also installing UV disinfectant technology to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

South China Morning Post Jul 14 2020 - 21:10

Heathrow Airport is introducing cleaning robots and other measures to try to reduce the risk of virus transmission at the U.K.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 14 2020 - 19:43

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): No more lockdowns.

Media Matters for America Jul 13 2020 - 19:54

The novel coronavirus isn't the first virus to jump from animals to people and wreak havoc. HIV. Ebola. Swine flu. Bird flu. SARS. MERS.

Medical Xpress Jul 13 2020 - 10:03

For several weeks in March, Arinjay Banerjee would eat breakfast at 6 a.m. and then drive the empty roads of Toronto to a restricted-access lab.

SFGate Jul 12 2020 - 17:53

Bats carry viruses, including the one causing covid-19, with few ill effects.

Washington Post Jul 12 2020 - 06:15

A new study published on the preprint server medRxiv in July 2020 traces how COVID-19 became the predominant cause of respiratory infection in the

News Medical Jul 9 2020 - 22:13

Further outbreaks will emerge unless governments take active measures to prevent other zoonotic diseases from crossing, officials warned.

StarTribune Jul 9 2020 - 19:50

San Diego Zoo Global researchers say it’s time to regularly test wildlife with small, portable tools that could be deployed worldwide

San Diego Union-Tribune Jul 9 2020 - 17:25

The big idea Researchers around the world are working frantically to develop COVID-19 vaccines meant to target and attack the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Houston Chronicle Jul 9 2020 - 17:07

Factors smaller than a cell and as large as the planet are at play when a virus leaps from an animal to a human.

SFGate Jul 9 2020 - 15:36

Experts said Thursday that a surveillance system must be developed to identify viruses in wild animals before another pandemic emerges.

UPI.com Jul 9 2020 - 13:18

Washington University scientists are coordinating global efforts to create a new system of tracking emerging viral threats to help prevent new pand

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jul 9 2020 - 11:00

And prevention, he and other experts say, will involve making people everywhere understand their own role, even if they live far from the places wh

U.S. News & World Report Jul 9 2020 - 11:00

If a single negative swab was sufficient to rule out COVID-19 for patients under investigation who test positive for another pathogen on the panel,

MedPage Today Jul 9 2020 - 09:44

In 2015, anthropologist Cathrine Thorleifsson traveled to England and Hungary to conduct fieldwork in order to study why so many of the people livi

Phys.org Jul 9 2020 - 09:42

At a campaign event on July 4, Lt. Gov.

Raleigh News & Observer on MSN.com Jul 9 2020 - 09:17

This book on aging well spells out the everyday habits—from drinking tea to taking cold showers—that help you build a stronger immune system.

YAHOO! Jul 8 2020 - 19:50

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who's running for governor against incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper, said scientific evidence shows masks don't work.

WRAL Jul 8 2020 - 14:36

Top players in gene and cell therapy have mobilized behind the mission of turning the new technologies against COVID-19.

FierceBiotech Jul 8 2020 - 13:35

Bats harbour many diverse viruses, including coronaviruses.

Phys.org Jul 8 2020 - 07:14

Environmental experts said the emergence of SARS-Cov-2 in China in December 2019, a virus thought to have originated in wild bats, wasn't a su

Daily Mail Jul 8 2020 - 05:10

Like all animal species, bats possess their own range of pathogens – viral, bacterial and fungal.

The Conversation Jul 8 2020 - 03:30

The Coronavirus pandemic has shed new light on the importance of vaccines. It’s not just viruses they can prevent, but cancer as well.

WEAU Jul 7 2020 - 11:48

Scientists say that melting permafrost has the potential to unleash viruses and bacteria that have been dormant for tens or even hundreds of thousa

BGR Jul 7 2020 - 09:55