Headlines for The Flu

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Numerous users on social media have claimed that the common cold, flu, and flu vaccine will cause positive tests for novel coronavirus.

USA Today Nov 30 2020 - 03:47

Free flu vaccinations will be made available by the Alameda County Public Health Department from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SFGate Nov 30 2020 - 02:16

A report by The Guardian said that all 10,500 birds at the turkey fattening site in Northallerton will be humanely culled to limit the spread of th

Business Today on MSN.com Nov 30 2020 - 01:30

As summer winds to a close, flu season is on the way. The best way to keep this illness at bay is to get a flu shot.

Money Talks News on MSN.com Nov 29 2020 - 16:00

A record-setting number of flu vaccine doses have been distributed this season, as the U.S.

Washington Times Nov 29 2020 - 12:31

No disruption to Christmas supplies expected after outbreak at Northallerton site

The Guardian Nov 29 2020 - 08:30

A bird flu outbreak has been detected at a turkey farm in Yorkshire.

The Independent on MSN.com Nov 29 2020 - 07:49

The H5N8 strain of avian influenza was found at a turkey fattening premises near Northallerton on Saturday.

BBC Nov 29 2020 - 06:56

Estimates say the COVID-19 pandemic may be more deadly than the 1918 flu pandemic.

Tennessean Nov 29 2020 - 06:46

An investigation to determine the source of the outbreak is underway, as health officials say the birds will be "humanely culled."

Newsweek on MSN.com Nov 29 2020 - 06:44

More than 10,000 turkeys are set to be killed after another bird flu outbreak was confirmed on an English farm.

Metro Nov 29 2020 - 03:24

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said avian influenza poses little risk to public health.

Shropshire Star Nov 29 2020 - 03:19

Bird flu has been found at a turkey farm in northern England, the government said on Sunday.

العربية.نت Nov 29 2020 - 03:16

More than 10,000 turkeys are to be culled at a farm in North Yorkshire after an outbreak of bird flu.It comes after avian influenza of the H5N8 str

Sky News on MSN.com Nov 29 2020 - 02:47

Each year employers, especially in health care and those working with the elderly, require that employees receive the influenza vaccine, although t

Richmond Nov 28 2020 - 15:11

South Korea has confirmed this years first cases of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu in the southwestern province of Jeonbuk, the countrys Minis

Sify.com Nov 28 2020 - 13:26

Swans spotted spinning around in circles and bleeding from their nostrils may be dying from a severe strain of Avian flu spreading across Northwest

New York Daily News on MSN.com Nov 28 2020 - 12:00

South Korea had vastly expanded its flu vaccine program to cover millions more people, to prevent a one-two punch to its health system as the coron

Chicago Tribune Nov 28 2020 - 06:24

Numerous users on social media have claimed that the common cold, flu, and flu vaccine will cause positive COVID-19 tests. That's false.

USA Today Nov 27 2020 - 15:08

Belgium has confirmed an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N5 bird flu on a poultry farm, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Frid

Reuters Nov 27 2020 - 14:11

Quebecers will be able to get tested for COVID-19, flu and another respiratory infection with a single swab at some testing centres this winter.

The Gazette on MSN.com Nov 27 2020 - 13:19

For the upcoming flu season, flu vaccination will be very important to reduce flu because it can help reduce the overall impact of respiratory illn

Tulsa World Nov 27 2020 - 09:15

Virus causing ‘high levels of mortality’ in birds, with risk to chickens and other poultry

The Guardian Nov 27 2020 - 09:13

Concerns have been raised after rising cases of a highly contagious strain of bird flu have been reported across the UK.

Evening Standard on MSN.com Nov 27 2020 - 08:13

Michiganders are entering cold and flu season in the midst of a surging global pandemic with no vaccine and no end in sight.

MLive Nov 27 2020 - 08:00

I was having coughing fits that made me dizzy.

STAT Nov 27 2020 - 04:34

China reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu in wild swans in northern Shanxi province, the agriculture ministry said late on Thur

Reuters Nov 26 2020 - 22:54

Many people will be spending Thanksgiving 2020 with fewer people than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WBIR-TV Knoxville on MSN.com Nov 26 2020 - 14:51

CLAIM: COVID-19 is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated” and “just another bad flu.” Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist who identifies himself as a form

Associated Press Nov 26 2020 - 13:41

“The headlines across the United States said things, like ‘vaccine trials underway, stay home for Thanksgiving’...

CBS Denver on MSN.com Nov 26 2020 - 11:51

Missouri Baptist University's Keith Beutler discovered that mask mandates, public health orders and the end of WWI all marked a pandemic holid

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Nov 25 2020 - 16:20

In Colorado and across the nation, communities of color are vaccinated for the flu at lower rates than non-Hispanic white communities.

KUSA-TV Denver on MSN.com Nov 25 2020 - 13:56

Cases of influenza are being reported in parts of the U.S. as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Medical Xpress Nov 25 2020 - 13:22

The two respiratory illnesses are very similar, but there are differences. Also here is information on testing and vaccines.

Raleigh News & Observer on MSN.com Nov 25 2020 - 06:49

Paramedics on electric bikes are delivering covid care and flu jabs to patients in their homes under a new initiative launched in London.

Evening Standard on MSN.com Nov 25 2020 - 05:04

The antiviral baloxavir marboxil, previously available only in tablet form, is also now available as granules for mixing in water.

Medscape Nov 25 2020 - 03:47

Communication failures risk derailing the mass roll-out of a potential Covid-19 vaccine in England, family doctors warned after they were blindside

Bloomberg Nov 25 2020 - 03:40

COVID-19 is casting its long, persistent shadow over Thanksgiving 2020, but for a variety of reasons, the Spanish flu didn’t have a similar effect

Morning Call PA Nov 25 2020 - 03:05

A woman who was "almost killed" by swine flu as a teenager 10 years ago says she wants young people to start taking viruses, including Co

BBC Nov 24 2020 - 23:26

Officials and scientists fought misinformation with data and clear communication — offering a game plan for the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, exper

New York Times Nov 24 2020 - 19:06

Starting this weekend, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers’ Saginaw location will offer free flu vaccines from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday.

MLive Nov 24 2020 - 13:02

Seasonal flu cases in Texas are unusually low this season — a trend in the U.S. that some health experts have attributed to the public health

Dallas Morning News Nov 24 2020 - 12:48

The NHS should routinely test people for illnesses such as seasonal flu once the coronavirus pandemic has passed, Matt Hancock has said, adding tha

The Guardian on MSN.com Nov 24 2020 - 05:38

According to the study, published in the journal Nature Communications, the research team used a targeted therapy approach against virus infections

India.com Nov 24 2020 - 02:18

A new therapy for influenza virus infections that may also prove effective against many other pathogenic virus infections, including HIV and COVID-

Medical Xpress Nov 24 2020 - 01:07

As of Monday, when the total number of confirmed deaths for the state reached 5,067, the mortality rate in Indiana was just under 1.7% for COVID-19

USA Today Nov 23 2020 - 21:00

The rule proposed by the Maine CDC could pave the way for COVID-19 vaccine requirements for health care workers in an emergency.

Portland Press Herald Nov 23 2020 - 14:23

Flu season in the U.S. lasts from fall through winter.

Chicago Tribune Nov 23 2020 - 10:45

A leading Italian virologist says he hasn’t been able to get a simple flu shot, raising questions about Italy’s ability to carry out a mass vaccina

New York Times Nov 23 2020 - 10:29

A bird flu outbreak at a Leicestershire theme park will see up to 200 poultry and captive birds culled.

BBC Nov 23 2020 - 08:46