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As described recently in Science Advances, this ultrasensitive device is designed to capture viruses rapidly based on their size, not their molecul

directorsblog.nih.gov Dec 1 2016 - 05:58

Since its inception, biotechnology has been preoccupied with virus filtration, the clearance of invasive and adventitious viruses from biopharmaceu

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Dec 1 2016 - 02:09

A groundbreaking study of the virosphere of the most populous animals — those without backbones such as insects, spiders and worms and that live ar

uncommondescent.com Dec 1 2016 - 01:05

Todd Rider is an MIT-trained bio-engineer. Four years ago, He developed a radical idea for killing viruses.

healinglifeisnatural.com Dec 1 2016 - 00:36

I have a technology background and have worked for large financial institutions.

thedailycoin.org Nov 30 2016 - 22:34

Networks are compromised daily, data and information are continuously hacked, and computer viruses and other cyber incidents threaten our lives as

dzone.com Nov 30 2016 - 22:20

AMOXFIN (500mg / 30 Ca...

lewrockwell.com Nov 30 2016 - 21:23

The first transplant, in November of 2015, rid Fast’s body of cancer, but “his immune system has been wrecked ever since,” his wife said, noting he

Omaha.com Nov 30 2016 - 16:29

In response, the Google team has taken a number of steps to mitigate the damage and prevent the further spread of the Ghost Push viruses.

Enterprise Security Today Nov 30 2016 - 15:53

Their inspiration: viruses. Viruses fall into two categories: viruses that have membranes around them and viruses that don’t.

www.statnews.com Nov 30 2016 - 10:03

Control who has access to your data with Dell ControlVault, Dell Data Protection Access, contactless smart card and fingerprint reader login access

newegg.com Nov 30 2016 - 02:03

Researchers studying the viruses that affect agricultural production or human health now have a new tool for investigating where viruses have sprea

rna-seqblog.com Nov 30 2016 - 01:56

Cybersecurity firm Sophos on Tuesday requested a new trial in a lawsuit that ended in a $15 million payout to rival firm Finjan over alleged patent

opensources.info Nov 29 2016 - 22:28

SPAIN - Lymphocystis is an infectious disease of fish which causes significant economic losses in aquaculture.

The Fish Site Nov 29 2016 - 22:00

“Yet the deeper Justin dug into things—from how the viruses infected different hosts to their DNA sequences—the stronger the evidence became that w

technology.org Nov 29 2016 - 21:17

French researchers have painted a picture of the respiratory viruses found among trotters across several racing stables over more than two years.

Horse Talk Nov 29 2016 - 13:10

THe person has not traveled to any region recently in which Zika viruses are active. The resident is not pregnant.

raredr.com Nov 29 2016 - 10:11

The DNA sequences that C2H2-ZF proteins recognize look a lot like they had come from viruses, some of which plagued our mammalian ancestors as long

Medical Xpress Nov 29 2016 - 10:11

In an unceremonious exit, she had chemicals spilled on her, which enabled her to control plant life and offered her immunity to poisons and viruses

trueviralnews.com Nov 29 2016 - 10:04

Even though the holiday season has arrived, it is not too late to get the flu vaccine.

Madison County Courier Nov 29 2016 - 08:09

Normally, social media portals like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are considered safe from the angle of viruses and adware.

Trak.in Nov 29 2016 - 04:49

GlobalData's Medical Devices sector report, "Hepatitis Viruses Diagnostic Tests - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2016" provide

Yahoo Finance Nov 28 2016 - 22:44

"As the temperature has begun to fall, proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of viruses will decline and consequently, cases of vector-bo

nyoooz.com Nov 28 2016 - 21:46

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs, causing mild to severe illness, an

The Dagger Nov 28 2016 - 21:04

A sinus infection can be contagious at times depending on the cause of the infection.

thinkhealthmag.com Nov 28 2016 - 16:03

Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections, which means conditions like the common cold, or coughs which are largely caused by vir

Channel News Asia Nov 28 2016 - 16:03

HIV-1 continues to be a serious health threat, with nearly 40 million infected individuals worldwide.

journals.plos.org Nov 28 2016 - 14:44

We’ll introduce this concept with some approachable examples.

offgridweb.com Nov 28 2016 - 13:11

RECENT flooding and warmer weather has been linked to increased mosquito numbers and the associated alarming viruses that have been detected in the

Western Magazine Nov 28 2016 - 12:14

Cold and flu season peaks in December, according to Global News medical specialist Dr.

reportca.net Nov 28 2016 - 10:05

Ransomware, like DDoS attacks and viruses, is one of the great annoyances of the modern age.

Yahoo News Nov 28 2016 - 09:08

Cells secrete exosomes as a means of intercellular communication; however, certain viruses can use exosomes as "Trojan horses" to facilit

scienmag.com Nov 28 2016 - 08:39

Transmission electron microscopy can be used to observe the ultrastructure of viruses and other microbial pathogens with nanometer resolution.

seguridadbiologica.blogspot.com Nov 28 2016 - 08:25

One of these least talked about viruses is Cytomegalovirus (CMV). The problem is, CMV is not as uncommon as some may think.

Philadelphia Daily News Nov 28 2016 - 02:48

One whole endogenous retrovirus genome — and bits of at least 17 others — were spotted in a study of 2,500 human genomes.

Toledo Blade Nov 27 2016 - 23:49

Am J Epidemiol. 2006;163:181–187. Atmar Ral S, Lindstrom SE. Influenza viruses. In: Jorgenson JH, Pfaller MA, eds.

Medscape News Nov 27 2016 - 21:19

If farmers could plant wheat without the constant worry of Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (WSMV) spreading when the temperatures rise, we’d probably hav

salinapost.com Nov 27 2016 - 19:10

Nearly 10 percent of the human genome is made of bits of virus DNA. For the most part, this viral DNA is not harmful.

Science Daily Nov 27 2016 - 15:57

COLLEGE STATION — There’s a war raging on a tiny battlefield and the outcome could well touch millions of people worldwide threatened by Zika and r

McAllen Monitor Nov 27 2016 - 13:12

The Your computer has been locked screen locker is a Trojan that displays a fake security screen stating that the computer has been locked because

bleepingcomputer.com Nov 27 2016 - 12:08

"You don't want to push yourself too hard and use the energy your immune system needs." Ackelson said sweating does not rid the body

The Columbus Dispatch Nov 27 2016 - 03:32

That’s why we decided to do the surveillance.” White said people can relax about the threat of mosquito-transmitted viruses for a while until next

theet.com Nov 26 2016 - 21:06

The flu, for example, can easily become pneumonia in seniors.

The Columbus Dispatch Nov 26 2016 - 15:58

Where did the first viruses come from? They have the potential to wipe out life on Earth.

BBC Nov 26 2016 - 15:37

There are probably around a trillion species on Earth, and most of them are microbial.

mirrorspectrum.com Nov 26 2016 - 09:46

GlobalData's Medical Devices sector report, “Hepatitis Viruses Diagnostic Tests - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2016" provides an

Empowered News Nov 26 2016 - 08:27

This infection that attacks the mouth, feet and hands is caused by a group of viruses, and begins with a fever.

myhealthyreason.com Nov 26 2016 - 08:06

This argument presupposes that the viruses inserted themselves into genomes randomly and stick around as junk DNA baggage, rather than genomes orig

winteryknight.com Nov 26 2016 - 07:08

Easy-to-use security defends against viruses, ransomware, and other online threats Safe web browsing warns you about risky websites and helps preve

newegg.com Nov 26 2016 - 03:05

Fighting computer viruses isn't just for software anymore.

topix.com Nov 26 2016 - 01:03