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Microbes.info is an internet web site designed to bring useful and interesting microbiology informational resources to you. With billions of web pages out in cyberspace, searching effectively and efficiently for any information is increasingly difficult. Finding accurate and specific information on microbiology topics is much like "looking for a needle in a haystack". This web site attempts to reduce the clutter and the size of the haystack in an effort to help you filter through the information in an organized manner.


Microbes.info went live in mid 2002. The site is free to access. Please review our terms of use. There are no costs for adding microbiological resources (microbiology sites, organizations, companies, journals, conferences, meetings, job postings, workshop postings, etc.). If you know of any good resources, please let us know.


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This site is and will continue to be a "work in progress". However, with time, your input, help and suggestions it will improve.


Microbes.info is managed by Al Chan. Al's vision was to create a site with an international reach that was free, informative and a place where people could easily find microbiology resources. Al has been a student of microbiology since the mid 1980's and continues to be fascinated by the microbial world.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our V.I.P. contributors for their ongoing help with suggestions, recommendations, layouts, contents and reviews.


We hope that visitors to this site will find the resources and information on it useful. Suggestions on how to improve this site are always very welcome and appreciated. To submit suggestions or contacting us, please visit the contact microbes.info page.


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