Headlines for The Flu

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The latest vaccines to protect against respiratory viruses will be arriving in Iowa in coming days. Here's what Iowans need to know.

YAHOO!News Sep 25 2023 - 08:01

The City of El Paso Department of Public Health and the Fire Department are offering a free flu vaccine drive-thru event.

KVIA Sep 25 2023 - 06:30

Tentative plans, to be finalized as early as Tuesday, Sept. 26, are to have a Sullivan County Flu Day in mid-October.

Times News Sep 25 2023 - 05:01

Tis the season! Here's a list of pharmacies and clinics offering COVID-19 and influenza vaccines ahead of the coming cold months.

YAHOO!News Sep 25 2023 - 03:07

The flu shot offers protection against the flu for about 6 months.

Medical News Today Sep 24 2023 - 17:00

In updated guidance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says anyone 6 months and older can now get vaccinated for COVID-19. This month,

KRIV Sep 24 2023 - 16:19

As for the order in which you should get the COVID and flu vaccines, "You can really get them all at the same visit.

ABC 7 Chicago on MSN.com Sep 24 2023 - 15:42

President Joe Biden has received a COVID booster vaccination and wants Americans to do the same, the White House announced Saturday.

USA TODAY on MSN.com Sep 24 2023 - 10:12

With flu season right around the corner, it's time to schedule your annual flu shot.

Yahoo Sep 23 2023 - 18:28

White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor confirmed President Joe Biden has received his COVID-19 and flu shots ahead of cold and flu season.

New York Post on MSN.com Sep 23 2023 - 15:52

White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor confirmed President Joe Biden has received his COVID-19 and flu shots ahead of cold and flu season.

New York Post Sep 23 2023 - 15:52

The White House says President Joe Biden has gotten the updated COVID-19 vaccine and the annual flu shot. The White House physician, Dr.

Associated Press on MSN.com Sep 23 2023 - 12:58

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden has received a COVID booster vaccination and wants Americans to do the same, the White House announced Saturday.

USA Today on MSN.com Sep 23 2023 - 11:14

Considered both a "smart fella" and a "player's coach," Craig Counsell is universally lauded as a difference-maker for his

YAHOO!News Sep 23 2023 - 09:58

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Ochsner Health is hosting several flu shot events throughout the Baton Rouge area on Saturday, September 23.

WAFB on MSN.com Sep 23 2023 - 05:20

After you get your seasonal vaccinations, an immediate rest can be hard to resist—however, recent research suggests you may want to hold off on tha

The Healthy on MSN.com Sep 22 2023 - 23:31

A top-ranking Food and Drug Administration official, responsible for overseeing the approvals of the new vaccines now rolling out for this fall and

CBS News on MSN.com Sep 22 2023 - 18:46

Gustavo Perez gets a flu shot from pharmacist Patricia Pernal in 2022 at the Southwest Senior Center in Chicago.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sep 22 2023 - 18:23

With the end of summer, it's a busy time in the world of vaccines and respiratory illness.

WAMC Sep 22 2023 - 17:32

Can you get all three vaccines at once? When's the best month to get them so you're protected this fall and winter?

HuffPost Sep 22 2023 - 17:21

During the remaining weekends of ArtPrize, you will have a chance to get your flu shot while checking out some of the pieces.

WOOD Grand Rapids on MSN.com Sep 22 2023 - 15:01

Joy Bauer shares three immune-strengthening recipes for the fall flu season: nondairy cream of mushroom soup, fermented garlic honey and roasted pu

YAHOO!News Sep 22 2023 - 11:48

Marks said that the boost in protection offered by flu vaccines can wane, underscoring why the shots should not be given too early in the season, b

CBS News on MSN.com Sep 22 2023 - 08:11

The Boston Public Health Commission is encouraging residents to get the flu shot ahead of flu season.

YAHOO!News Sep 22 2023 - 07:15

Symptoms of mild COVID-19 infection have shifted this season, and now are more akin to those of allergies and the common cold, doctors say.

UPI on MSN.com Sep 22 2023 - 06:38

The number of new influenza cases reported at designated medical institutions in Japan has surged 57% in the past week, health minist

毎日新聞 Sep 22 2023 - 05:27

Details: High dose flu vaccine will be available for individuals 65 years of age and older, as supplies last.

wyomingnewsnow on MSN.com Sep 21 2023 - 17:34

The flu (short for influenza) is a common respiratory virus that causes symptoms such as fever, cough, body aches, chills, extreme fatigue, and som

Yahoo Sep 21 2023 - 16:54

“We’re seeing an increase in cough and cold, as well as COVID and strep,” says MinuteClinic nurse practitioner and area director Rachel Bauer.

Click2Houston Sep 21 2023 - 16:24

Healthcare workers in Contra Costa, Alameda, Sonoma and San Mateo counties will soon have to mask up in hospitals and other indoor patient care set

LA Times on MSN.com Sep 21 2023 - 15:00

“I have a feeling that we're probably going to see the COVID vaccine become very similar to the flu vaccine, something that will be available

U.S. News & World Report Sep 21 2023 - 09:48

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everyone 6 months and older should get their flu shot every season, with a few rare ex

YAHOO!News Sep 21 2023 - 09:08

Getting a flu shot this year? FHN walk-up and drive-thru clinics are about to begin. Here's what you need to know.

YAHOO!News Sep 21 2023 - 02:35

A student who ignored the symptoms of meningitis urges others to be aware of the signs.

BBC on MSN.com Sep 20 2023 - 22:27

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says September and October are the prime times to get flu vaccinated, and the pharmacist here

WITN on MSN.com Sep 20 2023 - 21:36

The flu can cause mild to severe illness and potentially lead to death.

YAHOO!News Sep 20 2023 - 19:32

Missoula Public Health will be offering several vaccine clinics at locations around the county in the coming weeks.

kpax Sep 20 2023 - 17:00

"Immunize at ArtPrize" is being presented by SpartanNash at DeVos Place in the Grand Gallery on Friday, Sept. 22 and Saturday, Sept.

MLive Sep 20 2023 - 16:15

After one of family members was diagnosed with Lyme disease, actor Chris Meloni had a lot of questions, but he knew one thing for sure: Life as he

YAHOO!News Sep 20 2023 - 15:23

While the CDC says that vaccinations reduced the risk of flu hospitalizations by about 50%, fewer than half the country got the flu shot last seaso

KPLC Sep 20 2023 - 12:03

Step forward Untap Health, a startup out of London, U.K.

YAHOO!News Sep 20 2023 - 10:15

As students return to campus, many fall sick with what is socially known as the "frat flu." However, a doctor can't prescribe medici

The State News Sep 19 2023 - 18:59

Public health care leaders in the Two Virginias say there are some defenses to reduce your chances of getting sick.

WVVA Sep 19 2023 - 17:10

The flu vaccine is here in local pharmacies and doctors' offices. And this year it has protection against four strains.

WWLTV on MSN.com Sep 19 2023 - 15:50

If all three viruses peak at the same time, hospitals could see massive disruptions that delay routine preventative screenings

AOL Sep 19 2023 - 13:40

The governor said he believes the latest coronavirus vaccine will arrive this week in clinics and pharmacies across the state.

Star Tribune Sep 19 2023 - 12:57

As cold weather approaches, health authorities are extra cautious of COVID-19, flu, and RSV spreading.

Yahoo Sep 19 2023 - 10:11

It takes about two weeks for you to build immunity after getting the shot according to Corey Kirkland from the Houston County Health Department.

WTVY Sep 19 2023 - 09:08

Doctors generally suggest getting your flu and Covid shots before the end of October, and say it’s OK to get both those shots at the same time.

The Wall Street Journal on MSN.com Sep 19 2023 - 06:00

CSL Seqirus has unveiled new data highlighting the potential impact of influenza vaccines on reducing the burden seasonal flu has on hospitals and

PMLiVE Sep 19 2023 - 04:41