Headlines for The Flu

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But just what causes all the havoc? What is going on in your body as you fight the flu?

SFGate Oct 21 2019 - 08:41

It might still feel like summer outside most days, but this year's flu season has already begun.

News4Jax Oct 21 2019 - 07:31

It comes on like a freight train: sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, body aches, and malaise. And that’s just the common cold.

Leafly Oct 21 2019 - 07:18

The flu season is upon us, and reports say this year could be more severe than ever. Onondaga County has already seen some cases of flu this year.

syracuse.com Oct 21 2019 - 07:08

People like Dawn are right to be concerned. She worried about MMR shots for her son because of health concerns.

Orlando Sentinel Oct 21 2019 - 02:36

October marks the start of a new flu season, with a rise in likely cases already showing up in Louisiana and other spots, federal statistics show.

NPR Oct 21 2019 - 02:00

A world without the flu could be on the horizon with cutting-edge research from Dr.

Boston Herald Oct 20 2019 - 17:47

It's also the beginning stages of flu season.

Click Orlando Oct 20 2019 - 12:52

Dear Annie: I would like to use your column as a platform to urge everyone reading to get a flu shot.

al.com Oct 20 2019 - 12:49

With the 2019-2020 flu season beginning this month, local health care providers are giving the public a heads up on how to keep the flu virus at ba

Aiken Standard Oct 20 2019 - 08:11

When you get the flu shot you aren't just protecting yourself, you're helping cancer patients with weak immune systems, and older people

YAHOO! Oct 20 2019 - 07:07

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Flu season is in full swing.

KVUE Oct 19 2019 - 20:50

As flu season approaches, some false information about the virus has gone viral.

Daily Herald Oct 19 2019 - 14:30

Influenza — the flu — is more than a bad cold. Seasonal outbreaks mean not only misery but increased hospital admissions and deaths.

Newsday Oct 19 2019 - 09:00

NBC News medical contributor Dr.

MSN Oct 19 2019 - 06:10

Flu shots are your BFF during the holiday season, protecting you from Uncle Joe’s far-reaching sneezes at Thanksgiving.

Women's Health Oct 19 2019 - 03:00

Healthline Media, Inc.

Medical News Today Oct 19 2019 - 00:07

SAN DIEGO — With flu season underway, doctors are reminding people to get their flu shot.

WTSP Oct 18 2019 - 23:07

You're looking at the last four high-dose flu vaccines available to Hayat Pharmacy customers.

FOX6 Milwaukee Oct 18 2019 - 15:16

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency released new flu numbers on Friday, confirming 300 flu cases this season.

NBC 7 San Diego Oct 18 2019 - 12:47

A popular Instagram post falsely claims “over 1,100 people died from reactions to the [flu] shot” in 2018, and suggests that the immunization gave

KCCI Des Moines Oct 18 2019 - 12:20

Although the fever and aches feel terrible, most people don't die from the flu.

MSN Oct 18 2019 - 08:55

Children have been unable to get immunised against flu this winter because GP surgeries and schools have been hit by shortages of the nasal spray v

The Guardian Oct 18 2019 - 07:25

Contrary to popular belief, you should not wait until November or December to get your flu shot. The time is now, experts say.

Fox News Oct 18 2019 - 05:02

The numbers are staggering: 12,000 deaths in just six weeks.

WHYY Oct 18 2019 - 04:07

The American consumer—backed by strong wage growth—has offset weakness in corporate profits and capital spending for much of the past year, but the

Wall Street Journal Oct 18 2019 - 03:38

The international healthcare and economic burden of influenza in the United States alone is approximately $11.2 billion annually.

Salon Oct 18 2019 - 03:35

The CDC is calling the illness EVALI, short for e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury.

CNBC Oct 17 2019 - 20:44


WISN 12 NEWS Oct 17 2019 - 16:32

The flu is often mistaken for the common cold, but when the symptoms (body aches, chills, weakness, fatigue, and coughing) hit you suddenly, it is

Spectrum News NY1 Oct 17 2019 - 16:24

(Photo by: Cavallini James/BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Universal Images Group via Getty Images While practicing pediatric oncolog

Forbes Oct 17 2019 - 16:20

A new study in mice finds that vaping may impair how well the body responds to viral respiratory infections.

Healthline Oct 17 2019 - 15:05

The 2019-20 flu season is just getting started.

Forbes Oct 17 2019 - 11:01

While there's no cure for the common cold, it's possible to ward off the flu with a well-timed flu shot.

Chicago Tribune Oct 17 2019 - 06:05

YORK TOWNSHIP, PA -- Health experts are warning families after a busy, and at times, deadly flu season last year, to get themselves, and more impor

FOX43 Oct 17 2019 - 02:00

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Flu activity in Iowa is low right now, according to the state's department of public health, but experts are still

ABC Kcrg 9 Oct 16 2019 - 21:23

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The 2019-2020 flu season is quickly approaching and physicians at Novant Health want to make sure you are prepared.

WBTV Oct 16 2019 - 19:16

Diallo (illness) will not play in Wednesday's preseason game against the Grizzlies, Erik Horne of The Oklahoman reports.

CBSSports.com Oct 16 2019 - 15:46

Public health experts trying to predict the severity of the upcoming flu season in the U.S. often look to the Southern Hemisphere for clues.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Oct 16 2019 - 15:28

The pediatric emergency room at Advent Health in Tampa has been packed with children who are suffering from the flu virus.

Bay News 9 Oct 16 2019 - 15:01

Doctors are urging Americans to get their flu shots right away after a bad flu season in Australia has raised concerns about the coming season in t

Wall Street Journal Oct 16 2019 - 11:57

To help ensure everyone has access to the flu vaccine, Mother and Child Health Coalition hosted a pop-up flu shot clinic Wednesday at Saint Anthony

YAHOO! Oct 16 2019 - 11:30

In fact, recently The New York Times reported the story of another young person who nearly lost his life to vaping.

Prevention on MSN.com Oct 16 2019 - 11:07

Denise Guillemette sat at a table preparing dozens of flu vaccines that she would eventually give to residents who came to a recent community clini

The Connecticut Mirror Oct 16 2019 - 09:41

With cooler temperatures, the flu season is just around the corner.

KGW8 Oct 16 2019 - 08:27


CBS Denver on MSN.com Oct 16 2019 - 04:30

Flu season reliably arrives around this time every year — but where the virus heads and how it will spread can seem wildly unpredictable.

STAT Oct 16 2019 - 01:43

Influenza – the flu – is more than a bad cold. Seasonal outbreaks mean not only misery but also increased hospital admissions and deaths.

Portland Press Herald Oct 16 2019 - 01:32


WHAS11 News Oct 15 2019 - 19:10


WTKR.com Oct 15 2019 - 17:38