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About two-thirds of emerging infectious diseases in humans - including COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Ebola, HIV, Zika, H1N1, cholera and almost all recent

Tribune News Service on MSN.com Apr 5 2020 - 18:04

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down the microscopic membranes that hold viruses and toxic bacteria together and, according to Bioquell – the Pennsylvania

Heavy.com Apr 5 2020 - 13:26

The primary task of the immune system is to fight off pathogenic bacteria.

Break.com Apr 5 2020 - 07:40

"Pathogens do not discriminate.” So far, many of the complaints have been centered in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, said Chad Lassiter, executive

Morning Call PA Apr 5 2020 - 04:06

With the havoc created by coronavirus pandemic across the world, there is a renewed interest in TV docu series and movies of pathogens and virus.

Hindustan Times Apr 5 2020 - 01:40

The virus could be carried to the ocean in runoff and then kicked into the air by the surf, a Scripps scientist says.

YAHOO! Apr 4 2020 - 19:29

If you’re washing it 20 times per day you want something that’s not going to irritate.

Forbes Apr 4 2020 - 16:11

These bottles zap bacteria and viruses to keep you safe and your water tasting fresh.

CNET Apr 4 2020 - 15:03

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) illustrators behind the now-iconic coronavirus image have revealed to the New York Times how a

Yahoo! News Apr 2 2020 - 17:03

EASTLAKE, OH / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / US Lighting Group, Inc.

YAHOO! Apr 2 2020 - 14:34

EASTLAKE, OH / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / US Lighting Group, Inc.

Finanznachrichten Apr 2 2020 - 14:32

Researchers from the KWR Water Research Institute in the Netherlands studied sewage samples from seven cities to look for evidence of COVID-19 in s

Mail Online Apr 2 2020 - 04:05

In a time filled with unnerving ironies and coincidences, another arrives in Chris Bohjalian's most recent novel, "The Red Lotus," w

Daily Herald Apr 2 2020 - 04:00

Atlanta-based Aptar Food + Beverage is launching InvisiShield packaging technology, which kills pathogens and extends shelf life.

The Packer Apr 1 2020 - 17:04

Phoseon’s KeyPro™ family of products uses high-intensity, deep ultraviolet light to disinfect and decontaminate laboratory equipment and surfaces.

News Medical Apr 1 2020 - 07:44

When the iron transport into the bacteria is inhibited, the pathogen can no longer grow.

News Medical Apr 1 2020 - 04:37

Despite the complexity of the natural world, the research approach to understanding how potentially pandemic pathogens and their animal and human h

Medical Xpress Mar 31 2020 - 06:27

The front of the mask is a long piece of clear polycarbonate plastic, while the frame is made from HDPE plastic – the material used in plastic milk

NJBIZ Mar 31 2020 - 05:08

New fungicides are needed due to emerging resistance shown by crop pathogens.

Nature Mar 30 2020 - 02:06

A few early studies suggest COVID-19's spread is tied to temperature, but some scientists are highly skeptical of the findings.

Arizona Daily Star Mar 28 2020 - 16:00

My intense fear of mosquitoes is perfectly adaptive given that they are responsible for more human deaths and disease than all other possible preda

Psychology Today Mar 27 2020 - 11:05

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Business Wire Mar 27 2020 - 08:49

Made by Shanghai-based Keenon Robotics, the automated robot has four groups of short-wave ultraviolet germ-killing lamps and five atomising disinfe

Mail Online Mar 27 2020 - 07:06

But when the scientist compared its DNA sequence to already published bacterial DNA sequences, they found that it was already present in several pa

EurekAlert! Mar 27 2020 - 06:13

"We already operate with an awareness of bloodborne pathogens and cross-contamination, and so we take a lot of precautions anyway in our day-t

The Journal Times Mar 26 2020 - 13:44

“Never before have so many opportunities existed for pathogens to pass from wild and domestic animals to people,” she said yesterday in an intervie

ReliefWeb Mar 26 2020 - 13:34

With concerns about germ transmission at an all-time high and businesses increasingly concerned about public health, pest control

PR Newswire Mar 26 2020 - 13:31

A brand-new study, noting COVID-19's resilient survival on surfaces and in human waste, suggests that "measures to prevent aerosolization

Digital Journal Mar 26 2020 - 11:25

Your business must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development if you possess specified animal pathogens or carriers of such

gov.uk Mar 25 2020 - 13:14

“It was through that experience that I think we all came to realize that it’s not just Ebola, but actually there’s a number of pathogens that could

STAT Mar 25 2020 - 01:15

The sneaky aspect of the coronavirus that leads to the disease named COVID-19 is that people infected can spread the pathogen before they experienc

International Business Times Mar 25 2020 - 01:11

The special pathogens unit at Sacred Heart Medical Center was used to treat four passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship; now it will be u

The Spokesman-Review Mar 24 2020 - 18:02

Odilorhabdins, antibacterial agents that cause miscoding by binding at a new ribosomal site. Mol. Cell 70, 83–94.e7 (2018). 2.Racine, E. et al.

Nature Mar 24 2020 - 16:03

As the novel coronavirus spreads and bottled water has flown off store shelves, officials say tap water is safe to drink.

The Arizona Republic Mar 24 2020 - 13:32

T2 Biosystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTOO), a leader in the rapid detection of sepsis-causing pathogens, today announced unaudited, pre

GlobeNewswire Mar 24 2020 - 13:30

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People Mar 24 2020 - 12:00

Spry Therapeutics Provides 10,000 Filtered Healthcare Pillows to U.S. Hospitals to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, Other Harmful Pathogens

Finanzen Mar 24 2020 - 05:00

Politics is unavoidable when dealing with a pandemic.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Mar 24 2020 - 00:48

As the coronavirus outbreak gripped the U.S., consumers rushed to stock up on hand sanitizer, among many other items.

YAHOO! Mar 24 2020 - 00:08

As an evolutionary behavioral scientist, I recognize the explanatory power of evolutionary theory across innumerable phenomena of human import.

Psychology Today Mar 23 2020 - 14:21

Amazon Prime Video is making a slew of kids shows available for free, including Arthur and Pete the Cat, and all you need is a free Amazon.com acco

Collider Mar 23 2020 - 12:30

Antibodies are proteins in the body’s immune system that defend the body against infection by pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Mar 23 2020 - 08:17

"While these will clear any infectious agent from the skin, at the same time, we're destroying the protective barrier that protects us fr

WebMD Mar 21 2020 - 12:51

Scientists at the University of Bonn have now deciphered the puzzle: Daptomycin blocks the integration of important building blocks into the cell w

News Medical Mar 21 2020 - 09:17

After the release of the animation/live-action hybrid comedy film 'Osmosis Jones', Warner Bros.

Collider Mar 21 2020 - 04:57

This one’s for the sanitation workers who keep picking up and hauling away bags, regardless of the pathogens they might carry.

New York Daily News Mar 21 2020 - 01:04

For a few of the more specific questions, we decided to turn to outside help: Dr.

Sun Sentinel Mar 20 2020 - 01:14

Washing hands with soap to kill pathogens is not an old wives’ tale Washing hands with soap to kill pathogens is not an old wives’ tale Check out t

Reno Gazette-Journal Mar 19 2020 - 19:47

A parasite known only to be hosted in North America by the Virginia opossum is infecting sea otters along the West Coast.

Patch Mar 19 2020 - 12:33

New phenotypic tests quantify small changes in the concentration of the pathogen's nucleic acids after antibiotic exposure, and are promising

EurekAlert! Mar 19 2020 - 11:18