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The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the author Hannah Nguyen, which was incorrectly given as Hannah Ngyuen.

Nature Jan 31 2019 - 07:56

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has commissioned a project to provide data on microorganisms in raw minced (ground) beef on retail sale across the co

Food Safety News Jan 30 2019 - 21:00

Lutz points to a Sacred Heart special pathogens unit, and multiagency training on protocols for transferring and handling an Ebola patient.

The Spokesman-Review Jan 30 2019 - 16:53

Floodwaters on and around farms can sicken people with pathogens and chemical contaminants, and they can hide physical dangers.

avma.org Jan 30 2019 - 05:59

Pasteurization is the name given to the frequently used technique of heating the food to destroy pathogens.

AZOM Jan 30 2019 - 05:44

But it turns out, snacking on snot is a bad idea.

Yahoo7 Finance Jan 30 2019 - 03:59

More and more research is showing that a better understanding of the genomics of pathogens can play a crucial role in preventing and treating infec

AllAfrica.com Jan 30 2019 - 02:57

It’s one of several instances of vector-borne pathogens that have popped up in humans in areas that are undergoing widespread deforestation.

The Scientist Jan 29 2019 - 12:50

“We are very backed up,” he says of the USDA lab, which monitors bee pathogens and parasites.

Nature Jan 29 2019 - 10:49

Tests showed that no pathogens had entered the water system, and the water is safe for use.

USA Patch Jan 29 2019 - 09:34

More and more research is showing that a better understanding of the genomics of pathogens can play a crucial role in preventing and treating infec

theconversation.com Jan 29 2019 - 06:05

Nanosponges can be used to “soak up” pathogens and toxins, such as snake venom, to quickly eliminate the harmful substance from the bloodstream.

News Medical Jan 29 2019 - 03:14

Many lab tests have proven that benzethonium chloride is extremely effective against pathogens such as E.Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus aureu

Digital Journal Jan 28 2019 - 20:59

However, they protect it also from invasion by potential pathogens.

Nature Jan 28 2019 - 15:35

Evangelyn Alocilja is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on nanobiosensor technologies for disease-causing pathogens.

MSU Today Jan 28 2019 - 09:36

Scientists at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and Imperial College London have designed a new type of drug against influenza that

GEN Jan 28 2019 - 07:00

The loss of such diversity results in susceptibility to infection due to insufficient responses to new pathogens.

Nature Jan 28 2019 - 02:56

The "Food Safety Testing Market by Target Tested (Pathogens, Pesticides, GMOs, Mycotoxin, Allergens), Technology (Traditional, Rapid), Food Te

Yahoo Finance Jan 28 2019 - 02:42

Autopsies are important to diagnose or verify Lawsonia intracellularis infections or to run a differential diagnosis in case of other enteric patho

The Pig Site Jan 27 2019 - 10:02

CNS is the organ system including the brain and the spinal cord.

MSN Jan 26 2019 - 15:47

A lot has been happening in the cannabis industry in recent weeks.

southcoasttoday Jan 26 2019 - 13:15

Scientists at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., created a computer program that can help food safety professionals keep production facilities fre

Becker's Hospital Review Jan 25 2019 - 23:17


KERO-TV Jan 25 2019 - 20:03

No matter who writes the story of CRISPR, Emmanuelle Charpentier (founding director, Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens, Berlin) is one o

GEN Jan 25 2019 - 12:55

skin samples from all 11 killer whales (for genetic research); samples of exhalations and skin smears from damaged areas of the body (to detect any

Seattle Post Intelligencer Jan 25 2019 - 03:13

Colistin is the last-resort antibiotic against lethal infections with multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens.

Nature Jan 25 2019 - 02:38

(Beyond Pesticides, January 25, 2019) The partial government shutdown–now in its second month–is disrupting federal oversight of food safety for va

Beyond Pesticides Jan 24 2019 - 20:05

COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS This month, the World Health Organization listed antimicrobial resistance — the ability of bacteria and pathogens to

The Daily Free Press Jan 24 2019 - 19:59

It is generally regarded that the progression of an infection within host macrophages is the consequence of a failed immune response.

Nature Jan 24 2019 - 02:57

With increasing number of organizations focusing on drug discovery process, eugenol is being given great importance due to its action against harmf

Digital Journal Jan 24 2019 - 01:06

This is a real breakthrough that open new ways to reduce the yield losses caused by plant pathogens, as part of the efforts to secure the global su

Newswise Jan 23 2019 - 02:15

The list included HIV, weak primary health care, Ebola and other high-threat pathogens, as well as vaccine hesitancy.

MSN Jan 23 2019 - 02:01

Ecosystems like high-biodiversity grasslands and forests are more resistant to disturbances, such as invasive species, climate fluctuations and pat

Science Daily Jan 22 2019 - 14:09

To analyze the bacterial distribution of dual-species biofilms, the biofilm structure was evaluated by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) us

Nature Jan 22 2019 - 10:31

Scientists have developed a new device that can rapidly screen the blood in just minutes to detect a range of pathogens that cause disease, in a br

Yahoo Finance Jan 21 2019 - 14:37

NLRP3 is a cytosolic pattern recognition receptor that assembles a multiprotein signaling complex, the NLRP3 inflammasome, upon detecting pathogens

Nature Jan 21 2019 - 02:36

Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2019 -- Nucleic acid testing is a new age testing practice that helps in detection, diagnosis and screening

Digital Journal Jan 19 2019 - 13:20

To address this global challenge, a team of clinical and industry experts, including Jeff Wang, professor of mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkin

inbt.jhu.edu Jan 18 2019 - 19:14

This glove also will eliminate the need for medical professionals working with radiation to double-glove to follow the federal requirement that the

news.osu.edu Jan 18 2019 - 09:16

Using ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections eliminated up to 97.7 percent of pathogens in ope

News Medical Jan 17 2019 - 22:39

The factors controlling the geographical distribution of organisms are receiving increasing attention in the context of climate change.

Science Magazine Jan 17 2019 - 16:26

NEW HYDE PARK, NY - Using ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections eliminated up to 97.7 percent

EurekAlert! Jan 17 2019 - 13:28

New research shows that 60% of all wild coffee species are under threat of extinction due to climate change, deforestation, and fungal pathogens an

Beverage Jan 17 2019 - 03:11

Sure, many roses have problems with insects, such as aphids, and diseases, such as powdery mildew, but primarily because such pathogens proliferate

Santa Maria Times Jan 17 2019 (All day)

Microbes are often seen as pathogens that cause disease and antibiotics have been used successfully to combat these foreign invaders.

Medical Xpress Jan 16 2019 - 13:49

Other threats include the spread of fungal pathogens and coffee wilt disease in Central and South America and Africa, respectively, as well as soci

Mental Floss Jan 16 2019 - 13:39

Through the GRABIT (Grower’s Risk Assessment Biomarkers Investigative Tool) Award and Innovation Challenge, CPS wants to develop ways to identify c

The Packer Jan 16 2019 - 09:56

Antimicrobial resistance is a public health emergency and warrants coordinated global efforts.

Nature Jan 16 2019 - 02:51

Lately, the state has sent out more water quality warnings, so you might think there have been more pathogens found at our beaches, but that is not

KITV Jan 15 2019 - 20:50