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It is currently assumed that causation is multifactorial, whereby certain environmental impacts and bacterial pathogens trigger sarcoidosis in gene

Medical Xpress May 8 2019 - 07:01

According to Stop Foodborne Illness - a national, nonprofit, public health organization dedicated to preventing illness and death from foodborne pa

Chicago Tribune May 7 2019 - 14:16

The INTERCEPT Blood System is designed to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections by inactivating a broad range of pathogens such as

Business Wire May 7 2019 - 13:05

The coordination of individual immune cells is essential for the generation of effective immune responses to pathogens while immune tolerance is ma

Nature May 7 2019 - 06:35

The company is in possession of a breakthrough technology for the detection of sepsis (can detect pathogens including candida auris in under 4 hour

Seeking Alpha May 7 2019 - 05:27

"Multidrug-resistant pathogens are common causes of patient morbidity and mortality," said Pak Kin Wong, professor of biomedical engineer

Phys.org May 6 2019 - 12:10

The non-invasive procedure uses low-intensity focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier, a protective layer that protects the brain from i

EurekAlert! May 6 2019 - 09:41

With an increase in bio-terrorism, the occurrence of illness and deaths is very frequent.

MarketWatch May 6 2019 - 08:01

Avibactam sodium and its free acid, avibactam, are diazabicyclooctane (DBO)–based, non-β-lactam β-lactamase inhibitors (BLIs) that are used to trea

C&EN May 6 2019 - 05:58

Tick-borne diseases (TBD) are common across the United States and can result in critical and chronic diseases in a variety of veterinary patients.

Nature May 6 2019 - 02:19

The membrane attack complex (MAC) is a hetero-oligomeric protein assembly that kills pathogens by perforating their cell envelopes.

Nature May 6 2019 - 02:17

Many of the pathogens affecting food safety come from the intestinal systems of animals, said Diane Wright Hirsch, senior Extension educator with t

The Columbus Dispatch May 4 2019 - 00:57

Yes, pubic hair does have a purpose. Above all else, it lessens friction during sex and prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens.

Healthline May 3 2019 - 16:11

The researchers said understanding the spatial distribution patterns and host associations revealed by their analysis is important for assessing an

News Medical May 3 2019 - 15:27

Researchers show how the immune system distinguishes between self molecules and non-self molecules such as those from pathogens.

Science Daily May 3 2019 - 09:48

The researchers said understanding the spatial distribution patterns and host associations revealed by their analysis is important for assessing an

Science Daily May 3 2019 - 09:02

The scientists published their results in the journal eLife.

EurekAlert! May 3 2019 - 06:40

It’s understandable, since pathogens that can live in raw meat are nasty, and the ones known to favor raw chicken can be particularly fearsome.

BGR May 2 2019 - 18:12

Threat level, per the report: By 2030, up to 24 million people could be forced into extreme poverty and annual economic damage could resemble that

Axios May 2 2019 - 12:40

Scientists have long tried to understand how pathogenic bacteria like Helicobacter pylori, a risk factor for stomach ulcers and cancer, survive in

EurekAlert! May 2 2019 - 11:04

The gastric glands harbor unique populations of Helicobacter pylori, labeled in this image with two different fluorescent proteins.

EurekAlert! May 2 2019 - 11:03

So it's not just an impression; there are more ticks around now and some of them can transmit nasty pathogens.

Medical Xpress May 2 2019 - 04:33

Naturo's latest announcement almost seem too good to be true, with its new process claiming to be heat-free, yet able to eliminate more pathog

New Atlas May 1 2019 - 22:55

They are of medical and veterinary importance due to the blood spoliation and transmission of pathogens that cost significant financial losses worl

Nature May 1 2019 - 02:07

Seeking to prevent the introduction and spread of quarantine tree pathogens, the EU Horizon 2020-funded project HOMED (HOlistic Management of Emerg

Phys.org Apr 30 2019 - 11:09

While the doctor’s white coat may symbolize the profession of medicine, it may also be harboring bacteria and pathogens, studies have found.

Harvard Medical School Apr 30 2019 - 07:25

The Data Provides Proof of Salvaging Central Venous Catheters Colonized with Highly Virulent Pathogens in Patients with CLABSI/CRBSI CRANFORD, N.J.

YAHOO! Apr 30 2019 - 07:03

That is why clinicians, bioinformaticians analysing pathogens, and evolutionary biologists should all work together.

Medical Xpress Apr 30 2019 - 06:14

Luther College researchers tested private drinking wells, streams and springs in Winneshiek County, looking for signs of pathogens and identifying

Iowa Public Radio Apr 29 2019 - 19:04

Their expertise is needed to curb the tide of zoonotic pathogens, diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans. The work of Dr.

The Cornell Daily Sun Apr 29 2019 - 17:50

That is why clinicians, bioinformaticians analysing pathogens and evolutionary biologists should all work together.

EurekAlert! Apr 29 2019 - 15:35

It proposes a series of measures that health officials say could help stem the rise of drug-resistant pathogens.

nytimes.com Apr 29 2019 - 15:20

Together, we hope to make a meaningful impact on patient safety in Quebec by reducing the potential for life-threatening infections from multidrug-

Yahoo Finance Apr 29 2019 - 13:26

Ubiquitin-mediated xenophagy, a type of selective autophagy, plays crucial roles in host defense against intracellular pathogens including Mycobact

Nature Apr 29 2019 - 02:19

For the first time, researchers have shown that high-altitude dust storms are transporting harmful species of bacteria and fungi over thousands of

Forbes Apr 28 2019 - 18:49

coli, shigella and vibrio in the number of cases per 100,000 people.

KRDO Apr 27 2019 - 06:44

The introduction of vaccines has helped prevent many occurrences of the contractions of communicable (infectious) diseases.

The Daily Mirror Apr 26 2019 - 14:54

Environment also affects the distribution of pathogens and their vectors, making the One-Health approach the ideal basis for addressing these disea

AgWeb Apr 26 2019 - 12:59

By integrating UV-C, Jaguar Land Rover believes it could help to stop bacteria and harmful viruses, known as pathogens, from surviving in the cabin

Independent Online (IOL) on MSN.com Apr 26 2019 - 07:05

The report tracked cases of eight major pathogens like campylobacter, salmonella and cyclospora. — Alaska’s agriculture sector is booming.

Politico Apr 26 2019 - 07:05

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system treats benign substances, like certain foods, as if they were dangerous pathogens, like bacteria or

YAHOO! Apr 26 2019 - 06:09

In EMT class and bloodborne-pathogens training, we’re taught to wear our gloves.

EMS World Apr 25 2019 - 16:18

TD is a clinical syndrome that can result from a variety of intestinal pathogens.

PR Newswire Apr 25 2019 - 16:00

The hunters' fear centers around scientific studies that have shown the domestic animals carry pathogens that — if the wild and domestic anima

Rapid City Journal Apr 24 2019 - 19:00

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Nature Apr 24 2019 - 15:11

April 24 (UPI) --Twenty-one percent of U.S.

Upi.com Apr 24 2019 - 14:23


Ohio Ag Net Apr 24 2019 - 11:36

The FDA detected harmful pathogens at 21 percent of ice cream production facilities inspected during a yearlong assessment it initiated after a str

Politico Apr 24 2019 - 09:50

However, the insecticide does not make either species more susceptible to diseases and pathogens, as a massive field study in Sweden shows.

Phys.org Apr 24 2019 - 06:09