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In mice, gavage with this strain led to estradiol decline and depression-like behaviors.

NDTV Mar 22 2023 - 08:01

CIDRAP: Study Suggests Colistin Still Being Widely Used In Animal Feed A study published this week in The Lancet Microbe shows that, despite global

Kaiser Health News Mar 22 2023 - 05:33

"Have you ever wondered about life on a leaf?" Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) researcher Ashley Shade asks a simple questi

Phys.org Mar 22 2023 - 02:09

For a while now, we've known there's a complex interplay between our hormones, guts, and mental health, but untangling the most relevant

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Mar 21 2023 - 23:59

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this week that the fungus Candida auris (C.

Mashable on MSN.com Mar 21 2023 - 12:43

Based in Alameda, Andes is developing microbes that can be sprayed onto cropland when seeds are planted.

The Business Journals Mar 21 2023 - 12:00

A team of geochemists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, working with colleagues from the University of Hong Kong, Tianjin University and the Un

Phys.org Mar 21 2023 - 08:11

Researchers think that by vaccinating kids against mono, they could make multiple sclerosis a disease of the past.

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Mar 21 2023 - 03:05

Allied Market Research published a report, titled, "Precision Fermentation Market by Application (Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Egg, Others), by Micro

YAHOO!Finance Mar 21 2023 - 00:17

The microbes that inhabit the gut are critical for human health, and understanding the factors that encourage the growth of beneficial bacterial sp

News Medical Mar 20 2023 - 09:46

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have identified specific proteins and amino acids that could control bioenergy plants' ability to id

Phys.org Mar 20 2023 - 09:24

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have identified specific proteins and amino acids that could control bioenergy plants’ ability to identif

Oak Ridge National Lab Mar 20 2023 - 05:00

Pointing to the murky waters of the Tonle Sap, Si Vorn fights back tears as she recalls her four-year-old daughter dying from diarrhoea after playi

YAHOO!News Mar 19 2023 - 19:19

Understanding the factors that promote the growth of beneficial bacterial species known as "good" bacteria in the gut may enable medical

devdiscourse Mar 19 2023 - 02:42

FloraSpring, a weight-loss supplement, is developed by Revival Point.

Outlookindia Mar 18 2023 - 17:30

After the plants have produced some foliage, inoculate again by drenching the soil around the plant with a liquid inoculant (i.e., Microbe Brew, Ka

Florida Today Mar 18 2023 - 02:00

A form of oestrogen known to be related to positive mood was found to be 43 per cent lower in premenopausal women with depression than those withou

New Scientist on MSN.com Mar 17 2023 - 08:01

Chinese researchers have created a kind of artificial bacterial "factory" that uses solar power and airborne carbon dioxide and nitrogen

China Internet Information Center Mar 17 2023 - 06:25

It’s a horrible acronym for small aircraft that take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane.

MIT Technology Review Mar 16 2023 - 03:00

Water bottles have more germs than the regular household items we use.

The Times of India on MSN.com Mar 15 2023 - 09:31

A study led by scientists from the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) examined microbe levels in 9,000 diff

Daily Record Mar 15 2023 - 07:32

The gut handles all ingested foods for further digestion and assimilation.

News Medical Mar 14 2023 - 21:27

A study published in Nature Chemical Biology suggests that a new bacteriophage screening approach could assist scientists attempting to overcome an

technologynetworks Mar 14 2023 - 04:22

New Jersey is the only state that’s never had a state song.

Philadelphia Inquirer on MSN.com Mar 14 2023 - 03:23

A recent study published in The Lancet Microbe summarized the evidence for respiratory transmission of mpox (formerly monkeypox).

News Medical Mar 13 2023 - 15:16

As conventional antibiotics continue to lose effectiveness against evolving pathogens, scientists are keen to employ the bacteria-killing technique

News Medical Mar 13 2023 - 11:07

As conventional antibiotics continue to lose effectiveness against evolving pathogens, scientists are keen to employ the bacteria-killing technique

Phys.org Mar 13 2023 - 09:01

A class of thousands of chemicals known as PFAS was created in the 1930s and they seemed quite useful.

Labroots Mar 12 2023 - 10:31

Biotech beauty is set to transform and reign supreme in the beauty world in the near future.

Glam on MSN.com Mar 12 2023 - 10:06

A comprehensive understanding of metabolism enables the prediction of the growth of a crucial environmental microbe.

SciTech Daily Mar 10 2023 - 21:41

Dopamine supplements are marketed as mood enhancers, but do they really work?

U.S. News & World Report on MSN.com Mar 10 2023 - 10:09

New evidence finds that babies born by cesarean section may not miss out on essential microbes.

Buffalo News Mar 10 2023 - 06:29

These convenient knife holders seem like the perfect solution for cleaner knife storage—but are they as great as they seem?Magnetic knife holders h

Better Homes and Gardens on MSN.com Mar 10 2023 - 04:10

The team of scientists found that, whether born vaginally or via cesarean section, babies receive essential microbes from their mothers.

GEN Mar 10 2023 - 04:01

A little help from mom can help babies delivered via C-section make up for the critical bacterial exposure they miss at birth

Time on MSN.com Mar 9 2023 - 12:47

With the right deodorant formulated just for people with smelly armpits and similar issues, you will be able to greet the world with wide open arms

Outlookindia Mar 9 2023 - 08:07

Evogene Ltd. (NASDAQ: EVGN) (TASE: EVGN) 2022 revenue was $1.7 million, an increase of 80% compared to $930,000 in 2021.

Benzinga on MSN.com Mar 9 2023 - 07:18

Highly nondegradable chemicals such as PFAS and pesticides can have useful properties in some situations, but are extremely difficult for nature to

Phys.org Mar 9 2023 - 06:31

Keanu Reeves has responded to news that a microbe-killing molecule has been.

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 22:04

Our friends from Davie Co. Animal Services joined us virtually to help Miss Carmine find a loving home.

WXII 12 NEWS on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 09:53

Bacteria typically spread via faeces was found on numerous kitchen items in offices during an scientific investigation

Leicester Mercury on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 08:11

A research team from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has developed the world's most productive chemical synthesis,

Phys.org Mar 8 2023 - 08:00

Mothers supply essential microbes that seed their baby's microbiome even when children are born via caesarean section, a new study suggests.

ABC Health on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 08:00

Researchers say that infants born via cesarean section receive only slightly fewer microbes from the mother and that difference can be made up by b

Healthline Mar 8 2023 - 00:08

Do cesarean-born babies miss out on essential microbes?

EurekAlert! Mar 7 2023 - 15:59

Sterile drug manufacturing is a high-risk operation and to manage these risks, drug manufacturers need to “tightly control” a multitude of variable

RAPS Mar 7 2023 - 13:37

Emojis are part of a science communicator’s arsenal. Computational chemist Andrew White describes how and why he submitted an application.

Nature Mar 6 2023 - 12:56

A US woman diagnosed with the highly contagious bacterial infection tuberculosis has been found in civil contempt after repeated refusals to follow

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Mar 6 2023 - 09:00

Boosting our odds of finding traces of life depends on looking in the right tiny patch of sediment, according to a new study.

Inverse on MSN.com Mar 6 2023 - 08:01