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A group of scientists from Kenya and the United Kingdom has found a microbe that can wipe malaria off the face of the earth.

moneycontrol.com May 5 2020 - 00:35

A study conducted by researchers from Kenya, UK and South Africa claims the microbe offers mosquitoes 100% immunity from getting infected with mala

ThePrint May 4 2020 - 21:24

Researchers have discovered a microbe — a very small living organism— in mosquitoes that completely protects them from being infected with malaria.

Dhaka Tribune May 4 2020 - 19:43

The malaria-blocking bug, Microsporidia MB, was found by University of Glasgow scientists in the gut and genitals of mosquitoes living on the shore

Mail Online May 4 2020 - 19:04

The malaria-blocking bug, Microsporidia MB, was found by University of Glasgow scientists in the gut and genitals of mosquitoes living on the shore

Mail Online May 4 2020 - 18:49

A bug found in mosquitoes has raised hopes of a natural method of combating malaria.Researchers said the microbe, which lives in about 5 per cent o

The Times May 4 2020 - 15:01

Scientists have discovered a microbe that stops mosquitoes from being infected with malaria, in what might be a revolutionary step forward in the f

The Daily Telegraph May 4 2020 - 12:24

A microbe present in wild populations of Kenya’s Anopheles mosquito – a key vector of malaria – has been shown to block the transmission of malaria

IFLScience May 4 2020 - 12:17

Scientists have discovered a microbe that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria.

BBC May 4 2020 - 11:43

NAIROBI, May 4 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at the Nairobi-based global insect research institute said on Monday they have discovered microbe, a very sm

China Internet Information Center May 4 2020 - 08:47

Scientists have discovered a malaria transmission-blocking microbe, making an important stride in the fight against the disease.

Phys.org May 4 2020 - 06:52

Microbe communities in the seabed off Peru still haven’t fully recovered from being disturbed by a deep-sea mining experiment 26 years ago.

Science News May 4 2020 - 03:09

May 4 (UPI) --A microbe found in mosquitoes that appears to block malaria could be used to control spread of the disease in humans, according to re

UPI.com May 3 2020 - 17:00

Officials in Nebraska are forging ahead with plans for the state’s May 12 primary despite calls from Democrats to only offer voting by mail and con

Charlotte Observer May 3 2020 - 16:54


Honolulu Star-Advertiser May 3 2020 - 10:13

Nebraska is forging ahead with plans to hold the nation's first in-person election in more than a month, despite health concerns about the cor

YAHOO! May 3 2020 - 09:12

Bill Maher slammed a microbe-obsessed nation, Joe Biden and even Quibi on his show Friday night. “You don’t have to tell me what Quibi is.

Deadline.com May 2 2020 - 05:09

Confronting the unprecedented challenge of lengthy school closures because of coronavirus, the nation’s roughly 13,000 public school districts are

Chicago Tribune May 2 2020 - 01:56

And as our world has changed due to COVID-19, new ways of deploying emojis have sprung up in response.

The Conversation May 1 2020 - 07:44

Scientists have traced the molecular connections between genetics, the gut microbiome and memory in a mouse model bred to resemble the diversity of

Science Daily May 1 2020 - 07:05

Researchers from two U.S.

GEN Apr 30 2020 - 05:00

A new study is among the first to trace the molecular connections between genetics, the gut microbiome and memory in a mouse model bred to resemble

News Medical Apr 29 2020 - 10:31

Researchers in China have engineered a microbe that shows promise as the foundation of an efficient way to break down polyethylene terephthalate (P

Phys.org Apr 29 2020 - 08:02

Armies of microbiologists are swabbing subways, ATMs, and hospitals in search of the novel coronavirus.

Wired Apr 29 2020 - 04:00

Baker’s yeast has transformed into a prized stay-at-home commodity. Here’s how it works—and how you can grow your own.

National Geographic news Apr 28 2020 - 14:13

Yet you can still tell a lot from those windows—about capitalism, climate change, and the love status of the couple across the way.

The Nation Apr 28 2020 - 09:18

Yet, you can still tell a lot from that window—about policing, capitalism, and the status of the couple across the way.

The Nation Apr 28 2020 - 03:08

The Pulitzer Prize winner’s new book ‘The End of October’ imagines a global plague worse than what we are facing now

Rolling Stone Apr 27 2020 - 08:43

It may seem strange as I take up office as Church of Ireland Primate that I speak of politics and society rather than ‘religion’

The Irish Times Apr 27 2020 - 08:04

The prime minister is right, coronavirus is a mugger.

Independent Apr 27 2020 - 05:21

Rhizobia–legume symbiosis is an important type of plant–microbe mutualism; however, the establishment of this association is complicated and can be

Nature Apr 26 2020 - 17:08

He died in his nursing home not long after celebrating his 94th birthday, in “a wonderful home where he was surrounded, cared for, appreciated and

New York Daily News on MSN.com Apr 26 2020 - 14:07

A local coronavirus survivor is hoping to help other patients by donating his blood plasma to patients in need.

YAHOO! Apr 23 2020 - 17:33

Researchers at Bar Ilan University have developed a new technology that turns tap water into a powerful disinfectant for viruses and bacteria, incl

The Jerusalem Post Blogs Apr 23 2020 - 11:32

In 2013 Denison and Ralph Baric, a coronavirus researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, identified a vulnerable site on a pro

Scientific American Apr 23 2020 - 03:48

Diagnostically informative microbial cell-free DNA (cfDNA) can be detected from blood plasma during fulminant infections such as sepsis.

Nature Apr 23 2020 - 02:07

Volunteers from Sherrelwood Elementary School in Westminster, Colo., hand out laptops and educational materials to parents and students on Friday,

The Hechinger Report Apr 22 2020 - 21:01

Stressors related to the current pandemic can place a strain on relationships.

YAHOO! Apr 22 2020 - 17:29

The total of 262 is 13 more than on Monday.

Yahoo! News Apr 22 2020 - 17:06

Researchers used the grab arm on the submersible ALVIN to collect sediment cores from the seabed.

Cosmos Apr 22 2020 - 11:01

The findings are now available in Cell Host & Microbe.

HealthCanal Apr 22 2020 - 10:34

A natural biopolymer, bacterial cellulose, is synthesized by the microbe Gluconacetobacter hansenii.

Phys.org Apr 22 2020 - 07:22

The findings are now available in Cell Host & Microbe.

News Medical Apr 21 2020 - 23:09

Scientists have discovered a deep-sea microbe that eats ethane and could hold the answers to cutting carbon emissions above the water’s surface.

MSN Apr 21 2020 - 09:22

Here are some of the findings, both puzzling and troubling, that are on the minds of physicians and epidemiologists: The asthma puzzle: When COVID-

YAHOO! Apr 21 2020 - 06:00

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a devastating gastrointestinal disease of incompletely understood pathophysiology predominantly affecting premat

Nature Apr 21 2020 - 02:18

For the first time, researchers have been able to photograph this teeming microscopic community in more detail than ever before.

Popular Science Apr 20 2020 - 16:00

The novel coronavirus is tiny, but it packs a big punch. This is what happens inside your body when the virus arrives and spreads.

USA Today Apr 20 2020 - 10:38

Redfield, MD, Director of the CDC, indicated that contact tracing will be an important part of the response strategy to the COVID-19 coronvirus, ot

Forbes Apr 18 2020 - 08:48

For about a week in February, I had a mild cold, possibly allergies, and I felt compelled to force in my sneezes at school thanks to “jokes” from m

YAHOO! Apr 17 2020 - 17:07