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IDPs may be a whole protein or a domain of an otherwise structured protein, and they make up a large portion of human, microbe, and plant proteins.

insideHPC Oct 7 2019 - 07:42

Microbe is a leading IT security distributor in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

ARN Oct 4 2019 - 10:32

It’s not quite the creature from the black lagoon. But it’s close.

Dover Post Oct 3 2019 - 10:12

UC Davis became a major driver for the new legislation after Johan Leveau, a professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, discovered a promising

Daily Democrat Oct 3 2019 - 10:11

IDPs may be a whole protein or a domain of an otherwise structured protein, and they make up a large portion of human, microbe, and plant proteins.

Phys.org Oct 3 2019 - 07:03

That complex mixture, with its telltale signature, in turn depends on the type of microbe and its physiological state, such as whether it is growin

Phys.org Oct 3 2019 - 06:28

A Princeton University professor has discovered a microbe in New Jersey soil that can help get rid of dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals.

News 12 New Jersey Oct 2 2019 - 19:11

What is compost?

The Register-Guard, Eugene OR on MSN.com Oct 1 2019 - 08:51

They found that an abundance of the microbe Klebsiella pneumoniae was responsible for the non-drinker’s liver inflammation and intoxication.

News Medical Sep 30 2019 - 09:23

Generally, FMTs aim to use microbe-laden bodily products—in this case excrement—to introduce or restore rich, complex microbial communities into th

Ars Technica Sep 27 2019 - 06:14

This creates the perfect space for a common microbe, Cutibacterium acnes, to dig in.

Gizmodo Australia Sep 26 2019 - 22:29

The ancient fossilised microbe formations are called stromatolites and have finally been shown to contain traces of organic matter.

The Sun Sep 26 2019 - 04:24

In that story scientists shrank a submarine (with people inside) to the size of a microbe, enabling the humans to travel into the brain of a scient

Smithsonian Magazine Sep 25 2019 - 11:43

Chemistry matters. Join us to get the news you need. Yes! I want to get the latest chemistry news from C&EN in my inbox every week.

C&EN Sep 24 2019 - 11:32

Dear Doctor: I’ve been on a few different medications for depression, but none of them did much of anything.

The Spokesman-Review Sep 24 2019 - 09:28

Calling all the Visual Basic snitches: Keep quiet about it and so will he...

The Register Sep 23 2019 - 04:04

In a series of lab tests, a relatively common soil bacterium has demonstrated its ability to break down the difficult-to-remove class of pollutants

ScienceBlog Sep 22 2019 - 07:59

Researchers have identified one possible cause of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a common disorder in which fat builds up in the liver with pote

The Scientist Sep 19 2019 - 11:22

A man in China who, after eating high-carbohydrate or sugary meals, became so intoxicated that he blacked out, has led researchers to discover stra

Science | AAAS Sep 19 2019 - 09:02

The researchers first stumbled upon this unusual microbe while they were studying a patient with a curious condition: The patient had so-called aut

Live Science Sep 19 2019 - 08:00

A new article discusses the potential ramifications of the discovery for combating the serious damage done by sawflies.

Science Daily Sep 19 2019 - 07:16

A team of researchers in Montana State University's College of Agriculture has discovered a previously unidentified microbe that lives symbiot

Phys.org Sep 19 2019 - 06:30

Scientists have discovered that a soil microbe commonly found in New Jersey wetlands can break down one of the toughest class of pollutants, known

Yale Environment 360 Sep 18 2019 - 12:45

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are building up in the environment, and scientists are becoming concerned.

7th Space Sep 18 2019 - 07:06

This work presents a simple strategy to impose metabolic control in biosynthetic microbe factories.

Nature Sep 18 2019 - 02:11

Researchers believe copper's high electrical conductance interferes with the delicate balance of a microbe cell and destroys it in seconds.

The Brownsville Herald Sep 16 2019 - 05:26

It could be a microbe or a truckload; each is equally effective, particularly in the social media era where anyone with a smartphone and a bunch of

The News Courier Sep 14 2019 - 16:04

Marc Benioff, chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, and his wife, Lynne Benioff, are donating $35 million to the University of California, San Francis

Healio Sep 14 2019 - 05:10

The microbe-based foods are expected hit the market in the form of chicken breast analogues first, although meat and dairy (liquid and solid) versi

Just-Food Sep 9 2019 - 13:39

It was during this time that the germ theory of disease was first developed in Europe, and it didn’t take long for products, such as Radam’s Microb

Fortune Sep 9 2019 - 11:13

Researchers have detected a potentially human-infective microbe in pet dogs in Nigeria.

Science Daily Sep 9 2019 - 08:06

With the help of an NSF grant, University of Arizona scientists trekked across the Americas: from moist, tropical jungles of Panama to the frigid b

nsf.gov Sep 6 2019 - 13:30

Lygos recently commissioned automated equipment to assist its scientists and engineers in optimizing microbe performance, accelerating fermentation

Digital Journal Sep 5 2019 - 05:00

When researchers at the University of Illinois took a closer look at how a known microbe makes a known so-called natural product, they were rewarde

Phys.org Sep 5 2019 - 00:17

Researchers found a tight link between temperature and plant and microbe communities within forests, which will allow them to predict how ecosystem

Science Daily Sep 4 2019 - 20:13

Through the lab she heads at SJSU, biologist Elizabeth Skovran is harnessing the power of bacteria to develop a cost-effective method for collectin

Pacific Sun Sep 4 2019 - 15:50

Although scientists knew that, for example, antibiotics didn’t always kill every last microbe in a colony of identical clones, both the cause of th

Quanta Magazine Sep 4 2019 - 09:39

It features a specialized microbial community, intensive microbe-plant and microbe-microbe interactions, and complex signal communication.

BioMed Central Sep 2 2019 - 06:33

A study revealed at the ESC Congress 2019 held in Paris last weekend reveals that abnormal microbe population in the body may lead to impairment of

News Medical Sep 1 2019 - 20:33

Researchers in Greece have found a naturally occurring microbe that eats polyethylene and polystyrene, the two types of plastics that make up 70 pe

Reason Aug 29 2019 - 07:00

Her work focuses on a specific microbe called Wolbachia, which is present in about half of all insects.

INside INdiana Business Aug 29 2019 - 06:30

Time to raise a glass to better gut health?

rthk.hk Aug 28 2019 - 18:36

Time to raise a glass to better gut health?

7th Space Aug 28 2019 - 18:05

A little bit of norovirus - the highly infectious microbe that causes about 20 million cases of food poisoning in the United States each year - goe

ehealthnews.eu Aug 28 2019 - 13:47

Stool is particularly useful due to its non-invasive collection and compatibility with large, longitudinal multi-omic studies that leverage the pre

Nature Aug 28 2019 - 02:09

today announced that it has established new collaborations with leading academic institutions to identify novel molecules that play a fundamental r

YAHOO! Aug 28 2019 - 00:30

According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, our immune systems become activated when our bodies recognize something foreign — be it an invading micr

San Diego Union-Tribune Aug 27 2019 - 16:36

A little bit of norovirus - the highly infectious microbe that causes about 20 million cases of food poisoning in the United States each year - goe

News Medical Aug 27 2019 - 05:12

Made infamous by outbreaks on cruise ships, norovirus can really ruin a vacation, causing severe vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Phys.org Aug 27 2019 - 02:05

Picture taken at one of the sites inspected in the Coastal Range of the Atacama Desert.

Scientific American Aug 26 2019 - 15:30