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A “microbe” is a bacterium and any other organism too small to see with the naked eye.

KHOU Dec 8 2016 - 15:01

A local eye health charity, IsightCornwall, confirmed the incident.

Today.com Dec 8 2016 - 14:39

Half of those mice had normal gut microbiomes (that is, their stomachs were churning with bacteria); the other half were sterile and microbe-free.

Consumer Reports Dec 8 2016 - 14:32

The interesting thing about this microbe, Akkermansia glycanphila, is that it can survive solely on mucins, the proteins that make up mucus.

microbepost.org Dec 8 2016 - 05:14

If we could deliver maybe a five per cent increase in yield on some of these crops by simply adding the right microbe, that would cover one seventh

Business Green Dec 7 2016 - 16:14

So, what does Tyson think? "It's very hard to hide a 200-pound mammal because they poop.

PC Magazine Dec 7 2016 - 11:42

The study attributed a microbe in the gut to protein mutations in the brain known to cause Parkinson’s.

galacticconnection.com Dec 7 2016 - 10:59

Last June, PRO 140's manufacturer, CytoDyn, reported phase-2b study results at the medical conference ASM Microbe 2016 in Boston.

The Body Dec 7 2016 - 10:44

As with so many other health concerns, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world may originate in the gut.

HCP live Dec 7 2016 - 09:11

Not 100% sure what to think of this story but it certainly is interesting.

microbe.net Dec 7 2016 - 07:45

"In this short experiment … one reduced the methane [by] targeting or eliminating the microbe that produced the methane, and another compound

ABC Online Dec 6 2016 - 23:10

Getting a dog or cat early in life can prevent reactions to pet dander.

newsy.com Dec 6 2016 - 15:03

The TWiPniks docs solve the case of the Female from Peru with Epistaxis, and discuss the effect of community deworming on immunosuppression.

microbe.tv Dec 6 2016 - 13:59

Even the most thorough hand washing and vigorous sanitizer use will not get rid of every last microbe, and once you touch your eyes, mouth or nose

The Tennessean Dec 6 2016 - 08:08

According to a study published in Science in March, the microbe Ideonella sakaiensis can convert polyethylene terephthalate — most commonly used in

New York Times Dec 6 2016 - 02:25

Researchers from Caltech discovered that toxic fibers from a certain gut microbe has something to do with the development of Parkinson's sympt

University Herald Dec 6 2016 - 02:25

Gut microbiota is the name given to the microbe population living in our intestine.

Knowridge Science Report Dec 5 2016 - 22:00

The WHO further states that a vaccine “typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism” and that it is “often made from

thevaccinereaction.org Dec 5 2016 - 15:55

NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists have deleted nearly half the genes of a microbe, creating a stripped-down version that still functions, an achievement t

sandiegouniontribune.com Dec 5 2016 - 02:04

For the most part, Italian phrases expressing affection translate effortlessly into English.

lexiophiles.com Dec 5 2016 - 01:21

Still, testing for life would require anticipating a strong spectral signature of microbe byproducts such as methane or oxygen.

Nature World News Dec 4 2016 - 22:01

Back in 2006, scientists reported that babies born through C-section had lower populations of entire groups of bacteria (bifidobacteria and Bactero

www.statnews.com Dec 4 2016 - 15:56

It can however be washed away and lost through bad farming practices, from monocultural maize plantations and compaction to microbe destroying agri

arc2020.eu Dec 4 2016 - 11:38

Yet some 50 per cent of applied nitrogen is lost to the environment in water run-off from fields, animal waste and gas emissions from soil microbe

pursuit.unimelb.edu.au Dec 4 2016 - 11:02

Get unlimited access starting at just $2.99 a month, and for our audience, the first two months are completely free if you sign up at curiositystre

microbe.tv Dec 4 2016 - 09:58

It can however be washed away and lost through bad farming practices, from monocultural maize plantations and compaction to microbe destroying agri

arc2020.eu Dec 4 2016 - 08:53

In another set of experiments, they obtained fecal samples from patients with the disease and transplanted them into the microbe-free group of mice

redOrbit Dec 3 2016 - 14:02

The first part of the ExoMars project saw the deployment of the Trace Gas Orbiter, a satellite which searches the planet for microbe-generated gase

diy-home-garden.com Dec 3 2016 - 07:50

Almost from the time it was first observed in a Sichaun poultry dealer in the spring of 2014, HPAI H5N6 - a reassortment of H5N1 and H6N6 - had the

afludiary.blogspot.com Dec 3 2016 - 06:24

Kan's team started with a bacteria called Rhodothermus marinus: an organism which lives in Icelandic thermal springs.

The Business Insider Dec 3 2016 - 04:58

As part of the lab tests, the researchers used mice having symptoms of Parkinson’s, and divided them into two categories: one group was bred in a s

trendnlogs.com Dec 2 2016 - 21:13

When most people think about citizen scientists, they tend to think of them as data collectors, volunteering their time to report wildlife sighting

Discover Magazine Dec 2 2016 - 17:24

The new study by the Scripps research team published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society could help identify a less energy-intensive pr

Science Blog Dec 2 2016 - 17:17

If you’d like an easy to make gift for your favorite wine connoisseur – or just want to impress visitors with your levitating bottle of liquid micr

homefixated.com Dec 2 2016 - 11:05

Britain has pledged €82m (£69m).

Huffington Post UK Dec 2 2016 - 09:46

(This blog post was prepared by students enrolled in the Koala Poop Microbiome Class in the Fall of 2016 at UC Davis) The last seven weeks of labor

microbe.net Dec 2 2016 - 09:46

Martens notes that in addition to the gnotobiotic facility, the research was possible because of the microbe DNA and RNA sequencing capability buil

dovemed.com Dec 1 2016 - 22:19

It’s a weeping rock.

New Scientist Dec 1 2016 - 15:59

Even gut microbes have a routine.

Science Daily Dec 1 2016 - 14:12

For clues to Parkinson’s brain symptoms, a gut check is in order.

Science News Dec 1 2016 - 11:49

I hope we have all had an opportunity over the past holiday weekend to give thanks for what we have—it is important to step back and reflect from t

microbeworld.org Dec 1 2016 - 10:44

“Podile has been the Council member of the AMI for the past six years and is known for his significant contributions to plant-microbe interactions,

The Hindu Business Line Dec 1 2016 - 10:09

"Using microbes to protect plants is a new trend, and Streptomyces is not the only type of microbe that can be used in biocontrol," says

bioengineer.org Dec 1 2016 - 09:33

Lee quoted a refugee from Pyongyang as saying, "unless you're a microbe you do drugs," and a Hyesan refugee who said, "drugs ar

United Press International Dec 1 2016 - 08:07

Kan's team started with a bacteria called Rhodothermus marinus: an organism which lives in Icelandic thermal springs.

Yahoo Finance Dec 1 2016 - 07:45

The 275 samples of topsoil collected from various NYC parks showed that the soil is “crammed with competing microbes”, making it a rich source of m

Inhabitat Dec 1 2016 - 05:44

Being small is a popular sentiment in global colloquialisms.

TravelPulse Dec 1 2016 - 02:16

Vitamin D boosts the body’s immune system to fight the infection while curcumin downregulates the inflammatory process initiated by the microbe.

turmericforhealth.com Dec 1 2016 - 01:55

According to the researchers, this is the oldest example of a sulphur-oxidizing bacteria ever discovered, and provides the first evidence that this

iflscience.com Nov 30 2016 - 09:48

When pathogenic viruses pass from their animal reservoir into humans – known as ‘spillover events’ – the consequences can be severe.

microbepost.org Nov 30 2016 - 07:54