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With all the differences in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the flu percentage this week in Michigan is nearly the same as a year ag

The Oakland Press Apr 26 2021 - 08:33

Reduction in COVID-19 Virus Infectivity Reported Through Independent University Research Study NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2021 / KEY CAP

Associated Press Apr 26 2021 - 06:31

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have identified influenza virus peptides that resemble human protein fragments and can cause an immune re

Medical Xpress Apr 26 2021 - 06:20

The Iowa Department of Public Health is encouraging people to beat the flu by getting vaccinated now.

DAILY NONPAREIL Nov 2 2016 - 04:55

Weathermen may be brooding over a delayed northeast monsoon, but healthcare experts have another rea son to worry about ­ inadequate knowledge abou

Times of India Nov 2 2016 - 03:43

GURGAON: The fear of bird flu is keeping visitors away from Sultanpur National Park, one of the popular destinations for migratory birds in the NCR

nyoooz.com Nov 2 2016 - 02:10

Officials of Animal Husbandry and Health departments stepped up surveillance in Kanniyakumari district against spread of avian influenza (bird flu)

The Hindu Nov 1 2016 - 17:28


Fox16 Nov 1 2016 - 14:29

Gentlemen, next time you’re complaining about man flu, spare a thought for poor Phil Bayley.

Metro Nov 1 2016 - 14:07

Between 5 and 20 percent of the U.S. population is affected by the flu virus every season.

WFAA-TV Nov 1 2016 - 14:00

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Flu season is underway, and so far flu activity is mild here in the Miami Valley, said Dr.

WDTN Nov 1 2016 - 12:49

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against choosing the nasal spray flu vaccination option for the 2016-17 flu season.

Chron Nov 1 2016 - 11:16

When the time came for a flu shot during the 2015-2016 season, Pegy Lowery decided her 12-year-old daughter Piper’s fear of needles outweighed the

FOX News Nov 1 2016 - 09:42

A free clinic will be held on Monday, Nov. 7 from 3 to 6 p.m. for flu vaccines for anyone 3 years or older.

Napa Valley Register Nov 1 2016 - 08:17

(Phys.org)—A team of researchers with the University of California and Stanford University has found that applying "empirical dynamic modeling

Phys Nov 1 2016 - 05:32

Fall brings school buses, a freshening breeze and an avalanche of meetings.

kevinmd.com Nov 1 2016 - 03:59

Public health officials announced that the first confirmed influenza case in Pueblo County is that of an adult.

The Pueblo Chieftain Nov 1 2016 - 03:52

The University Health Center has two final flu shot clincis scheduled for faculty and staff in November. The previously scheduled Nov.

Around the Oregon Nov 1 2016 - 03:52

A MAN suffered four heart attacks, was put into a coma and spent nearly a year in hospital – after visiting his GP believing he was suffering from

www.thesun.co.uk Nov 1 2016 - 03:16

A man has suffered the worst ever case of MAN FLU – which lead to four heart attacks, a coma and nearly a YEAR in hospital.

SWNS Nov 1 2016 - 03:09

GURGAON: Fear of bird flu is keeping visitors away from Sultanpur National Park , one of the popular destinations of migratory birds in the NCR.

nyoooz.com Nov 1 2016 - 02:40

The number of people getting a flu shot at a pharmacy skyrocketed from 3.2 million to 20.9 million between 2007 and 2013, but that doesn’t mean mor

Futurity Nov 1 2016 - 00:31

Pueblo City-County Health Department: Health officials have confirmed the first flu case in Pueblo County. The individual is an adult.

KOAA 5 Nov 1 2016 - 00:17

Despite the sunny unseasonably warm weather, the fact is, flu season is here.

yourohiovalley.com Oct 31 2016 - 21:11

White cranes flying while a farmer ploughs his paddy fields close to the avian influenza affected Kelakkari-Vavakkad paddy fields in Maniyaparamb i

The New Indian Express Oct 31 2016 - 20:21

The city Health Department launched a public awareness campaign Monday reminding New Yorkers to get a flu shot.

New York Daily News Oct 31 2016 - 17:22

The upcoming winter months prompt the return of the flu shot — and disagreements between alternative and traditional medical professionals, and eve

valleyadvocate.com Oct 31 2016 - 16:25

The upcoming winter months prompt the return of the flu shot — and disagreements between alternative and traditional medical professionals, and eve

valleyadvocate.com Oct 31 2016 - 16:25

It’s that time of year again.

WLRN Oct 31 2016 - 15:20

MedPageToday is a trusted and reliable source for clinical and policy coverage that directly affects the lives and practices of health care profess

MedPage Today Oct 31 2016 - 14:59

The flu’s not too fussy, it seems: whether it’s warm and muggy or cold and dry, the virus will spread, no matter where you are in the world – and t

Cosmos Oct 31 2016 - 14:51

The ignorance of the anti-vaccine cult is so annoying, because I have to spend valuable time trying to clear up their myths, tropes, and outright l

skepticalraptor.com Oct 31 2016 - 13:54

If you’re looking for a deeply scientific treatise on the flu shot, this isn’t it.

myfuncorner.com Oct 31 2016 - 12:35

Ah, fall. It's that time of year again where you ignore the advice of health professionals and play Russian roulette with the flu.

Men's Fitness Oct 31 2016 - 12:07

Health officials are warning that to help avoid sickness later, now would be the right time to get a flu shot.

Chicago Tribune Oct 31 2016 - 11:10

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ABC2 WBAY Oct 31 2016 - 09:51

Every year in the United States, there are more than 1 billion upper respiratory tract infections and colds.

rodalewellness.com Oct 31 2016 - 09:36

Question: It’s November and we haven’t gotten our flu shots yet.

Herald Times Reporter Oct 31 2016 - 08:25

COLUMBUS — Sorry parents! This year doctors say kids shouldn’t get the nasal spray flu vaccine because it doesn’t work.

WSPA Oct 31 2016 - 07:13

WARWICK, R.I., Oct. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The flu is a serious concern for travelers this time of year.

prnewswire.com Oct 31 2016 - 06:16

Flu season is upon us, but eating a variety of certain foods could help you fight the virus.

AOL Oct 31 2016 - 04:00

A TEENAGER who thought she was suffering from flu almost died as her organs began to ROT inside her.

www.thesun.co.uk Oct 31 2016 - 01:44

For those who may not have the means to pay for a flu shot this season, St.

Duluth News Tribune Oct 31 2016 - 01:01

The strain of flu A(H3) which has been detected is covered by the winter vaccine but seasons when this form of the virus predominates tend to see m

MSN Oct 31 2016 - 00:32

Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.

womensvoicesforchange.org Oct 30 2016 - 22:45

Parents are being encouraged to ensure their children are vaccinated against flu this winter, as the vaccination programme is extended to include s

ITV Oct 30 2016 - 22:45

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT - City health officials promoted flu vaccinations at Concord Baptist Church of Christ Monday.

News12 Brooklyn Oct 30 2016 - 22:38

In 60 years, Mike Peter has never missed his annual flu shot. The 77 year old Peter says it took one flu outbreak in 1957 to scare him straight.

CBC Oct 30 2016 - 22:24

Flu season is upon us, friends.

Yahoo News Oct 30 2016 - 19:10

Delhi seems to have hit a bad road. After Dengue it is now Avian Flu popular as Bird Flu that has made life difficult for Delhites.

economydecoded.com Oct 30 2016 - 18:56