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A patient at the Kisumu County hospital on February 5. Most patients remained unattended to following the nurses’ strike.

standardmedia.co.ke Feb 15 2019 - 14:00

Ever spent a sleepless night in a hotel room freaking out about all the germs you might be sharing a bed with?

CNN on MSN.com Feb 15 2019 - 02:56

It looks like your mother was right: when you’ve got a cold, sleep may be the best medicine.

ETHealthworld.com Feb 14 2019 - 21:37

According to Learn.Genetics, "The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0.1 mm long." Germs are too small and can

AsiaOne Feb 14 2019 - 02:39

Ninety-five percent of Americans own a cellphone.

9&10 News Feb 13 2019 - 15:04

There are plenty of times when you might wonder how far germs spread through sneezing and coughing.

YAHOO! Feb 13 2019 - 14:59

BOSTON (CBS) – When you’re getting sick with a cold or the flu, doctors often tell you to get plenty of rest.

CBS Boston / WBZ Feb 13 2019 - 14:40

(Reuters Health) - It looks like your mother was right: when you’ve got a cold, sleep may be the best medicine.

Reuters Feb 12 2019 - 15:07

"Fox and Friends" weekend personality and Iraq/Afghanistan War veteran Pete Hegseth decided to share a little something-something about h

Military.com Feb 12 2019 - 09:51

“Fox and Friends” weekend personality Pete Hegseth decided to share a little something-something about his personal hygiene habits on Sunday that l

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Feb 12 2019 - 04:59

Presenter Pete Hegseth said his comments were intended as a joke to poke fun at people who are fussy about cleanliness Presenter Pete Hegseth said

The Sun Feb 11 2019 - 22:47

On Sunday, Fox and Friends Weekend host and Minneapolitan Pete Hegseth turned to the camera and did his whole city proud by saying something contro

City Pages Feb 11 2019 - 22:40

Fox News host Pete Hegseth said on Sunday that he hasn't washed his hands in a decade - sparking laughter and confusion from those on social m

NDTV Feb 11 2019 - 17:57

A Fox News presenter claimed he hasn’t washed his hands in a decade because “germs don’t exist”.

Yahoo7 News Feb 11 2019 - 17:49

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Many schools have been closing on the south plains to give the schools extra days to disinfect and clean the schools.

KCBD Feb 11 2019 - 15:31

“Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth made a surprising admission on Sunday, telling viewers that he hadn’t washed his hands in a decade and said h

sfgate.com Feb 11 2019 - 13:49

SALT LAKE CITY — A “Fox & Friends” host is facing criticism for saying that germs aren’t real, even though he was reportedly joking.

Deseret News Feb 11 2019 - 13:04

"Fox & Friends" weekend co-host Pete Hegseth on Sunday joked that he hasn't washed his hands in the past 10 years.

The Hill Feb 11 2019 - 12:48

“Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth surprised his co-workers and Fox News viewers alike Sunday after sharing that he hadn’t washed his hands in a

The New Civil Rights Movement Feb 11 2019 - 12:42

The stupid, it burns: Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth says he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years because “germs are not a real thing.” Appearing

Patheos Feb 11 2019 - 11:42

Don’t shake hands with Pete Hegseth.

Men's Health Feb 11 2019 - 11:36

“Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth opened up about his personal hygiene habits on Sunday’s show, explaining to his co-hosts that he does not

ijr.com Feb 11 2019 - 11:25

The admission came as Hegseth discussed eating day-old pizza that had not been refrigerated.

MSN Feb 11 2019 - 11:20

Fox & Friends Sunday co-host Pete Hegseth, who was once floated as a possible replacement for David Shulkin to head the Department of Veterans

YAHOO! Feb 11 2019 - 10:03

To the chagrin of his co-hosts, Fox and Friends presenter Pete Hegseth told the show’s audience Sunday morning that he hasn’t washed his hands in a

Newsweek Feb 11 2019 - 01:33

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Imagine if you or your child couldn’t go out, spend time with friends, eat at a restaurant, or really do anything- all because

Live 5 News Feb 11 2019 - 01:08

Clean your counters and tabletops with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs and leave a fresh smell.

Creators Syndicate Feb 10 2019 - 21:28

The six-part miniseries follows the heroic Jaax and her race to contain the viral hemorrhagic fever of Central African origins before an outbreak i

Deadline.com Feb 10 2019 - 16:05

Fox News host Pete Hegseth explained on Sunday that he doesn’t wash his hands because “germs are not a real thing.” Following a commercial break, F

The Raw Story Feb 10 2019 - 11:23

Traveling by airplane can be super convenient, as it allows you to get to your destination quickly — or, at least, it's supposed to.

Bustle Feb 9 2019 - 04:05

She reminded them that everyone is susceptible to plaque and germs on their teeth daily, which is why they ought to brush twice daily for two minut

southernminn Feb 8 2019 - 16:40

The more I travel, the more I realize that germs are lurking around every corner.

Napa Valley Register Feb 8 2019 - 05:53

Winter means cold and flu season is here, and germs are everywhere.

The Herald-Standard Feb 8 2019 - 00:28


KSDK Feb 7 2019 - 22:32

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)--February is prime cold and flu season.

KJCT8 Feb 7 2019 - 15:16

“Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling raw meat and poultry to avoid spreading germs through the juices.” Wash fruits and vegetables, but

Newswise Feb 7 2019 - 14:07

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There's something besides excitement that will be filling the air during NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte -- germs.

WCNC Feb 6 2019 - 18:50

As any young parent of toddlers knows, when you first put your kid in pre-school or daycare, the germs are brought home with more frequency than si

WKXW Feb 6 2019 - 10:01


WTKR Feb 5 2019 - 18:49

I've also attached important local- state FLU websites at bottom of page Here are some tips from AT&T to help you avoid getting the flu an

USA Patch Feb 5 2019 - 10:39

It’s that time of year when runny noses, hoarse coughing and explosive sneezes fill the air.

The Daily Nebraskan Feb 4 2019 - 22:43


WebMD Feb 4 2019 - 11:09

Sick days are important — not just to make sure you take time to heal your body but also to ensure you're not spreading your germs around at w

Refinery29 Feb 4 2019 - 10:13

A Newcastle tech firm is using mixed reality technology to kill deadly bacteria found in food manufacturing plants.

Evening Chronicle Feb 4 2019 - 07:54

Daikin, the leader in air conditioning technology from Japan, is fully aware of the serious air pollution situation that is currently threatening t

Khaosod English Feb 4 2019 - 03:25

But it also keeps you healthy because it makes it easy for us to remove germs. Germs are very very small, so small they are invisible to our eyes.

theconversation.com Feb 3 2019 - 17:52

Most people understand coughing and sneezing can spread germs that cause illness, but the speed and distance they can travel might surprise you.

Healthline Feb 1 2019 - 13:58

In Gökhem, Sweden, the locals were powerless to stop the foreigners flooding in.

Genetic Literacy Project Feb 1 2019 - 06:43

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to the tune of seven million euros will run for five y

7th Space Jan 31 2019 - 13:03

NAPLES, Fla., Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A set of eight one-minute videos released by Alzheimer's Germ Quest, Inc.

MarketWatch Jan 31 2019 - 10:42