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While sharing is a good way for kids to learn social skills, it’s not always the best way to stay healthy.

Billings Gazette Feb 10 2020 - 02:00

Automakers including BYD have reconfigured production lines to make masks that can help block particles and germs, with petroleum giant Sinopec and

Automotive News Feb 10 2020 - 00:31

A shortage of face masks has prompted Chinese companies from car manufacturers to energy providers to start making their own to help fight the coro

Bloomberg on MSN.com Feb 9 2020 - 22:36

Inspired by invasive germs with flagellum-driven mucus-penetrating and fimbriae-mediated epithelium-adhering abilities, we developed germ-mimetic N

Science | AAAS Feb 7 2020 - 11:26

Shutterstock Don’t get taken in by the swanky appearance of your gym.

TheHealthSite Feb 7 2020 - 02:41

It is hard to avoid, and schools tend to have winter absenteeism.

Telegram Feb 7 2020 - 00:57

The primary purpose of a surgical mask is, contrary to popular understanding, to keep germs in and other matter, like blood or dust, out.

VICE Feb 6 2020 - 19:37

I’m a dentist, so I know a bit about what’s happening inside our mouths, and I can tell you saliva is very important.

Gizmodo Australia Feb 6 2020 - 18:22

My bladder has led me to some pretty questionable public restrooms, where I've certainly thought about all the germs by bottom was being expos

YAHOO! Feb 6 2020 - 16:17

Cristin Wicketss, Leander ISD nurse, said in a letter to parents that students at Winkley Elementary School could have been exposed to a person wit

KXAN Feb 6 2020 - 10:26

Any parent understands just how many germs their little ones are capable of bringing home.

ABCNews Feb 6 2020 - 09:38

Share on Pinterest There are a number of ways germs can grow on your shower curtain, but experts say most of them aren’t a serious health threat fo

Healthline Feb 5 2020 - 16:28

As the novel coronavirus spreads — even if mostly on the other side of the world — some in the U.S.

Chicago Tribune on MSN.com Feb 5 2020 - 11:10

Being smart about where you sit, what you touch and keeping your hands clean can help keep germs at bay.

Mother Nature Network Feb 5 2020 - 10:48

Dr. Embil from the Health Sciences Centre shares fact from fiction when it comes to protecting yourself from germs.

Global News Feb 5 2020 - 07:59

Have you ever woken up dehydrated in the middle of the night and reached for a glass of water right by your bed? Well, that could be unhealthy.

WFMY News2 Feb 4 2020 - 23:44

Once you walk out your front door, you are exposed to the entire flora of humanity. According to Dr.

The Gazette Feb 4 2020 - 16:22

You bet. A positive experience begins with the right intent — an opportunity to offer something meaningful.

The Gazette Feb 4 2020 - 16:21

If you use public transportation, you know just how gross the air can be.

YAHOO! Feb 4 2020 - 16:15

Play action: USDA research found that washing or rinsing poultry or other meats greatly increases the spread of germs because of a greater chance o

KLFY Feb 2 2020 - 11:44

The use of face masks is common in China, to protect against both germs and pollution.

Salon Jan 31 2020 - 17:16

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Travel + Leisure Jan 31 2020 - 13:57

A beeping alarm sounded as a passenger walking through a thermal scanner registered a fever.

WJHL-TV Jan 31 2020 - 09:19

Face masks have sold out in pharmacists and on Amazon as fears grow of a British coronavirus outbreak.

The Times Jan 31 2020 - 03:01

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Travel + Leisure Jan 31 2020 - 02:40

A beeping alarm sounded as a passenger walking through a thermal scanner registered a fever.

U.S. News & World Report Jan 30 2020 - 21:17

Germs are everywhere—literally—including in the headlines, as the coronavirus out of China spreads across the planet.

Eat This, Not That! Jan 30 2020 - 08:17

One way to protect yourself is the flu shot. In addition to that, deep cleaning your home can help to eliminate the spread of hidden germs.

WFAA8 Jan 30 2020 - 07:51

She seemed to be taking the whole outbreak thing in stride on Wednesday.

Arizona Daily Star Jan 30 2020 - 05:45

The 2019-2020 flu season has been a particularly bad one. So, you need to take care of yourself and be aware of what you can do.

WFAA8 Jan 30 2020 - 04:47

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - This year, germs are spreading rapidly.

Savannah WTOC-TV on MSN.com Jan 29 2020 - 15:18

She seemed to be taking the whole outbreak thing in stride on Wednesday.

Arizona Daily Star Jan 29 2020 - 15:15

Even in a well-maintained pool, germs such as cryptosporidium can stay alive for days and potentially cause a whole petri dish of illnesses and ail

Men's Health Jan 28 2020 - 06:50

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sometimes getting sick just seems inevitable. At the very best, it stinks, but at the very worst, it can be deadly.

WCNC Jan 28 2020 - 00:52

And everyone knows jumping in the sauna or hot tub after a tough workout is the pinnacle of self-care.

Metro Jan 28 2020 - 00:33

The KSAT 12 News Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, San Antonio area weather and rush-hour traffic i

KSAT Jan 27 2020 - 20:23

Orlando Health biorepository manager Todd Roberts had that experience about 10 years ago while waiting to sign in at a health clinic.

Click Orlando Jan 27 2020 - 16:20

Social media has been sharing hashtag #coveryourmouth, admonishing people to use the crook of their arm, a handkerchief or a tissue to block the sp

Voice of America Jan 27 2020 - 09:38

You’ve done everything right — practiced healthy habits, avoided germs and have been diligent about good handwashing.

The Active Times on MSN.com Jan 27 2020 - 06:19

“They played three songs, and two of them were the same song,” one witness remembers about that gig.

YAHOO! Jan 26 2020 - 16:12

He ate, played and learned like any other kid.

SFGate Jan 25 2020 - 22:03

Canadian officials say they are "95% sure" the country has its first case of the Wuhan coronavirus, health authorities in the province of

CNN Jan 25 2020 - 17:55

"If you eliminate that moisture altogether...

Stuff.co.nz Jan 25 2020 - 08:05

Syska’s Bactiglow has proven efficacy in electrocuting Aspergillus Niger, Bacillus cerus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurus, yeast, molds and

The Financial Express Jan 24 2020 - 14:41

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E News Jan 24 2020 - 03:00

As the Chinese city of Wuhan remains on lockdown, efforts continue to stem the spread of the mystery coronavirus.

The Daily Telegraph Jan 24 2020 - 02:46

"If you eliminate that moisture altogether...

Stuff.co.nz Jan 23 2020 - 09:36

A third of your pillow’s weight is due to dead skin, dust mites and bugs.

The Sun Jan 23 2020 - 06:04

Besides coming back from the long winter break with new clothes and stories of holiday trips, students will do what kids do well — spread germs.

Channel 3000 Jan 22 2020 - 18:57

Samsung has launched a wardrobe that kills 99.9 per cent of all viruses — including the Chinese coronovirus sweeping the world — by steaming the it

Mail Online Jan 22 2020 - 09:26