Links for Agricultural Microbiology:

  • Gathering excellent researchers in investigating microbial degradation processes under natural soil conditions and forms a platform for new ideas and strategies for efficient protection of our drinking water.

  • Providing the knowledge to substantially improve both agricultural sustainability and the delivery of ecosystem services to a society that increasingly demands that agriculture be safe, environmentally sound, and socially responsible, in addition to being productive and economically viable.

  • Agricultural microbiology by MicrobeWiki. The student-edited microbiology resource.

  • The mission of the laboratory is to generate information which addresses critical problems in agriculture and watershed management leading to the development of innovative solutions which increase the efficiency of agriculture systems and reduce environmental risk.

  • Dedicated to the use of microbial activities in the agricultural field to reduce the risks of environment pollution which let a better use of the sources.

  • Agricultural microbiology by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.