Links for Soil Microbiology:

  • Promoting dialog among its members about contemporary issues in soil microbiology and root pathology and health, emerging diseases, and recent advances and challenges in the management of soilborne pathogens and the diseases they cause.

  • Biological soil crusts are the community of organisms living at the surface of dessert soils. Major components are cyanobacteria, green algae, microfungi, mosses, liverworst and linchens.

  • By the Rodale Institute, dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach.

  • The Soil Biology and Biochemistry Division brings together scientific experts in the fields of soil biodiversity, soil biological organisms, biochemical properties of soil organic matter, biogeochemical processes of the elements, and below-ground plant microbe interactions.

  • Soil quality is the ability of a soil to perform functions that are essential to people and the environment.

  • By Vern Grubinger Vegetable and Berry Specialist, University of Vermont Extension, Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A..

  • Soil microbiology by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.