Links for Veterinary Microbiology:

  • The specialty organization recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association for Certification of veterinarians with special expertise in microbiology.

  • Promoting scientific investigations and their applications to the advancement of knowledge in Veterinary Microbiology, and to provide mutual assistance to participating laboratories in solving problems.

  • Promoting Veterinary Microbiology and Public Health.

  • Studying how microbes interact with cat biology, behavior and health.

  • Coccidian (Protista) parasites of animals of the world. By Donald W. Duszynski (Department of Biology, University of New Mexico), Steve J. Upton (Division of Biology, Kansas State University) and Lee Couch (Department of Biology, University of New Mexico).

  • Providing a range of services for the detection and identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens from animal and environmental samples.

  • Veterinary bacteriology: information about important bacteria. A database (VetBact/VetBakt) with information about bacteria of veterinary interest has been developed at the Div. of Bacteriology (Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health [BVF], Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences [SLU], Uppsala, Sweden) as well as the Dept. of Bacteriology and the Office of Science and Quality (National Veterinary Institute [SVA], Uppsala, Sweden).