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A new strain of avian flu hit so far has led to millions of chickens and turkeys being killed across the United States.

HuffPost Apr 2 2022 - 11:37

A rapidly escalating bird-flu outbreak in the U.S.

MarketWatch Apr 2 2022 - 11:02

MAGSASAKA party-list Rep. Argel Cabatbat believes smuggling is to blame for the country's bird flu outbreak.

MSN Apr 2 2022 - 09:13

Avian influenza spreading across the U.S. has led to the deaths of more than 17 million birds, tightening supplies for eggs and poultry.

Wall Street Journal Apr 2 2022 - 04:00

She remembers the last time bird flu hit Minnesota’s poultry farmers.

MSN Apr 1 2022 - 21:19

With sporadic cases of bird flu continuing to emerge throughout New York, the state Department of Agriculture and Markets has announced that all li

Hudson Valley 360 Apr 1 2022 - 20:43

Bismarck’s Dakota Zoo is on high alert to protect their birds from bird flu after the first case of the disease was confirmed in nearby Kidder Coun

Minot-Bsmrck-Dcknsn(Wlstn) KFYR-TV on MSN.com Apr 1 2022 - 19:55


KCCI Des Moines on MSN.com Apr 1 2022 - 16:38

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium announced they have increased their precautions against bird flu.

WOWT.com on MSN.com Apr 1 2022 - 14:22

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection S

KIWA Radio Apr 1 2022 - 12:31

A local agriculture official shared with the county’s health advisory council Friday his concern the about the impact on farmers’ mental health a b

Lancaster Online Apr 1 2022 - 07:35

Bird flu has been spotted in eight different places of Chitwan district.

myrepublica.nagariknetwork Apr 1 2022 - 07:08

Poultry events across Nebraska are canceled in wake of a recent outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).

Columbus Telegram Apr 1 2022 - 04:00

This strain of the bird flu is deadly to bird populations in captivity and on farms.

Madison.com Apr 1 2022 - 03:35

Officials say the disease is deadly to birds but a low-risk for humans.

CBS Local Mar 31 2022 - 16:34

The ban, which includes poultry community sales, swaps, fairs, exhibitions and other events where birds are brought together, is effective Friday a

MPR News Mar 31 2022 - 14:56

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health issued a 31-day statewide ban on all poultry sales and exhibitions effective Friday through May 1

YAHOO!News Mar 31 2022 - 13:11

A North Carolina poultry farm euthanized about 32,000 turkeys as a preventative measure after a testing sample for bird flu came back positive.

Yahoo Mar 31 2022 - 11:32

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says bird flu has been found on a third farm in southern Ontario.

CTV News Mar 31 2022 - 11:14

The Roosevelt Park Zoo is doing its part to protect its bird species, in the wake of the rise in cases of bird flu across parts of the country.

KFYR TV on MSN.com Mar 31 2022 - 09:55

A mass chicken disposal is underway at an egg farm in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

ABC 7 Chicago Mar 30 2022 - 22:59


WISN 12 NEWS Mar 30 2022 - 20:28


KCCI Des Moines on MSN.com Mar 30 2022 - 17:55

A fourth outbreak of bird flu has been reported in Buena Vista County in northwest Iowa, the state Department of Agriculture said Wednesday.

YAHOO!News Mar 30 2022 - 16:13

It’s becoming too expensive for some farmers to produce eggs as costs soar due to everything from bird flu to cage-free mandates — and that’s pavin

Bloomberg Mar 30 2022 - 15:20

A deadly strain of bird flu that’s been raising egg prices ahead of Easter was discovered in five new U.S.

Bloomberg Mar 30 2022 - 14:54

Prices for eggs and chicken rose in the last week and area grocery stores say they're prepared for a potential drop in supply.

KCCI Des Moines Mar 30 2022 - 14:24

That's because Bird Flu has now been confirmed in the confirmed in the capital city.

WTXL ABC 27 Mar 30 2022 - 13:43

Cases of bird flu have been detected in a flock of chickens kept in a Reynoldsburg backyard, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

NBC4i on MSN.com Mar 30 2022 - 12:27

A highly contagious bird flu that has been spreading around the country has been confirmed in North Dakota, in a noncommercial backyard chicken flo

The Bismarck Tribune Mar 30 2022 - 10:45

State officials have confirmed two more instances of a deadly and highly contagious avian influenza in commercial poultry facilities in Iowa — one

Ottumwa Courie Mar 30 2022 - 09:23

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, or bird flu, has been found in a backyard chicken flock in Franklin County, the Ohio Department of Agriculture s

Farm and Dairy Mar 30 2022 - 09:00

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection S

Fox Business Mar 30 2022 - 08:48

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has confirmed the presence of highly pathogenic avian infl

WFMJ Mar 30 2022 - 08:26

Bird flu outbreaks across poultry farms in the US are driving fears that we could see chicken prices rise even further, but Louisiana’s Commissione

WWL Radio New Orleans on MSN.com Mar 30 2022 - 05:08

Quad City restaurants are beginning to feel the impact of the latest outbreak of bird flu.

KWQC Mar 29 2022 - 21:39

The state announced more than 8-million birds have been killed in the state of Iowa due to bird flu.

ABC Kcrg 9 Mar 29 2022 - 20:45

Iowa agriculture officials announced two more bird-flu outbreaks in commercial flocks on Tuesday that will require the killing of more than 1.5 mil

Wall Street Journal Mar 29 2022 - 20:31

Prices for eggs and chicken rose in the last week and area grocery stores say they're prepared for a potential drop in supply.

WISN 12 NEWS on MSN.com Mar 29 2022 - 20:17

Dighton Animal Control Officer Stacy Ferry has announced that the Avian Flu has been detected in Massachusetts.

ABC6 Mar 29 2022 - 18:10

There's growing fear over an economic disaster in Iowa's agriculture industry now that two more counties have reported cases of the highl

KCCI Des Moines on MSN.com Mar 29 2022 - 16:40

While the world continues to battle COVID-19, another deadly virus — the bird flu — is winging its way west across the U.S., threatening to potenti

San Francisco Chronicle on MSN.com Mar 29 2022 - 15:43

The outbreaks in Hamilton and Guthrie Counties impact over 1.5 million birds, bringing the total birds killed in Iowa to 8 million from nine total

The Gazette Mar 29 2022 - 14:46

Another five birds — wild hooded mergansers — are being tested for the illness, Game Commission officials said.

Morning Call PA Mar 29 2022 - 10:40

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says bird flu has been found at a second farm in southern Ontario in as many days.

Welland Tribune Mar 29 2022 - 10:32

There have been 77 cases of the disease among commercial and backyard flocks as part of this year's outbreak, including a Tyson Foods operatio

Food Dive Mar 29 2022 - 08:35

Bird flu can be deadly and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency just found some cases in southern Ontario.

Narcity on MSN.com Mar 29 2022 - 08:01

The Department of Agriculture (DA) on Tuesday assured the public that the bird flu outbreak in some duck and quail farms in Luzon remains under con

Gov Mar 29 2022 - 05:03

"We've had two suspect birds yesterday, two today.

CBS Local on MSN.com Mar 28 2022 - 20:26

- The outbreak of bird flu in the last two months in Cameroon has caused losses estimated at about CFA 16 billion francs among poultry farmers, sai

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