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CHINESE authorities fear a new virus outbreak after a three-year-old girl contracted the N9N2 strain of avian influenza, as the country emerges fro

Express Apr 13 2020 - 03:04

The Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine to curb the rise in COVID-19 cases has helped contain the spread of avian influenza and the African sw

CNN Philippines Apr 13 2020 - 00:07

The nation’s first case of highly pathogenic bird flu since 2017 has been found in a South Carolina turkey operation, leading to the killing of mor

WNCT Apr 12 2020 - 06:36

An infectious and fatal strain of bird flu has been confirmed in a commercial turkey flock in South Carolina, the first case of the more serious st

Post and Courier Charleston Apr 10 2020 - 12:50

The USDA has confirmed the first case of HPAI in commercial poultry in the United States since 2017.

Farm and Dairy Apr 10 2020 - 11:05

Highly pathogenic bird flu has been detected in a commercial turkey in South Carolina, the first time the deadly poultry disease has been found in

Capital Press Apr 10 2020 - 10:03


WSOC-TV Apr 9 2020 - 18:49


WBTW Apr 9 2020 - 14:49

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed the detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza for the first time since 2017.

Agri-Pulse Apr 9 2020 - 14:26


National Post Apr 9 2020 - 13:29

Earlier this week Bill forwarded the a link to the 2005 Guardian article “Bird flu pandemic ‘could kill 150m.'” Bill commented on it in a Face

Power Line Apr 9 2020 - 08:07

Our current pandemic did not just appear out of nowhere.

Park Record Apr 8 2020 - 05:26

The avian influenza virus subtype H16N3 is currently detectable in many countries.

EurekAlert! Apr 7 2020 - 21:02

There is a case that viruses (bird flu, swine fever, and now the coronavirus) have had almost as big an impact on Chinese-American agricultural tra

Fish Information and Services Apr 7 2020 - 14:32

Overall U.S. chicken exports actually rose. Guess what really led to a fall in U.S. exports of chicken paws? Bird flu.

Cfr.org Apr 7 2020 - 11:54

Overall U.S. chicken exports actually rose. Guess what really led to a fall in U.S. exports of chicken paws? Bird flu.

Cfr.org Apr 7 2020 - 11:46

Health experts also warned about the threat of a bird flu pandemic and the danger of germ-based terrorism, but said little about coronavirus despit

Daily Mail Apr 6 2020 - 21:04

“I appeal to the people my state to refrain from consumption of chicken in the wake of Bird flu cases reported in other States,” Free Press journal

MSN Apr 6 2020 - 14:52

Just one big story today: collecting and sorting through what we know about the coronavirus’ Early on in this crisis, I read a November 2017 Smiths

National Review Apr 6 2020 - 06:37

SHE'S seen the travel industry bounce back from SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and September 11 but travel agent Lisa Hall said this has been one o

Western Advocate Apr 6 2020 - 01:30

Panaji, Apr 4 (PTI) The poultry operators in Goa have questioned the appeal made by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to the people of the state to stop

Yahoo! News Apr 6 2020 - 01:02

Who travels first into Goa, the chicken or the egg?

Webindia 123 Apr 4 2020 - 13:28

Utah, and former Governor and U.S.

Daily Herald Apr 3 2020 - 18:15

One of the world's top pandemic experts says the disaster is unlike anything we've seen. The response could be just as historic.

CNET Apr 3 2020 - 05:02

The bird flu caused by the H5N1 virus – which was first detected in Indonesia in 2005 – infected a total of 200 people in the country.

The Jakarta Post Apr 2 2020 - 04:25

According to The Los Angeles Times, the ventilators had been stored since the mid-2000s after the H5N1 bird flu outbreak.

The Motley Fool Mar 31 2020 - 10:43

Patna (Bihar) [India], Mar 28 (ANI): As Bihar battles with COVID-19 crisis, the cases of bird flu and swine flu have also been reported from the st

Sify.com Mar 28 2020 - 17:04

Following the imposition of ban on the sale of poultry products in the district for an indefinite period owing to bird flu scare, the district admi

The Hindu Mar 28 2020 - 05:07

Patna: In the midst of Corona's war, people are in awe of the bird flu knock in Bihar.

News Track Mar 28 2020 - 04:43

Huge numbers of poultry have been culled across the EU, as the highly pathogenic form of bird flu spread in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech

Irish Examiner Mar 26 2020 - 12:56

More than a decade ago, the Washington National Cathedral purchased thousands of the now highly-sought N95 masks just in case the bird flu ever sta

WTOP News Mar 25 2020 - 11:28

People need to understand that Covid-19 is not a bird flu and is not transmitted by poultry,” said AS Nanda, Vice Chancellor, Guru Angad Dev Veteri

The Tribune Mar 25 2020 - 00:02

In view of the information regarding the spread of bird flu in chicken and other poultry, Ray has directed the Forest Division Officer Ranchi and D

The Pioneer Mar 23 2020 - 11:55

WHILE there is no reported contamination of avian flu in the region, the Department of Agriculture in Davao Region (DA-Davao) advised poultry farm

Sun Star Mar 23 2020 - 04:38

HAMBURG (Reuters) - Another case of H5N8 bird flu has been confirmed in a poultry farm in Germany, German authorities said.

Reuters Mar 23 2020 - 01:36

The birds included three lesser adjutant stork, two white ibis and five grass owls.

The Pioneer Mar 21 2020 - 11:34

China has promised it will not impose a nationwide ban on imports of U.S.

Nasdaq Mar 20 2020 - 13:45

The demand for chicken-based snacks and dishes in hotels has fallen due to bird flu scare.

The Hindu Mar 20 2020 - 13:28

Denver7’s Jessica Porter is answering your Coronavirus questions.

YAHOO! Mar 20 2020 - 05:08

The news has been coming thick and fast and one should have expected it.

The Pioneer Mar 19 2020 - 11:35

Patna, March 18 (IANS) Even as the authorities are busy grappling with the challenges thrown by the coronavirus scare in the country, the Bihar gov

Sify.com Mar 18 2020 - 17:31

Process to continue on Wednesday until all the identified birds from the infected area are culled as a precautionary measure The mass culling of bi

The Hindu Mar 17 2020 - 16:02

Singapore does not import chilled or frozen poultry from farms in Pontian, Johor, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in a Facebook post on Monday

The Straits Times Mar 17 2020 - 14:36

Cleaning and disinfection are also ongoing as well as contact tracing to determine the origin of the virus.

philstar.com Mar 17 2020 - 09:08

Officers of the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) and the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services took up the cull as a precautionary pr

Deccan Chronicle Mar 17 2020 - 07:23

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines will once again deal with bird flu after a quail farm in Nueva Ecija tested positive for the same poultry dis

philstar.com Mar 17 2020 - 05:00

SINGAPORE - The Republic does not import chilled or frozen poultry from farms in Pontian, Johor, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in a Facebook

The Straits Times Mar 16 2020 - 17:55

THERE’S nothing to worry as measures are in place against possible entry of bird flu in Negros Occidental.

Sun Star Mar 16 2020 - 17:45

MYSURU: Amidst COVID-19 crisis across the state, Mysuru has been now hit by bird flu (avian influenza).

The New Indian Express Mar 16 2020 - 14:32

Agriculture Secretary William Dar said the bird flu virus was detected in Jaen municipality in Nueva Ecija province, where about 1,500 quails had d

Daily Mail Mar 16 2020 - 12:00