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Homeowners can help stop the spread of avian flu by taking down their bird feeders and baths, wildlife experts said this week.

New York Daily News on MSN.com Apr 21 2022 - 17:37

The Iowa Department of Agriculture on Thursday announced the first bird flu outbreak detected in the state in more than two weeks.

Des Moines Register Apr 21 2022 - 15:47

The Iowa Department of Agriculture reports 30,000 turkeys from a commercial flock in Bremer County will have to be destroyed.

KCCI Des Moines on MSN.com Apr 21 2022 - 15:12

WTOL 11 Your Day is live in Whitehouse with Laura Zitzelberger of Nature's Nursery. Avian influenza is out there affecting birds.

WTOL Apr 21 2022 - 14:18

The United States Department of Agriculture said it has confirmed the detection of Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza (HPAI) in a poultry opera

KRQE on MSN.com Apr 21 2022 - 14:10

The Department says that flock owners should prevent contact between their birds and wild birds, as well as report sick birds or unusual deaths to

KWWL Apr 21 2022 - 13:37

For the first time in two weeks, the Iowa Department of Agriculture is confirming a new case of the bird flu.

ABC Kcrg 9 on MSN.com Apr 21 2022 - 13:17

The strain of bird flu detected in the three dead bald eagles is known as highly pathogenic avian influenza, or HPAI. Here’s more.

The Telegraph Apr 21 2022 - 02:50

A Michigan wildlife expert says removing outdoor feeders could help reduce the spread of a bird flu.

WXYZ Detroit Apr 21 2022 - 02:37

Cases of Highly Pathogenic Aviation Influenza, better known as Bird Flu, are rising across the country.

WKBW Apr 20 2022 - 15:32

Wildlife In Need Center (WINC) will no longer be admitting birds due to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) that is spreading across Wisco

TMJ4 Apr 20 2022 - 14:35

As the highly pathogenic avian influenza spreads rapidly across the state, Michigan agriculture and wildlife officials are asking for help stopping

Our Midland MI Apr 20 2022 - 14:34

As the highly pathogenic avian influenza spreads rapidly across the state, Michigan agriculture and wildlife officials are asking for help stopping

Our Midland MI Apr 20 2022 - 14:34

Michiganders may want to consider temporarily putting away their outdoor bird feeders and bird baths in response to a recent rise in cases of highl

MLive Apr 20 2022 - 13:53

Bird flu is on the rise in New York.

MyTwinTiers.com on MSN.com Apr 20 2022 - 13:18

on Sept. 18, 2020. You’ve likely heard about the growing outbreak of bird flu.

MPR News Apr 20 2022 - 11:56

Cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus, also known as bird flu, have been reported in states around the U.S., including Texas.

Houston Chronicle Apr 20 2022 - 10:29

As Michigan enters peak bird migration season, the DNR suggests removing backyard bird feeders and baths to protect migrating birds from bird flu

Detroit Free Press Apr 20 2022 - 10:28

Bird flu, which has been spreading across the U.S. and affecting birds in most states, has now been detected in bald eagles.

Medscape Apr 20 2022 - 10:17

You might want to stop filling your bird feeders.

NJ.com Apr 20 2022 - 07:45

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Capital Public Radio Apr 20 2022 - 02:35

The Illinois poultry industry so far has been spared from a bird flu outbreak rippling through flocks around the Midwest.

Daily Herald Apr 20 2022 - 02:00

Highly pathogenic avian influenza, or bird flu, was detected in a Canada goose near Belgrade last week.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Apr 19 2022 - 17:30

The ‘bird flu’ is spreading rapidly across the U.S. and the Nevada Department of Agriculture confirmed that it’s headed toward Nevada.

KOLO TV on MSN.com Apr 19 2022 - 16:36

A highly pathogenic avian flu strain is affecting the bird population, and it can prove dangerous to more than your backyard flock.

Upper on MSN.com Apr 19 2022 - 15:27


WNDU Apr 19 2022 - 14:33

Bird flu is spreading across the United States, and has been detected in North Carolina.

WVEC Apr 19 2022 - 14:14

Around 6,500 birds within the Indiana flock have been tested, adding to the 24 states that have tested positive for the avian flu.

Inside Edition Apr 19 2022 - 12:30

The latest bird flu has been detected in backyard flocks across the country.

Bob Vila Apr 19 2022 - 11:07

The latest cases of bird flu, otherwise known as “highly pathogenic avian influenza” (HPAI), have been confirmed in Idaho.

Yahoo Apr 19 2022 - 11:00

State officials and scientists are cautioning backyard flock owners to be on high alert for bird flu.

KWMU Apr 19 2022 - 08:20

UTAH (ABC4) – Agricultural officials have confirmed that a case of the bird flu has been discovered in Utah on Monday.

MSN Apr 19 2022 - 03:24

Pennsylvania Game Commission sees the highly pathogenic avian influenza devastating poultry flocks differently than it viewed last year's myst

Penn Live on MSN.com Apr 19 2022 - 02:42

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Seeking Alpha Apr 19 2022 - 01:47

With reports of bird flu outbreaks growing in Michigan since the virus was detected in the state two months ago, some wildlife officials are sugges

SFGate Apr 18 2022 - 21:04

Never before have there been so many outbreaks of bird flu in Europe.

The Poultry Site Apr 18 2022 - 16:37

A small flock of chickens somewhere in Utah County are Utah’s first confirmed cases of the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

deseret Apr 18 2022 - 15:57

The Pennsylvania outbreak of bird flu is on a commercial poultry farm in Lancaster County with over one million chickens.

WKBN Apr 18 2022 - 15:25

Bird lovers are being urged to temporarily take down backyard feeders to contain the outbreak of avian flu.

CBS News Apr 18 2022 - 15:24

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), more commonly know as bird or avian flu, is very contagious and often fatal to birds.

KTVB Apr 18 2022 - 15:24

State officials say avian influenza has been detected at a third northern Indiana duck farm Is bird flu still a danger?

ABC Apr 18 2022 - 15:09

Why do some states want to ban this beautiful pear tree? It stinks, for starters. And bald eagles are dying amid an outbreak of bird flu.

YAHOO!News Apr 18 2022 - 14:53

State agriculture officials warned bird owners to take extra protections when interacting with their flocks.

Oregonian Apr 18 2022 - 14:24

A deadly strain of bird flu is spreading across the country.

Fox News Apr 18 2022 - 12:48

The U.S. is seeing its largest outbreak of Avian Influenza, more commonly known as Bird Flu, in more than five years.

KXTV Apr 18 2022 - 08:23

Wild birds are natural hosts for avian influenza, and in past years, have rarely gotten sick or died from it.

St. Cloud Times Apr 18 2022 - 03:45

More 30 bald eagles in 14 states that died tested positive for the bird flu as the disease continues to spread throughout the U.S.

USA Today Apr 18 2022 - 03:43

An outbreak of bird flu elsewhere in the U.S., but which is spreading, has prompted the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park to begin preparing for an out

ABC 10 News Apr 17 2022 - 21:19

A commercial flock of egg-laying chickens in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and a backyard flock of chickens in Utah County, Utah were the latest p

SILive Apr 17 2022 - 13:23