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MarketWatch Mar 22 2023 - 11:14

The use of a monoclonal antibody that reduced circulating IgG levels, led to a decrease in preexisting neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) to adeno-asso

Medical Xpress Mar 22 2023 - 11:07

It remains important to determine the virus’s origins because this knowledge may help us stop the next pandemic occurring.

The Conversation Mar 22 2023 - 10:36

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Gizmodo Mar 22 2023 - 09:46

Five deaths and three further cases of the Ebola-like virus have been reported in the country’s north-west Tanzania has announced its first outbrea

The Guardian Mar 22 2023 - 09:09

“We are working with the government to rapidly scale up control measures to halt the spread of the virus.” With a death rate of as high as 88 perce

MSN Mar 22 2023 - 09:01

The outbreak of the Marburg virus comes in Tanzania, East Africa, and it is the first time the bug has been found in the country.

The Mirror Mar 22 2023 - 08:49

Five of the eight people who contracted the highly virulent disease have died, the World Health Organization said.

Time Mar 22 2023 - 06:16

Through a statement, Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu said the up to eight have been infected with the virus and five have been reported dead.

The Star Mar 21 2023 - 23:06

Last year H1N1 cases detected, due to virus mutation H3N2 influenza are severe cough, cold, nasal block, fever, body aches, all symptoms are reduce

The Hans India Mar 21 2023 - 19:43

The National Public Health Laboratory tested samples after eight people in the region fell ill with fever, vomiting, bleeding and kidney failure.

New York Daily News Mar 21 2023 - 17:46

Former Under Secretary of State Keith Krach joined "GMA3" to discuss why he viewed TikTok as a major cybersecurity threat.

ABC Mar 21 2023 - 16:08

A mysterious disease that killed five people in Tanzania has been identified as Marburg haemorrhagic fever, a cousin of Ebola, the health ministry

Barron's Mar 21 2023 - 14:49

Virus-fighting cells are more efficient in females Researchers have discovered a new clue as to why COVID-19 and other viral illnesses are often mo

Yahoo Finance Mar 21 2023 - 10:03

Wellspring Farm in Wilmington is under a quarantine and has had to keep 61 horses separate in an effort to eradicate the equine herpes virus.

NBC 10 Philadelphia Mar 21 2023 - 07:22

What is the Virus Like Particles market growth?

MarketWatch Mar 20 2023 - 18:09

Ann Nyberg is on a mission to prevent newborns and their parents from the heartache her family suffered after welcoming her newest granddaughter, 6

StamfordAdvocate Mar 20 2023 - 14:31

But experts have stated that there is no need to panic, only careful monitoring is needed.

Medindia Mar 20 2023 - 10:44

The story so far: In the never-ending debate about the origin of the virus that set off the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now fresh grist for the mil

The Hindu Mar 20 2023 - 10:34

Experts on rising H3N2 cases As the influenza H3N2 cases have started to rise rapidly in the country after Covid cases dipped, experts are of the o

Indiatimes Mar 19 2023 - 19:45

After Corona, now the risk of a new sub-variant H3N2 is increasing as the virus is fastly spreading across the country, and its cases are also comi

NDTV Mar 19 2023 - 10:30

Amid concerns about the H3N2 virus in the country, the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital in the national capital is fully prepared against the

Indiatimes Mar 19 2023 - 09:02

China collected COVID-19 virus data in 2019, but only recently released it. The World Health Organization is urging it to be more transparent.

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Mar 19 2023 - 03:43

The flu season will ebb but we will be perennially prone to contracting viral and bacterial infection.

The Indian Express Mar 18 2023 - 21:19

Have you been hacked? How do you know? If your phone or computer is running slow, hot or buggy, you might just have a virus.

Komando on MSN.com Mar 18 2023 - 17:00

FILE - Raccoon dogs are seen at a cage in Tokyo's Ueno zoo Saturday, May 24, 2003.

The Goshen News Mar 17 2023 - 07:06

From China’s battle with swine disease to bird flu in Europe and cheaper US eggs, here’s a snapshot of key food stories from around the world:

Bloomberg L.P. Mar 17 2023 - 05:00

The RT-qPCR kit can detect the presence or absence of three pathogens - Influenza (H1N1, H3N2,Yamagata and Victoria sublineages), SARS CoV2, and Re

health.economictimes.indiatimes Mar 16 2023 - 19:35

Amid rising concerns about the H3N2 Influenza infection in the country health experts emphasized living a healthy lifestyle and precautionary measu

Big News Network.com Mar 16 2023 - 18:41

Genetic sequences show evidence of raccoon dogs and other animals at the Wuhan market sites where SARS-CoV-2 was found in early 2020, adding to evi

Scientific American Mar 16 2023 - 17:00

The number of new HIV cases per year didn't spike after the vaccine rollout -- it actually dropped, Defense Department data shows.

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Mar 16 2023 - 13:18

During a stop in Winter Haven at a choreographed even in front of supporters, DeSantis praised Florida's response and lashed out at federal ex

Yahoo Mar 16 2023 - 12:26

Scientists Revive 'Zombie' Virus , Frozen in Permafrost for , Almost 50,000 Years.

MSN Mar 16 2023 - 09:15

A woman who received a stem cell transplant to treat her HIV is still virus-free more than five years after the procedure and 30 months after she s

Live Science on MSN.com Mar 16 2023 - 08:00

Another major public health concern is creating waves of terror among people.

MSN Mar 16 2023 - 04:19

According to experts, H3N2 Influenza can seriously damage kidneys especially in elderly and those who already suffer from chronic illnesses like di

India.com on MSN.com Mar 16 2023 - 01:31

Beijing’s continuing refusal to cooperate with investigations of the origins of COVID-19 makes the world more vulnerable to similar pandemics in th

Washington Times Mar 15 2023 - 17:00

A streamlined genome makes bacteria immune to viral infection, and designing mini-MRI scanners for low- and middle-income countries.

Nature Mar 15 2023 - 15:08

The highly contagious canine distemper virus is dangerous to dogs and wild life animals.

Phys.org Mar 15 2023 - 13:23

In a step forward for genetic engineering and synthetic biology, researchers have modified a strain of Escherichia coli bacteria to be immune to na

Phys.org Mar 15 2023 - 08:59

A team of virologists and veterinary scientists from the Medical Research Council–University of Glasgow Center for Virus Research and the Universit

Phys.org Mar 15 2023 - 07:58

The first case of H3N2 influenza virus from Assam has been confirmed on Wednesday.

NDTV Mar 15 2023 - 07:38

What's the risk of contracting a virus from your Fido or Kitty? It's not a frivolous question, as one cat-owning virologist explains.

Northcountrypublicradio.org Mar 15 2023 - 05:15

Indian state in crisis after adenovirus hits 12,000 people this year and families with sick children camp outside Kolkata hospital

The Guardian Mar 14 2023 - 23:55

The schools for classes 1 to 8 have been closed from March 16 to March 26 due to a spike in the spread of the H3N2 virus in Puducherry.

India Today on MSN.com Mar 14 2023 - 23:22

Scientists have developed a novel Lassa vaccine using a recombinant measles virus and tested its protective efficacy against Lassa fever.

News Medical Mar 14 2023 - 19:52

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)-- Three years ago, in March 2020, a new virus started spreading quickly throughout the county, state and country.

CBS 58 News Mar 14 2023 - 19:14

When asked if the H3N2 influenza virus was the cause, the official said samples have been sent for testing and a review committee will determine th

MSN Mar 14 2023 - 18:54

Pets can easily contract and spread serious disease like the flu, experts warn.

New York Post on MSN.com Mar 14 2023 - 15:30