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The mayor of the county that hosts Florida's theme park mecca said Monday that “we are in crisis mode” when it comes to dealing with soaring n

SFGate Jul 26 2021 - 19:26

Coronavirus case counts are once again rising across the US, near and far.

The Boston Globe on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 19:22

Oil prices were steady on Tuesday with investors betting tight supply and rising vaccination rates will help offset any impact on demand due to sur

Reuters on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 19:13

Mayor Lori Lightfoot will consider reinstating a mask mandate and other restrictions if the city starts to consistently record more than 200 new CO

Chicago Tribune on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 18:35

Global economic growth prospects are holding strong for this year and next, despite a significant majority of economists in Reuters polls warning n

Reuters on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 17:12

Fresh coronavirus outbreaks are forcing factory shutdowns in countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, aggravating supply chain disruptions that co

Washington Post on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 15:46

Active cases of the coronavirus in West Virginia’s largest county have doubled in the past week after reaching a 12-month low, health officials sai

Associated Press on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 15:04

The United States served notice Monday that it will keep existing COVID-19 restrictions on international travel in place for now due to concerns ab

Associated Press Jul 26 2021 - 14:33

The number of COVID-19 patients in Alabama hospitals has climbed to more than 900 as the state sees an alarming rise in virus cases.

U.S. News & World Report Jul 26 2021 - 13:34

The family of conservative radio host Phil Valentine – who has been a COVID-19 vaccine skeptic – is urging others to get the vaccine after Valentin

CBS News Jul 26 2021 - 07:55

LAFAYETTE, La. - Rep. Clay Higgins has contracted COVID-19 for the second time, the Republican from Acadiana announced on Facebook.

USA Today on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 05:49

Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins has contracted COVID-19 for the second time, the Acadiana Republican announced on Facebook.

USA Today Jul 26 2021 - 05:29

Oil prices were steady on Monday as the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant stoked fears over future fuel demand, though crude supply looks set to

Reuters Jul 26 2021 - 04:38

South Africa's government has lifted a ban on liquor sales and relaxed other pandemic restrictions, reporting that a recent spike in coronavir

Associated Press on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 04:27

My location was Haneda Airport in Tokyo. My destination was the Main Press Center for the Olympics — also in Tokyo.

Associated Press on MSN.com Jul 26 2021 - 03:40

Bliss Michelson was a classical music host for WRTI radio in Philadelphia.

ABC Jul 26 2021 - 03:03

Higgins, of Louisiana, said he first contracted COVID-19 in January 2020 but that this second bout was "far more challenging."

YAHOO!News Jul 26 2021 - 02:21

RSV is a virus that causes respiratory illnesses. They can affect the nose, throat and lungs.

SFGate Jul 26 2021 - 02:00

A closely watched survey finds that German business confidence has dipped unexpectedly this month as increasing coronavirus infections help cloud b

U.S. News & World Report Jul 26 2021 - 01:34

New coronavirus cases continue to grow in the major eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, with another 38 reported on Monday, bringing the total to more

Associated Press Jul 25 2021 - 19:11

The top U.S.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 25 2021 - 19:01

The top U.S.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 25 2021 - 19:01

The UK reported a drop in new coronavirus cases for a fifth consecutive day, a potential boost for Prime Minister Boris Johnson after a chaotic wee

The Boston Globe Jul 25 2021 - 18:25

Positive COVID-19 tests knocked Jon Rahm and Bryson DeChambeau out of the Olympic golf tournament Sunday, in a pair of surprises that reinforced th

SFGate Jul 25 2021 - 17:08

Olympic swimmers need Olympic-size pools. The pandemic put a real premium on them.

SFGate Jul 25 2021 - 15:57

Violent demonstrations have broke out in several Tunisian cities as protesters expressed anger at the deterioration of the North African nation

U.S. News & World Report Jul 25 2021 - 10:32

Despite a fan base of just 1,400 people, the Wadi al-Nis club was a perennial West Bank powerhouse.

New York Times Jul 25 2021 - 10:15

Gymnasts raised their arms and struck familiar poses — without the familiar explosion of cheers.

Associated Press Jul 25 2021 - 04:41

The experts say a complete probe inside China is necessary to pinpoint the origins of the virus, which has had a devastating toll around the world.

Politico Jul 25 2021 - 03:50

French President Emmanuel Macron has appealed for national unity and vaccination to fight the resurgent virus, and lashed out at those fueling anti

Associated Press Jul 25 2021 - 03:50

Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff said on Sunday he fears the number of new coronavirus cases in Germany could soar to 100,000 a day i

Reuters on MSN.com Jul 25 2021 - 02:30

Jeremy Farrar’s account of the spread of the pandemic, in particular his view of government policy and fears about the virus’s origins, is genuinel

The Guardian Jul 25 2021 (All day)

As rising prices and the spread of new Covid-19 variants increase risks to the US economy, Federal Reserve officials are expected to maintain their

YAHOO!News Jul 24 2021 - 18:17

Australia has secured an additional 85 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for delivery from next year and is continuing efforts to accele

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 24 2021 - 17:35

Protesters and police officers clashed on the streets of Paris, France Saturday as demonstrators opposed a bill that would require a “virus pass” i

CBS News Jul 24 2021 - 17:24

I’m afraid Louisiana is showing the nation that we aren’t interested in being friendly family members, good neighbors or welcoming hosts.

NOLA.com Jul 24 2021 - 16:30

A California man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines on social media has died after a month-long battle with the virus.

YAHOO!News Jul 24 2021 - 15:32

A man who mocked COVID-19 vaccinations died this week at a Los Angeles-area hospital after contracting the virus.

SFGate Jul 24 2021 - 14:00

Tens of thousands of people across France are protesting new virus measures PARIS -- Some 160,000 people, including far-right activists and members

ABC Jul 24 2021 - 12:03

Several states scaled back their reporting on the coronavirus this month just as cases in the nation tripled.

U.S. News & World Report Jul 24 2021 - 09:27

Several states scaled back their reporting on COVID-19 just as cases across the country tripled with the Delta variant of the virus spreading quick

Los Angeles Times Jul 24 2021 - 08:00

Vietnam has announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi as a coronavirus surge spread from the southern Mekong Delta region.

Associated Press Jul 24 2021 - 06:05

The U.K.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 24 2021 - 05:58

A new wave of cases followed by the looming expiration of enhanced jobless benefits, a ban on evictions and other rescue programs is sparking conce

Politico on MSN.com Jul 24 2021 - 04:02

The number of newly reported coronavirus cases in Oklahoma topped 1,000 for a third consecutive day on Friday and the seven-day average of new case

SFGate Jul 23 2021 - 23:59

Vietnam locked down eight million people in Hanoi on Saturday, the latest attempt to curb a serious coronavirus outbreak that has already forced a

YAHOO!News Jul 23 2021 - 22:38

The U.S.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Jul 23 2021 - 18:19

Several hospital systems that previously held off making vaccines mandatory for health care workers are now willing to do so.

Seattle Times Jul 23 2021 - 17:48

The Latest on the Tokyo Olympics, which are taking place under heavy restrictions after a year’s delay because of the coronavirus pandemic: ___ Ger

Associated Press on MSN.com Jul 23 2021 - 17:11