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A research group led by Professor Yasuko Mori (Division of Clinical Virology, Center for Infectious Diseases, Kobe University) has succeeded in hum

Medical Xpress Apr 26 2019 - 06:39

A research group led by Professor Yasuko Mori (Division of Clinical Virology, Center for Infectious Diseases, Kobe University) have succeeded in hu

News Medical Apr 26 2019 - 05:23

Some Alaskans may not realize that Fairbanks is the home of the only diagnostic virology laboratory in the state, the Alaska State Virology Laborat

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Apr 24 2019 - 01:11

“Did his masters, got a scholarship for PhD on virology.

Calgary CTV News Apr 22 2019 - 21:44

In a new series of articles, experts in immunology, virology, epidemiology, and vaccine development detail efforts to improve seasonal influenza va

EurekAlert! Apr 22 2019 - 18:09


Baylor College of Medicine Apr 18 2019 - 13:49

The growth of the global microplate instrumentation and supplies market is driven by growing applications in virology and serology, increasing dema

MarketWatch Apr 18 2019 - 08:16

Virology blog was the first science website I followed, its been quite a few years now and it was an inspiration to me in using the internet to dis

Pink Apr 16 2019 - 17:02

Global Methylcellulose Market by Product Type Industrial Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade, Other Global Methylcellulose Market by Product Application Cl

openpr.com Apr 15 2019 - 05:06

NAPLES, ITALY – 04-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Dr.

Life Pulse Health Apr 11 2019 - 17:33

It is titled: "Advanced concepts in cellular control of cytomegalovirus ".

News Medical Apr 10 2019 - 23:32

It is titled: "Advanced concepts in cellular control of cytomegalovirus ".

EurekAlert! Apr 10 2019 - 07:03

However, the fascination of viruses turned out to be irresistible.

Helsinki Apr 9 2019 - 22:04

The first, a Telnet and SSH honeypot set up by Dr Vesselin Bontchev, of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ National Laboratory of Computer Virology

Computer Business Review Apr 9 2019 - 07:19

He completed his graduate education at Harvard Medical School (HMS) with a PhD in Virology, joined the HMS faculty and four years later, was appoin

Valley News Apr 9 2019 - 00:27

Virology, zoology, and physics are just a few of the topics students have a chance to discover in the comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Biology

study.com Apr 8 2019 - 04:37

Online PR News 05-April-2019 London, UK Virology 2019 aims to connect the Researchers, principal investigators, experts and researchers working und

MENAFN Apr 5 2019 - 07:55

Dr. Susan M. Rosenberg, Ben F.

Baylor College of Medicine Apr 1 2019 - 09:56

Rosenberg, Ben F.

EurekAlert! Apr 1 2019 - 09:28

DBT German Biotech Days, April 9-10, 2019, Wuerzburg, Germany.

GlobeNewswire Apr 1 2019 - 06:02

In this pilot-scale study, we tested HTS with a range of viruses and sample types routinely encountered in a public health virology laboratory.

Nature Apr 1 2019 - 02:12

(Nan)Parents and guardians of children affected by or infected with HIV in the Zirin Gaza and Daki-Biyu Communities in Abuja have received farming

The Sun Mar 29 2019 - 08:59

Homeopathy may not cure disease, but it continues to give journal editors fits, particularly at the hands of a group in Russia that has managed to

Retraction Watch Mar 28 2019 - 03:13

“Well-meaning people are trying to save animals, but when you move animals, you move their infectious disease,” said Edward Dubovi, director of the

Feed Stuffs Mar 26 2019 - 07:36

Bruce Patterson M.D., former Medical Director of Virology at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics, to develop a test to potentially optimize d

Markets Insider Mar 26 2019 - 03:00

A research team consisting of scientists from Kyoto University, Tokyo University of Science, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, and Tok

Science Daily Mar 25 2019 - 08:55

and virology are considered to foster the DNA sequencing market throughout the assessment period.

MarketWatch Mar 20 2019 - 16:35

Past Operations Manager (Virology/Molecular) at GSTS, Senior Biomedical Scientist (Bacteriology) at Health Protection Agency (HPA), Research...

LinkedIn Mar 20 2019 - 05:07

Laboratory of Virology, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, 903 Sout

stke.sciencemag.org Mar 19 2019 - 11:24

The accelerating adoption of precision medicine along with the augmenting use of applications such as forensic biology, biotechnology, molecular bi

Medgadget Mar 19 2019 - 06:28

The mission of the Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Department is to utilize transplantation therapies to eliminate cancer and provid

Nature Mar 18 2019 - 19:22

Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg and Rochester, MN (PRWEB) - Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL), S.A., a Luxembourg-based diagnostics company and l

Laboratory Network Mar 15 2019 - 02:55

4 Ludwig Center at Harvard, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02215, USA.

Science Magazine Mar 14 2019 - 23:20

“This is truly a revolutionary result in virology,” says Siobain Duffy from Rutgers University, who wasn’t involved in the study.

The Atlantic Mar 14 2019 - 09:53

Scientists have shown that different segments of a virus genome can exist in distinct cells but work together to cause an infection.

News Medical Mar 13 2019 - 00:48

One of these is large droplet transmission, Alexander L.

YAHOO! Mar 12 2019 - 17:07

Under the aegis of the World Health Organization (WHO), a delegation critically analysed the entire process of serological testing of measles and r

The Tribune Mar 11 2019 - 19:18

We expect Bristol-Myers Squibb’s overall revenues to grow in mid-single-digits in 2019, as Oncology and Cardiovascular drug sales will more than of

Forbes Mar 11 2019 - 11:52

While it might offer some hope, researchers are warning that a stem-cell transplant procedure that appears to have reversed a man's HIV is cos

WBAL-TV Mar 8 2019 - 14:32

The blood samples of the man hailing from Sagar taluk tested negative for Kyasanur Forest Disease (also known as monkey fever) in the National Inst

MSN Mar 6 2019 - 06:05

Its author, the pediatrician Peter Hotez, a professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at the Baylor Coll

Wired Mar 5 2019 - 10:00

“We have identified new modulators of HIV, which is notoriously ‘smart’ and well-equipped at evolving to fight its adversaries in the human body,”

Infection control Mar 5 2019 - 08:36

It is currently being used in many research activities such as immunology, oncology, stem cell research and virology.

Digital Journal Mar 1 2019 - 00:52

Since 2017, she has worked as a veterinary medical officer in the diagnostic virology laboratory at the U.S.

Vet Feb 28 2019 - 07:25

A team of scientists from the Department “Virus Immunology” at the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology (HPI) has

Medizin Aspekte Feb 28 2019 - 04:29

Quidel Corporation (NASDAQ: QDEL), a provider of rapid diagnostic testing solutions, cellular-based virology assays and molecular diagnostic system

Finanzen Feb 26 2019 - 13:30

Image by Alma Laney. My background includes microbiology, plant pathology, plant science, molecular biology, entomology and virology.

Biology Fortified Feb 26 2019 - 07:56

It is currently being used in many research activities such as immunology, oncology, stem cell research and virology.

Medgadget Feb 26 2019 - 05:03