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Progressive accumulation of specific misfolded protein is a defining feature of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), similarly seen in Alzheimer di

National Institutes of Health Oct 17 2021 - 22:43

Extending healthy life, rather than extending illness." Since prion disease is rare, Vallabh said it’s challenging to secure research funding,

WCVB Channel 5 Boston on MSN.com Oct 14 2021 - 17:07

Protein misfolding is common to most neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

National Institutes of Health Oct 14 2021 - 12:38

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources has temporarily stopped the importation and movement of farmed white-tail deer into and within the

Daily Mail Oct 12 2021 - 08:46

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has forecasted a cooperative agreement to continue enhanced national surveillance for human pr

Global Biodefense Oct 12 2021 - 07:38

A universally fatal prion disease was recently found in Wisconsin, while a hemorrhagic virus is sickening deer elsewhere.

Gizmodo Oct 11 2021 - 18:08

Amprion has announced the commercial rollout of its innovative SYNTap Biomarker Test, a first-in-class laboratory-developed test (LDT) for accurate

Le Lézard Oct 6 2021 - 03:06

To investigate the molecular basis of prion diversity, we inoculated transgenic mice expressing the Syrian hamster prion protein (PrP) with three d

National Institutes of Health Oct 5 2021 - 13:27

Overview of the Global Prion Disease Treatment Market: Global Prion Disease Treatment Market report is a skilful and deep analysis of the present s

openpr.com Sep 29 2021 - 15:02

Henning Stahlberg is in the Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy, Institute of Physics, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute

Nature Sep 28 2021 - 17:00

Sixteen-year-old Anil Cacodcar sits in an eerily lit home office and makes a bold claim — “Zombies actually do exist.”

Longview News-Journal Sep 25 2021 - 22:00

Information presented at the meetings will include presentations from the DNR, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and the University of Minnesota

Grand Forks Herald Sep 23 2021 - 08:50

Offshore seismic player Shearwater GeoServices has been awarded a 3D seismic exploration survey contract by the Australian oil and gas exploration

Splash 247 Sep 22 2021 - 04:21

Prion diseases, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, occur when prion protein, which is found throughout the body but whose normal function isn'

KERO-TV Sep 21 2021 - 02:10

Frustration shared by lawmakers, citizens about the slow curtailment of chronic wasting disease in farmed cervids.

Markets Sep 21 2021 - 01:07

Possibly the finest property you will find in this price bracket, this c2016 offers style in abundance and presents 'as new' - and sits o

Domain Sep 20 2021 - 06:15

this has been termed a 'subversion of function'.

Medscape Sep 16 2021 - 16:59

The highest-ever resolution imaging of an infectious prion has provided the first atomic-level data of how these abnormal proteins are causing

Global Biodefense Sep 16 2021 - 11:02

A student at Episcopal School of Acadiana is in the top 30 in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, an international video contest for students.

The Daily Advertiser Sep 14 2021 - 05:00

Beach Energy plans to start seismic testing its Prion Survey site - 75km off King Island and 57km north of Stanley -in October.

The Mercury Sep 12 2021 - 23:04

The process begins with biomarker discovery where unbiased analyses are carried out to compare the differences between normal and prion-infected sa

Medscape Sep 6 2021 - 17:00

The project, the Prion Marine Seismic Survey from Beach Energy, is currently before approval authority the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and E

The Examiner Sep 6 2021 - 11:48

Brazil has logged two "atypical" cases of mad cow disease. The country has since suspended its beef exports to China.

International Business Times Sep 5 2021 - 18:34

Fungus, Prion, and Nano-Virus are much more difficult.

True Achievements Sep 3 2021 - 08:52

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a fatal disease that impacts populations of deer, elk, moose, and other cervid species caused by an infectious pro

US Geological Survey Sep 2 2021 - 20:38

CWD is a significant management challenge in part because the etiological agent, an infectious prion, is extremely difficult to destroy, and can be

US Geological Survey Sep 2 2021 - 20:38

Human prion diseases are basically a group of neurodegenerative disorders caused by the unwanted deposition of folded proteins in the brain.

PharmiWeb Aug 31 2021 - 03:16

Protein misfolding can be driven by the presence of distinctive prion and prion-like regions within certain proteins.

Mendeley Aug 27 2021 - 10:10

Hunters traveling outside Vermont to hunt deer or elk need to keep in mind that a regulation designed to protect Vermont's wild deer from chro

Bennington Banner Aug 27 2021 - 08:30

Scientists have used a tool called cryo-electron microscopy to get an unprecedented and detailed look at infectious, misfolded proteins called prio

Labroots Aug 25 2021 - 06:44

The 3D structure of an infectious prion fibril, revealed using high resolution electron microscopy.

EurekAlert! Aug 25 2021 - 02:40

Prion diseases occur when normally harmless prion protein molecules become abnormal and gather in clusters and filaments in the body, including the

Feed Stuffs Aug 22 2021 - 17:00

Diseases affect survival and reproduction in wildlife, but documenting the influence of diseases on evolution in wild populations is challenging.

Wyoming News Aug 21 2021 - 12:27

Many similarities exist between AD and prion diseases, both in terms of symptoms and in the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis.

Frontiers Aug 20 2021 - 01:13

Investigation of the chimeric proteins in vitro reveals that repeat-expansions increase aggregation propensity and that the kinetics of fiber forma

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Aug 19 2021 - 18:43

An experimental study from Lund University in Sweden has revealed that the Alzheimer's protein amyloid-beta accumulates inside nerve cells, an

Medical Xpress Aug 18 2021 - 06:45

Virus and prion diseases remain a major public health threat, in both developed and developing countries.

Cambridge University Press Aug 15 2021 - 14:19

Virus-induced infections of the central nervous system (CNS) are among the most serious problems in public health and can be associated with high r

Too Old to Operate Aug 11 2021 - 22:16

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews In 2010, a French lab worker named Emilie Jaumain, accidentally pricked her thumb with a lab instrument during

Pink Aug 9 2021 - 16:20

By Sarah Crespi, Martin Enserink, Claire Hogan Aug.

Science | AAAS Aug 8 2021 - 19:43

News highlights on health security threats and countermeasures curated by Global Biodefense This week's selections include West Africa's

Global Biodefense Aug 8 2021 - 16:06

An illustrated molecular model depicting peptoids (green) binding to a prion protein aggregate (binding sites in red).

EurekAlert! Aug 7 2021 - 02:31

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert!

EurekAlert! Aug 5 2021 - 21:47

Scientists are a cautious bunch, so when researchers go public with a warning that a disease in deer and their relatives could jump to humans, it r

The Western Producer Aug 5 2021 - 16:44

An investigation is underway to determine if the patient, a retired lab worker, contracted the disease on the job.

The Wire Jul 30 2021 - 23:04

An investigation is underway to determine if the patient, a retired lab worker, contracted the disease on the job.

The Wire Jul 30 2021 - 05:25

Five public research institutions in France announced a three-month moratorium on prion research this week, following a newly identified case of pr

Ars Technica Jul 30 2021 - 03:16

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews In France, the general directorates of the following public research institutions–ANSES, CEA, CNRS, INRAE ​​and

Pink Jul 29 2021 - 09:00

Research labs in France are scrambling to get to the bottom of the alarming news that a now-retired lab worker seems to have caught a deadly brain

Futurism Jul 28 2021 - 10:32

Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are studying liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), a biophysical process through

PR Newswire Jul 23 2021 - 06:00