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I looked at him in surprise.

The Seattle Times Feb 11 2019 - 06:00

In 2017 director Marie Dvořáková followed the likes of Spike Lee, Robert Zemeckis and her compatriot Jan Svěrák in winning the Student Academy Awar

Radio Feb 5 2019 - 02:09

The major key players in global mycology immunoassays testing markets are F.

Digital Journal Jan 26 2019 - 23:26

He explained: " I was first inspired by mycology while studying at university, to produce sustainable products that include a sense of materia

Doncaster Free Press Jan 24 2019 - 00:30

His election by his peers recognizes his “distinguished contributions to the field of medical mycology, immunology and host-pathogen interactions.”

University of Texas at San Antonio Jan 9 2019 - 00:12

Four-year initiative investigates oats pre- and post-harvest.

New Food Magazine Jan 7 2019 - 19:26

Professor Hibbett was honored for his “distinguished contributions to mycology, particularly using phylogenetic approaches to understand the evolut

Telegram Jan 2 2019 - 15:02

Among the many specializations of microbiology, mycology is one of the smallest.

work.chron.com Dec 14 2018 - 16:00

New technique uses antibodies that are cloned from patients who have recovered from an infection caused by the fungus Candida, stated Medical Resea

Medindia Dec 11 2018 - 19:47

The new technique, within the Medical Research Council Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen and funded by the Wellcome Trust a

Infection control Dec 11 2018 - 07:53

For the eighth year in a row, Napa “citizen scientists” participated with the UC Berkeley Forest Pathology and Mycology Lab in an ongoing effort to

Napa Valley Register Oct 19 2018 - 11:51

The Radical Mycology Convergence is a biannual gathering of mycophiles that moves around the country, but this year happened to be a short drive fr

Medium Oct 18 2018 - 00:28

MACOMB, IL – Western Illinois University Associate Biological Sciences Professor Andrea Porras-Alfaro was recently awarded the Constantine J.

Western Illinois University Aug 6 2018 - 05:23

This new journal section on Fungal Pathogenesis will enable multidisciplinary researchers in the field of fungal genomics, host interactions and cl

blog.frontiersin.org Jul 12 2018 - 17:00

Dr. Haley's manual aims to provide a practical working guide for bacteriologic technologists with a lack of training in mycology.

Annals.org Mar 31 2018 - 17:00

The Yale student interest group Yale Ethnobotany and Mycology Society (YEMS) promotes the study of people and plants by providing a network to brid

environment.yale.edu Feb 6 2018 - 16:00

However, the branch of medicine which deals with these infections, medical mycology, is under-resourced with a lack of specialist doctors and train

University of Manchester Dec 29 2017 - 20:58

Usually despatched in 7-10 days.

Foyles Dec 17 2017 - 12:04

Vietnamese and foreign scientists are exchanging outcomes of mycological researches at the Asian Mycological Congress 2017 that opened in Ho Chi Mi

Vietnamnet Oct 11 2017 - 20:31


Markets Insider Sep 27 2017 - 23:00

September 25, 2017 08:00 ET | Source: Cidara Therapeutics, Inc. SAN DIEGO, Sept. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cidara Therapeutics, Inc.

GlobeNewswire Sep 24 2017 - 17:00

Kiran Ranadive conferred with Martin-Baker research grant for his website on various fungi An assistant professor from Pune district is the first I

Punemirror Apr 21 2017 - 21:15

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in the Winston-Salem Journal on April 21, 1998. Flora Ann Bynum died in 2006.

Winston-Salem Journal Mar 26 2017 - 16:30

As an official publication of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM), Medical Mycology, is an international journal, which

Phys.org Feb 20 2017 - 20:08

gray and ornithological Neron sacrifice their buy cialis and viagra online 10mg caper mycology or reaffirms improvably.

littlesunnykitchen.com Dec 15 2016 - 04:51

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research–Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB), New Delhi, and Department of Medical M

www.ourncr.com Dec 14 2016 - 18:50

Jennifer Frazer is a AAAS Science Journalism Award-winning science writer.

Scientific American Dec 14 2016 - 09:39

In a new study researchers from the University of Aberdeen’s world-leading Aberdeen Fungal Group and Medical Research Council Centre for Medical My

The Daily Express Dec 12 2016 - 07:54

“This one has been a tough one,” said Dr.

Voice of OC Dec 11 2016 - 15:55

Jennifer Frazer is a AAAS Science Journalism Award-winning science writer.

Scientific American Dec 9 2016 - 10:35

Daniel Butler, a professional forager who runs mycology courses at Aberystwyth University in Wales and regularly visits the New Forest, said: &quot

Daily Telegraph Dec 9 2016 - 09:16

Benny shocked and omnipotent metabolize conceived mycology and nix squashily.

littlesunnykitchen.com Dec 7 2016 - 19:34

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upliftconnect.com Dec 7 2016 - 17:32

Like mycology, a branch of biology studying fungi. She plays with that stylized, fashion magazine style, adding some attributes of the wise women.

dailyartdaily.com Dec 6 2016 - 15:53

Dr. Marie Davey is a researcher in mycology and molecular ecology at the University of Oslo with a PhD from the University of Alberta.

gotscience.org Dec 5 2016 - 18:03

unlineal subscribe Thurston, his rehearsed mycology stirred asymmetrically.

upliftconnect.com Dec 5 2016 - 07:55

Dermatophyte fungi are the ringworm fungi (tinea).

dermnetnz.org Dec 5 2016 - 01:14

Jones began his career at a time when his specialty, plant pathology, was emerging as an offshoot of mycology, plant therapeutics, and bacteriology

geniusbrainteasers.com Dec 4 2016 - 18:12

13. Zoology - the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, and how they interact with their ecosystems. 14.

planeta42.com Dec 4 2016 - 04:07

They supply many beneficial nutrients but, unless you are well educated in the science (mycology) of collecting wild mushrooms, it is best to eat o

NewHampshire.com Dec 3 2016 - 23:35

Dr TS Thind, Adjunct Professor and former Additional Director of Research, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), has been honoured with ‘YL Nene Ou

The Tribune India Dec 2 2016 - 12:09

Mycologists are botanists that specialize in the field of mycology, the study of fungi and their effects. Zoologists study living animals.

funtrivia.com Dec 1 2016 - 15:59

Your expertise will complement that of CSAFI’s international experts in plant science, soil science and mycology during a period of significant inv

timeshighereducation.com Dec 1 2016 - 07:24

doggoned Stern, a blanket; partans wafts its spin intimately. Norman made up mizzlings to shore mycology experimentally.

whatsageek.com Dec 1 2016 - 07:10

M.Sc. in Plant Pathology/ Mycology with 1-2 years of relevant experience.

sakshieducation.com Dec 1 2016 - 02:59

Fungi offer a wealth of means for increasing personal health, community resilience and ecological stewardship.

Thurston Talk Nov 30 2016 - 11:28

He’s written several books on mycology, and even delivered a TED Talk in 2008 sharing what he says were six ways mushrooms could save the world.

geeknation.com Nov 30 2016 - 06:35

The Congresses are particularly notable in that they not only bring together scientists from many countries, but also from many disciplines within

benthamsciencepublishers.wordpress.com Nov 30 2016 - 01:56

2 Infectious Disease Research Program, Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation and Department of Hematology/Oncology, University Children's Hos

cid.oxfordjournals.org Nov 30 2016 - 00:23

As a Cornell undergraduate, LaGreca studied mycology under Korf.

Cornell Chronicle Nov 29 2016 - 10:32