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The "Microbial Culture Market Forecasts 2023 to 2028" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

YAHOO!Finance Sep 25 2023 - 01:48

“In the population most at risk, the immunocompromised population, there is a reasonable probability that microbial contamination of the oral suspe

Sacramento Bee Sep 24 2023 - 08:24

In some subterranean aquifers, cells have a chemical trick for making oxygen.

Wired Sep 24 2023 - 05:00

A West Virginia University civil and environmental engineering master's student said she will take water samples from the city's drinking

Yahoo Sep 23 2023 - 19:34

Largo, Florida, VistaPharm LLC is voluntarily recalling one (1) lot of Sucralfate Oral Suspension, 1g/10mL, to the consumer level, due to Bacillus

USA Today Sep 22 2023 - 16:55

Research reveals that honeypot ant honey possesses strong antimicrobial qualities.

SciTech Daily Sep 21 2023 - 11:25

A Michigan State University research team is examining crop uptake of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead.

agupdate Sep 21 2023 - 08:00

Microbial Cultures market was valued at US$ 1412.1 million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach US$ 1804.7 million by 2029, witnessing a CAGR of 3.1

YAHOO!Finance Sep 21 2023 - 02:01

The Global Microbial Fermentation APIs Market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2022 and 2031.

Benzinga.com Sep 21 2023 - 01:13

A recent study published in ISME Journal examines how climate change affects microbial communities in the waters surrounding Antarctica, and specif

Labroots Sep 20 2023 - 17:00

Purdue University scientist Briony Horgan is leading NASA's Mars rover into unfamiliar territory as the mission turns toward its next opportun

Phys.org Sep 20 2023 - 09:58

In a new study, mice whose immune systems were trained against the microbial protein flagellin did not experience the usual detrimental effects of

News Medical Sep 20 2023 - 07:14

A NY Cannabis Insider investigation has uncovered systemic public health failures at every level of the state’s legal cannabis industry, from farme

Syracuse.com on MSN.com Sep 20 2023 - 05:16

Scientists hoping to make bio-based manufacturing more renewable and carbon-neutral have developed a new workflow that combines CRISPR gene editing

technologynetworks Sep 20 2023 - 01:16

The key aim of the Global "Direct Fed Microbial (DFM) Market" (2023) is to furnish insights into the aftermath of COVID-19, along with an

Benzinga.com Sep 20 2023 - 00:27

Before the pandemic, wastewater surveillance was a smaller field, primarily focused on testing for drugs or mapping microbial ecosystems.

Science News Sep 19 2023 - 16:59

ASTM has worked diligently to develop a microbial barrier test for terminally sterilized packaging.

MD&M East Sep 19 2023 - 16:59

BioConsortia will bring sustainable microbial biocontrol products to Brazil, including nitrogen-fixing technology for more efficient fertilizers.

Business Wire Sep 19 2023 - 16:48

Methane concentrations have increased rapidly and have doubled in the atmosphere compared to preindustrial levels.

Phys.org Sep 19 2023 - 11:02

Researchers from Duke University might have discovered a method to neutralize them, potentially averting $220 billion in yearly agricultural losses

SciTech Daily Sep 19 2023 - 10:09

Loss of habitat and human activities such as fishing and shipping pose a grave threat to wildlife but diseases driven by the smallest organisms in

India Education Diary Sep 18 2023 - 23:20

Researchers from the UK and the Republic of Ireland have found high levels of antibiotic-resistant genes in the wastewater system of a major teachi

News Medical Sep 18 2023 - 21:08

A Kiel research team has used a near-natural compost mesocosm experiment to demonstrate that worm hosts and the associated microorganisms jointly m

Phys.org Sep 18 2023 - 13:53

Business Growth Reports has a Latest Research report on Microbial Products Industry Research Report, Competitive Landscape, Market Insights Report

Benzinga.com Sep 18 2023 - 12:06

The global Microbial Control market size was valued at USD 6949.86 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.73% during the forecast

Benzinga.com Sep 17 2023 - 22:32

Ahead of the G20 summit, India, under whose presidency the meet was held, had identified three major health priorities – strengthen the global heal

devdiscourse Sep 17 2023 - 03:23

In water bodies, stones, aquatic plants or the substrate often feel slippery.

Sonnenseite Sep 15 2023 - 17:48

Wege Prize finalists look to microbial electrosynthesis to convert high-strength wastewater’s carbon dioxide into valuable organic chemical feedsto

CEO Sep 15 2023 - 13:19

The global microbial fermentation technology market is projected to amass a substantial valuation of US$ 32,729.05 million in 2023, with expectatio

Future Market Insights Sep 15 2023 - 09:43

Antibacterial agents can mess with your vaginal flora, increasing the risk of infections and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The Indian Express Sep 14 2023 - 22:01

Eric Slessarev, who studies the carbon storage dynamics of soil organic matter, explains why understanding this phenomenon is key to addressing cli

Yale Environment 360 Sep 14 2023 - 14:16

Eric Slessarev, who studies the carbon storage dynamics of soil organic matter, explains why understanding this phenomenon is key to addressing cli

Yale Environment 360 Sep 14 2023 - 14:16

The human microbiome includes the genetic material of more than 100 trillion tiny microorganisms – fungi, yeast, bacteria, and even viruses, most o

News Medical Sep 14 2023 - 09:18

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (CHD) said it has recalled one specific lot of ThereaBreath Strawberry Splash for Kids 16oz after the

Business Insider Sep 13 2023 - 19:22

Eric Slessarev, who studies the carbon storage dynamics of soil organic matter, explains why understanding this phenomenon is key to addressing cli

Yale Environment 360 Sep 13 2023 - 11:04

A new study published by researchers from the CUNY Institute for Implementation Science in Population Health (ISPH) at CUNY SPH and colleagues pres

Phys.org Sep 13 2023 - 08:36

Tailings can cause all kinds of problems. Mines have used a variety of technologies through the years to deal with tailings.

Elko Daily Free Press Sep 13 2023 - 08:14

New data published this month in the journal Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, from researchers at Drexel’s College of Medicine, gi

Drexel University Sep 13 2023 - 08:13

Researchers in the He lab study key ingredients in this deadly cocktail, a family of injected proteins called AvrE/DspE, that cause diseases rangin

Chronicle Sep 13 2023 - 08:08

Ever since 1911, when British mycologist Michael Cressé Potter noticed that brewer's yeast generated electricity, scientists have been trying

MSN Sep 13 2023 - 00:48

Dyadic International, Inc.

TMCnet Sep 12 2023 - 13:41

Microbiologist Ashwani Kumar from CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh; biologist Maddika Subba Reddy from the Hyderabad-based Centre

India TV Sep 12 2023 - 10:16

Scientists uncover the genes essential for the unusual lifestyle of minuscule bacteria that live on the surface of larger bacteria.

SciTech Daily Sep 11 2023 - 17:27

An anti-cavity oral rinse for children has been recalled because it may be contaminated with yeast. Church & Dwight Co.

WPXI Sep 11 2023 - 13:21

Invasive earthworms are changing the makeup of soil in Canada's boreal forests, new University of Alberta research shows.

Phys.org Sep 11 2023 - 12:02

There are some bacteria that researchers are very familiar with.

Labroots Sep 11 2023 - 10:42

A precautionary boil-water advisory is now in effect in several communities in both Armstrong and Westmoreland counties.

WTAE-TV on MSN.com Sep 11 2023 - 09:46

Recently, Autobio’s Automated Mass Spectrometry Microbial Identification System, Autof MS Series, has obtained the EU IVDR (In Vitro Diagnostic Reg

News Medical Sep 11 2023 - 00:13

NASA’s Perseverance rover puts its robotic arm to work around a rocky outcrop called “Skinner Ridge” in Mars’ Jezero Crater.

Inferse Sep 9 2023 - 16:01

Firmicutes were the most abundant phyla in chicken gut.

dvm360 Sep 8 2023 - 12:33