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PRNewswire/ -- Medicinal Genomics Corp. (MGC), a pioneer in harnessing cannabis genomics to improve the agricultural productivity, safety

Benzinga.com Aug 6 2020 - 23:51

Cobb-based LGE Community Credit Union recently announced its plans to install Synexis Microbial Reduction Systems in its branch locations across me

Marietta Daily Journal Aug 6 2020 - 08:39

It would undoubtedly have supported microbial life as we know it, as well.

YAHOO! Aug 5 2020 - 12:33

According to the latest report titled Global Microbial Detection System Market 2020 by Company, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 by Marketsan

MarketWatch Aug 4 2020 - 17:03

Sediment microbial fuel cells (SMFCs) generate electricity through the oxidation of reduced compounds, such as sulfide or organic carbon compounds,

Nature Aug 4 2020 - 02:11

ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss contract manufacturer Lonza Group (LONN.S) is adding a mid-scale microbial facility to supply France’s Laboratoires Servie

Reuters Aug 3 2020 - 22:34

The pool of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the deep ocean represents one of the largest carbon sinks on the planet.

Nature Aug 3 2020 - 02:18

Global Microbial Lipase Market to Reach $645. 6 Million by 2027.

YAHOO! Aug 1 2020 - 06:06

By analyzing modern human genomes and ancient DNA from our extinct cousins, the Neanderthals and Denisovans, the researchers detected a burst of ev

Science | AAAS Jul 30 2020 - 12:56

NASA's latest rover Perseverance launched for Mars on Thursday, blasting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V

NDTV Jul 30 2020 - 12:11

Living microbes, possibly millions of years old, have been discovered more than five kilometers beneath the  Pacific Ocean’s surface, in an area be

Voice of America Jul 29 2020 - 12:33

The report provides rational insights along with historical and forecast data to aid in better understanding of

MarketWatch Jul 29 2020 - 00:36

In what they believe is the first study of its kind, researchers led by postdoctoral researcher Luiz A.

Phys.org Jul 28 2020 - 10:17

The discovery of aerobic microbial communities in nutrient-poor sediments below the seafloor begs the question of the mechanisms for their persiste

Nature Jul 28 2020 - 08:40

The British High Commission in a statement said the five projects are planned for September and the UK is contributing 4 million pounds from the UK

The Financial Express on MSN.com Jul 28 2020 - 01:50

India will also contribute 4 million pounds.

The Tribune Jul 28 2020 - 01:36

The funding, announced by Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister of State for South Asia and the Commonwealth, comes ahead of a virtual visit to I

India.com Jul 27 2020 - 20:25

The United Kingdom and India are deepening their existing scientific research collaboration with five new projects worth eight million pounds to ta

NDTV Jul 27 2020 - 14:47

“We’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis in a way to help our customers with solutions for retail, POP, medical, and event graphics to help prevent

WhatTheyThink Jul 23 2020 - 03:03

Microbial carbon use efficiency has an important role in soil C cycling.

Nature Jul 23 2020 - 02:13

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MarketWatch Jul 22 2020 - 23:08

New York, July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reportlinker.com announces the release of the report "Global Microbial Testing Market 2020-2024&qu

Benzinga.com Jul 21 2020 - 18:08

Future Market Insights' recent report on the antimicrobial wipes market predicts a double-digit growth during the 2020-2030 forecast period.

YAHOO! Jul 21 2020 - 08:48

Designing distributed circuits that respond predictably to variation in bacterial populations remains difficult.

Nature Jul 21 2020 - 02:04

This report also researches and evaluates the impact of Covid-19 outbreak on the Microbial Analyzers industry, involving potential opportunity and

openpr.com Jul 20 2020 - 18:43

Triad based company Signal Hygiene submits a bid to sanitize schools with new technology that keeps surfaces sanitized for three months

WFMY News2 Jul 17 2020 - 11:38

Biological wastewater treatment has developed for more than 100 years, and new concepts about future wastewater treatment have been put forward wor

Nature Jul 16 2020 - 02:15

Global Microbial Bioreactor market research Report 2020 may be a comprehensive business study on this state of business that analyses innovativ

MarketWatch Jul 15 2020 - 15:22

Microbes can affect indoor air quality.

News Medical Jul 15 2020 - 11:29

Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) announced today that it has launched an advanced test system that automatically detects microorganisms in a fract

YAHOO! Jul 15 2020 - 06:46

The specialized polymer coatings can deter viruses such as COVID-19 from remaining on surfaces.

EHS Today Jul 14 2020 - 05:20

Hepatitis is caused by a variety of factors both microbial and non-microbial.

MarketWatch Jul 13 2020 - 22:44

According to the Acumen Research and Consulting, the global Automated Microbial Identification Systems market was expected to reach at US$ Mn in 20

MarketWatch Jul 13 2020 - 19:50

Anything to help keep surfaces clear of COVID-19 is a hit with consumers.

IndustryWeek Jul 13 2020 - 11:06

Anti-microbial coatings are a desired feature for high-touch surfaces inside a personal vehicle, including door handles, steering wheels, displays

YAHOO! Jul 13 2020 - 09:34

Using single-cell genomics and metagenomics applied to a hot spring mat of the Cone Pool in Mono County, California, we provide insights into virus

Nature Jul 13 2020 - 08:23

ServiceMaster launches new anti-microbial service, the next generation of infection prevention.

Business Wire Jul 13 2020 - 07:50

A study suggests the potential for a noninvasive diagnostic that could detect tumors early and differentiate between disease types.

The Scientist Jul 12 2020 - 23:16

Microbial cells are found in abundance in marine sediments beneath the ocean and make up a significant amount of the total microbial biomass on the

SciTech Daily Jul 12 2020 - 11:25

Atrimed Biotech an LLP, incubated at the Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC), Bangalore Helix Biotech Park, and Institute for Bioinformatics &

Sify.com Jul 10 2020 - 06:11

Microbial food spoilage is responsible for a considerable amount of waste and can cause food-borne diseases in humans, particularly in immunocompro

Nature Jul 10 2020 - 02:20

Living close to natural green space can mitigate some of the changes in infant gut bacteria associated with formula feeding, according to new resea

News Medical Jul 9 2020 - 16:17

Lufthansa Technik research has shown that aircraft with low utilization rates are as vulnerable to microbial buildup in fuel tanks as those in long

Aviation Week Jul 9 2020 - 12:31

Uses RIL's anti-microbial fabric 'FeelFresh' and treats with Swedish firm HeiQ's anti-microbial technology Chennai based Loyal

Business Today Jul 9 2020 - 10:58

Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as its newest innovator member. 

PR Jul 9 2020 - 07:06

LP INFORMATION recently released a research report on the Microbial Protein market analysis, which studies the Microbial Protein's industry co

openpr.com Jul 7 2020 - 19:05

NASA IV&V participated in the Mars 2020 Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) where final mission assurance conclusions were provided, culmi

SpaceNews Jul 7 2020 - 08:21

A large group of researchers from China recently characterized microbial co-infections in the respiratory tract of hospitalized coronavirus disease

News Medical Jul 6 2020 - 20:03

Discovery cohorts from three continents, plus experiments in mouse models, are used to identify microbial species and mechanisms involved in post-a

Nature Jul 6 2020 - 08:10

An orally delivered encapsulated bacterial cocktail that metabolizes blood nitrogenous waste products in the gut reduces urea and creatinine concen

Nature Jul 6 2020 - 08:10