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In addition to the specific attributes of individual bioterrorism agents, multiple considerations will shape the recognition of a bioterrorism-rela

Medscape Sep 14 2020 - 17:00

Effective bioterrorism planning, prevention, and response require information sharing between various entities, ranging from public health authorit

Medscape Sep 14 2020 - 17:00

However, these are challenging aspirations.

Medscape Sep 11 2020 - 17:00

Doctors have better treatments for potential victims of bioterrorism attacks today than in the past, but it's critical for medical workers to

Yahoo! News Sep 10 2020 - 17:00

The attacks, Koh told Undark, "prompted a national awakening that major public health investments were mandatory to protect people in the futu

Salon Sep 10 2020 - 17:00

There are few better examples of where technological innovation has improved prospects across therapeutic areas, to the potentially enormous benefi

MoneyWeek Sep 9 2020 - 16:59

It might take a week or longer for the first symptoms to show.

EHS Today Sep 8 2020 - 17:00

Acknowledging the readiness of the military on Kaua’i and statewide in the event of bioterrorism attacks, Kaua’i County’s Civil Defense director sa

The Garden Island Sep 8 2020 - 17:00

In the late 1990's  Canada created an agency in collaboration with the World Health Organisation to act as an early warning system for pandemi

rcinet.ca Sep 8 2020 - 10:12

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment allowed a rare peek into its new and improved equipment purchased over the past two years with $2.6

Lawrence Journal-World Sep 6 2020 - 16:59

3, 4 results demonstrate the potential stress to a public health laboratory that may result from bioterrorism-related anxiety and hyperalertness to

Medscape Sep 3 2020 - 17:01

India’s armed forces capable of dealing with Chinese actions in best suitable way, he added India’s armed forces are capable of handling aggressive

The Tribune Sep 3 2020 - 07:42

Opponents warn that the move could pose safety dangers and inflame anti-vaccination sentiment.

Philadelphia Inquirer Sep 3 2020 - 05:42

General Antonio Guterres told world leaders that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a game-changer for international peace and security.

Webindia 123 Sep 3 2020 - 02:00

Speeding the process could save thousands of lives, but some say it might also make it easier for the White House to push regulators to clear an un

Washington Post Sep 2 2020 - 22:20

The historic attacks of September 11 may seem to have little in common with the COVID-19 crisis.

ABC7 San Francisco Aug 31 2020 - 19:57

Everything you need to know to get ready for the Netflix series or just catch up on the story before Resident Evil 8.

IGN Aug 28 2020 - 15:59

As the economic and health risks of the Covid-19 pandemic are predicted to persist into next year, there are growing reservations about society ret

Scroll Aug 27 2020 - 18:00

But how prepared are U.S. Communities, for a bioterrorism attack? Are local hospitals ready for the potential influx of patients during an attack?

EHS Today Aug 25 2020 - 17:00

There’s no better present than a gift card, especially when it allows you to have an amazing vacation.

Travel + Leisure on MSN.com Aug 24 2020 - 11:22

However, such openness, months after the pandemic has spread across the globe may do little to allay the conspiracy theories that the release was a

Forbes Aug 20 2020 - 16:59

Bioterrorism and abortion were also important issues for voters.

The New England Journal of Medicine Aug 19 2020 - 17:00

Brian Levin is the executive director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernadino.

CNN Aug 17 2020 - 03:39

WebMD Chief Medical Officer John Whyte talks with Dr Jennifer Caudle, former Miss Iowa and a Black physician, about educating patients on COVID-19

Medscape Aug 16 2020 - 18:39

After reviewing the recommendations, the interdisciplinary team requested that the pharmacy department develop a plan for bioterrorism preparedness

Medscape Aug 16 2020 - 16:24

Hamilton County Public Health has been busy preparing a defense for the city in the case of a bioterrorism attack or flu pandemic.

WXIX-TV Aug 13 2020 - 16:30

The purpose of the biosurveillance program is to improve the Federal government's ability to rapidly identify and characterize potential biote

The White House Aug 13 2020 - 13:24

The Hospital Preparedness program makes grants to States to assist hospitals and support health care entities in delivering coordinated and effecti

The White House Aug 13 2020 - 13:24

The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act) directs the Food and Drug Administration (

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Aug 13 2020 - 11:21

Q2 2020 Earnings Conference Call August 10, 2020 08:30 AM ET Company Participants Ben Strain - Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Com

Seeking Alpha Aug 10 2020 - 12:20

What if there was another nuclear incident in the US?

The Conversation on MSN.com Aug 6 2020 - 05:33

Mysterious seed packages from China have sparked bioterrorism concerns in Poland after its nationals started receiving the unsolicited parcels, Pol

Sify.com Aug 5 2020 - 15:30

The Justice Department is working out whether it can officially close the investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks after scientist Bruce Ivins, de

NPR Aug 4 2020 - 23:00

The Wuhan lab is now run by China’s People's Liberation Army under General Chen Wei, an expert in biochemical weapons and bioterrorism.

asianews.it Aug 4 2020 - 05:27

Emergent BioSolutions' revenue tends to be lumpy since it's largely based on deliveries of bioterrorism products to the strategic nationa

The Motley Fool Jul 31 2020 - 11:26

At least eight US states have also told residents in recent days not to put the seeds in the ground, after they arrived apparently from China in th

News18 on MSN.com Jul 28 2020 - 03:22

"At this point in time, we don’t have enough information to know if this is a hoax, a prank, an internet scam, or an act of agricultural biote

Washington Examiner Jul 27 2020 - 13:46

Welcome to POLITICO’s new Global Public Health Spotlight — an extension of the Global Translations newsletter.

Politico Jul 24 2020 - 13:47

No! Even our best efforts can’t do that.

The Diplomat Jul 17 2020 - 16:59

True community resilience requires trust and teamwork across a multi-agency and sometimes multi-jurisdictional network, whether the hazard is a com

Homeland Security Today Jul 17 2020 - 16:41

Mike DeWine on Friday vetoed a bill that would undercut the power of the state health director and local agencies during public health emergencies.

Dayton Daily News on MSN.com Jul 17 2020 - 07:39

Bioterrorism training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School was a topic of conversation recently at the Association of American Medical Co

EHS Today Jul 15 2020 - 17:00

Experience shows that a bioterrorism attack is likely to be the work of a loner, cult, or militia group.

Medscape Jul 12 2020 - 17:00

The death toll caused by the virus and its crippling of the global economy have put security services on alert for bioterrorism.

The National Blogs Jul 9 2020 - 04:31

Security officials have detected rising interest from Isis terrorists in the potential use of biological weapons amid the deadly global outbreak of

The National Blogs Jul 9 2020 - 03:24

Acknowledging that it is “too early to fully assess the implications of COVID-19 on the terrorism landscape” the UN chief told the first of  series

Homeland Security Today Jul 8 2020 - 00:41

What does this latest plot imply regarding the current state of the threat of bioterrorism – “the intentional release of viruses, bacteria, or othe

The Diplomat Jul 7 2020 - 17:00

‘So if the US feels [bioterrorism] is a big threat.

The Diplomat Jul 7 2020 - 17:00

Acknowledging that it is “too early to fully assess the implications of COVID-19 on the terrorism landscape” the UN chief told the first of  series

Homeland Security Today Jul 7 2020 - 04:12