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Work in the Netherlands could result in an aerosol spray that offers poultry protection against avian influenza.

WATTAgNet Mar 20 2023 - 08:59

Researchers have uncovered a novel mechanism by which “good” bacteria colonize the gut.

technologynetworks Mar 20 2023 - 02:33

New research at Harvard’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology sheds light on how infections can alter the social behavior of animals.

The Harvard Crimson Mar 20 2023 - 02:10

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States.

Yahoo Mar 18 2023 - 14:33

Synthetic biology presents novel approaches to combat the primary cause of death in hospitals.

SciTech Daily Mar 18 2023 - 07:11

The Yale team, based in the lab of geneticist Eduardo Groisman, the Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis, found that the benef

Phys.org Mar 17 2023 - 14:17

It might be sinusitis, more commonly referred to as a sinus infection.

Yahoo Mar 17 2023 - 12:58

Alejandra Manjarrez is a freelance science journalist who contributes to The Scientist.

The Scientist Mar 17 2023 - 11:40

This bacterium, readily found in soil, can transfer electrons to metals present outside the cell and can also conduct electricity when grown on an

Phys.org Mar 16 2023 - 07:08

The findings build on earlier efforts, published last fall by researchers at the University of Cambridge, to achieve a safe, virus-resistant bacter

GEN Mar 16 2023 - 04:59

Bacteria with a synthetic genome were engineered to alter the way that the DNA code instructs cells to make proteins.

Nature Mar 15 2023 - 15:52

The search for new therapies to treat a rare type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma has had an unexpected success—identifying a potential molecular target t

Medical Xpress Mar 14 2023 - 14:05

NewsDesk @bactiman63 In a follow-up on the Carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPO) detected in Denmark, the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) has detect

Pink Mar 13 2023 - 05:19

Bacterial genes contain the secret for turning air into electricity.

The Hans India Mar 11 2023 - 16:46

A team of Australian researchers studied the remarkable ability of a bacterium classified as Mycobacterium smegmatis to survive harsh environmental

TechSpot Mar 10 2023 - 10:38

Magazine is an editorially independent, non-profit newsroom producing open-access science journalism and scientific fact-checking for the global pu

magazine.scienceconnected Mar 10 2023 - 05:00

While the world became very familiar with mRNA vaccines because of the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA vaccines have been around for awhile.

Labroots Mar 10 2023 - 00:29

A new research found an enzyme that turns air into electricity. The Huc enzyme enables bacterium Mycobacterium smegmatis to do it.

Greek Reporter Mar 9 2023 - 23:10

The 2023 report offers Toxin Market including its size, segment size (covering product type, application, and geography), competitor landscape, rec

MarketWatch Mar 9 2023 - 21:03

There was no meaning to it all. Yet, now there is plenty of meaning—at least to us, in the sense that we humans use the term: significance.

Psychology Today Mar 9 2023 - 12:01

Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) and Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) are two prescription drug brands used to correct facial wrinkles temporarily.

Yahoo Mar 9 2023 - 11:24

It may sound surprising, but when times are tough and there is no other food available, some soil bacteria can consume traces of hydrogen in the ai

Metro on MSN.com Mar 9 2023 - 02:39

A relative of the tuberculosis bacterium has long been known to convert hydrogen from the air into electricity.

Live Science Mar 9 2023 - 01:20

Scientists in Australia have discovered an enzyme in bacteria that converts air into energy, an advance that opens the way for a new clean source o

devdiscourse Mar 9 2023 - 01:07

Aussie scientists have discovered a hydrogen-munching enzyme that turns air into clean energy and it could leave batteries for dead, reports TRACEY

citynews Mar 8 2023 - 01:37

The purification systems inadvertently stripped chlorine from the municipal tap water, allowing bacteria normally found at low levels to flourish a

Ars Technica Mar 7 2023 - 10:32

The US Soybean industry is a classic example of a "commodity crop." There is new partnership that would link a specialty segment in that

Forbes Mar 7 2023 - 06:00

Investigators say Phase I study represents a "major step forward for the field of thermostable lyophilized adjuvant-containing vaccine candida

GEN Mar 7 2023 - 04:00

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top 10 global public health threats today, with the Asia-Pacific region forecasted to account for 47%

EurekAlert! Mar 6 2023 - 16:00

But Musvosvi says the researchers soon realized that the cells contained some rare clues for how the human immune system can kill the bacterium.

WKAR Mar 6 2023 - 11:51

The Biden administration said on Monday that it would take initial steps toward challenging a ban that Mexico has placed on shipments of geneticall

The New York Times Mar 6 2023 - 11:01

New methodology and tools developed by a team led by phage expert Graham Hatfull provides an opportunity to watch in unprecedented detail as a phag

EurekAlert! Mar 5 2023 - 16:00

New methodology and tools provide an opportunity to watch in unprecedented detail as a phage attacks a bacterium.

Science Daily Mar 5 2023 - 16:00

Mar 05, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- "Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry." Global "Bacillus

MarketWatch Mar 5 2023 - 00:35

Shmerling M.D. Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 30 years of experience · USA. If you have a positi

Microsoft Start Health on MSN.com Mar 3 2023 - 20:06

A Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a naturally-occurring bacterium actually found in soils throughout the world.

Edmonton Journal on MSN.com Mar 3 2023 - 04:04

Omeprazole is a drug commonly used to treat acid reflux and related conditions.

Health Digest on MSN.com Mar 2 2023 - 07:44

A Taiwan-based produce company has announced a voluntary recall of enoki mushrooms sold in Hawai‘i due to potential contamination with Listeria mon

The Garden Island Mar 1 2023 - 02:06

The Maui News A brand of enoki mushrooms sold in Hawaii has been recalled over potential contamination with an infection-causing bacterium known as

The Maui News Feb 28 2023 - 08:57

People with COVID-19 were at a greater risk because fighting off viruses limits the immune system's ability to tackle invading bacteria.

talker on MSN.com Feb 27 2023 - 06:17

(MENAFN) A health warning on a rise in an antibiotic-resistant strain of the Shigella bacterium was released by the Centers for Disease Control and

Mena FN Feb 27 2023 - 04:58

Rainbow trout are one of the most valuable finfish in the United States, valued at more than US$200 million in 2021, according to the United States

efeedlink Feb 26 2023 - 23:14

coli has long been a workhorse in biotechnology.

Science Daily Feb 26 2023 - 22:38

Head of Microbiology Department at Adeleke University, Osun State, Dr Oladipo Kolawole, tells ALEXANDER OKERE how typhoid fever, a common but deadl

The Punch on MSN.com Feb 25 2023 - 19:01

But now an analysis of the microbes in her mummified organs has revealed not syphilis, but high levels of a bacterium previously unknown to science

Metro on MSN.com Feb 24 2023 - 04:33

People often associate Escherichia coli with contaminated food, but E. coli has long been a workhorse in biotechnology.

EurekAlert! Feb 23 2023 - 10:30

A new genomic study suggests that Indigenous populations in present-day Ecuador also adapted to the tuberculosis bacterium, thousands of years befo

technologynetworks Feb 23 2023 - 01:39

A set of 10 signaling proteins found in the microbe that causes tuberculosis (TB) play a far larger role in regulating the bacterium's growth,

Phys.org Feb 22 2023 - 16:00

Reckitt, the company that produces Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula, has issued a recall in conjunction with the CPSC.

MSN Feb 22 2023 - 09:00

Scientists have concluded that renowned poet Pablo Neruda, a member of the Chilean communist party, might have had a toxic bacterium in his system

Nature Feb 22 2023 - 06:52