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Former Coca-Cola consultant and TrueMed co-founder Calley Means discusses a study linking Alzheimer's disease to gut bacteria and how what you

Fox News Apr 15 2023 - 07:58

Diet-related chronic diseases have reached a critical juncture in the U.S. Nearly half the population has prediabetes or diabetes.

KRQE Albuquerque on MSN.com Apr 15 2023 - 04:30

Their analysis uncovered not only a genetic connection between different genera of gut bacteria and a diagnosis of Alzheimer's but also a link

MSN Apr 14 2023 - 13:49

Infections of a new strain of  Pseudomonas aeruginosa  that have led to blindness and death highlight the worsening antibiotic resistance crisis

Scientific American Apr 14 2023 - 10:52

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to clean tech accessories like headphones, keyboards, and phone cases to prevent bacteria build-up.

Sacramento Bee Apr 14 2023 - 10:41

Researchers at Stanford Medicine have made a promising discovery that could lead to new cancer treatments in the future.

YAHOO!News Apr 14 2023 - 09:51

While studying a type of bacteria that lives on the healthy skin of every human being, researchers from Stanford Medicine and a colleague may have

Medical Xpress Apr 14 2023 - 08:00

Everyone can use a little stress relief, even bacteria.

Phys.org Apr 14 2023 - 08:00

The news: There are trillions of microbes living in and on our bodies—and we might be able to modify them to help us treat diseases.

MIT Technology Review Apr 14 2023 - 05:09

It has been understood for some time that microplastics provide a protective environment (the so-called "plastisphere") in which bacteria

Phys.org Apr 14 2023 - 01:02

The latest market research report on the Global "Bacteria Analyzer Market" is segmented by Regions, Country, Company

MarketWatch Apr 13 2023 - 20:44

41-year-old Jeff Bova, was chasing his dog into a pond that was created by rain and picked up the bacteria through an open wound on his body, accor

MSN Apr 13 2023 - 13:12

Scientists have altered the genomes of some of these bacteria that live on skin, essentially engineering microbes that can prevent or treat cancer.

MIT Technology Review Apr 13 2023 - 11:01

FOR millions of us, this time of year heralds the start of the hay fever season, meaning months of misery as our lives are blighted by constant sne

The Irish News Apr 13 2023 - 11:01

A health advisory has been issued for Davis Island Beach after recent water samples found high bacteria levels.

ABC Action News Apr 13 2023 - 10:42

A potential link between intestinal bacteria and the disproportionately higher rates of certain chronic disease and mental health risks among Nativ

Medical Xpress Apr 13 2023 - 10:07

The CDC reports that 1 in 3 people with necrotizing fasciitis infections dies, even if they receive treatment.

KNX News Radio Los Angeles on MSN.com Apr 12 2023 - 12:33

Professor Seokheun "Sean" Choi and his Bioelectronics and Microsystems Laboratory published their research into an ingestible biobattery

Phys.org Apr 12 2023 - 11:38

The party-poopers cutting the cable bacteria are researchers from the Center for Electromicrobiology (CEM) at Aarhus University.

Phys.org Apr 12 2023 - 09:51

Human civilisations have been shaped by disease, too.

The Economist Apr 12 2023 - 09:37

The infection started as a small spot on Jeff Bova's arm. Initially putting off seeing a doctor, he died two days after going to hospital.

YAHOO!News Apr 12 2023 - 04:30

In a new take on targeted radionuclide therapy, engineered bacteria injected into tumours attract beta-emitting radiopharmaceuticals to kill the ca

Physics World Apr 12 2023 - 01:45

The “opportunistic pathogens” won’t infect a healthy individual, says an expert, although “if you're immunocompromised, they could be concerni

LAist on MSN.com Apr 11 2023 - 22:49

Researchers examine antibiotic resistance genes and their mobility in Bifidobacteriales and Lactobacillales species.

News Medical Apr 11 2023 - 18:34


CBS Los Angeles on MSN.com Apr 11 2023 - 17:23

A man in California died recently due to a case of necrotizing fasciitis or flesh-eating bacteria, which he picked up after going into a pod with a

YAHOO!News Apr 11 2023 - 12:33

In Brazil, a group of researchers supported by FAPESP created mutant forms of Salmonella to understand the mechanisms that favor colonization of th

News Medical Apr 11 2023 - 12:33

Water quality monitoring shows that fecal bacteria is polluting the Whatcom Creek watershed.

agr.wa.gov Apr 11 2023 - 11:52

A man in San Diego, California noticed a red spot on his arm after chasing his dog into a pond.

Today on MSN.com Apr 11 2023 - 10:33

All of the new ponds and standing water that have popped up across San Diego after recent heavy rain are hard to miss.

NBC San Diego on MSN.com Apr 11 2023 - 08:07

A rare ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria that kills almost one in five infected is spreading up the east coast of the US due to warming waters.

Metro on MSN.com Apr 11 2023 - 02:03

There are a number of ways patients can protect themselves from an eye infection amid the outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria tied to eye drops suc

Fox Business on MSN.com Apr 10 2023 - 15:13

An antibiotic-resistant bacteria was discovered for the first time in Los Angeles County, U.S.

China Internet Information Center Apr 10 2023 - 12:56

Recalled salad items were distributed through Publix and other retailers in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Vir

YAHOO!News Apr 10 2023 - 09:34

On Aug. 18, 1920, The San Francisco Call summed up the spirit of the Nineteenth Amendment with a single headline.

WKXW Apr 10 2023 - 06:30

Bacteria of the species Pseudomonas aeruginosa are antibiotic-resistant hospital germs that can enter blood, lungs and other tissues through wounds

India Education Diary Apr 10 2023 - 00:10

E nvironment Secretary, Therese Coffey has a river on her doorstep which is riddled with deadly bacteria, according to environmental campaigners.

Suffolk Live on MSN.com Apr 9 2023 - 21:00

The bacteria linked to recalled eyedrops causing infection and blindness had never been seen in the U.S.

AOL Apr 9 2023 - 18:53

The public is advised to avoid Kailua Bay until further notice after wastewater was discharged into the ocean, according to the Hawaii Department o

YAHOO!News Apr 9 2023 - 15:42

Scientists find that probiotic bacteria can enhance cancer immunotherapy in mice with melanoma by migrating from the gut and activating immune cell

Medindia Apr 9 2023 - 11:29

The bacteria linked to recalled eyedrops causing infection and blindness had never been seen in the U.S.

NBC News on MSN.com Apr 9 2023 - 03:00

As well as exploiting the nerve cells in the meninges, the infectious agent goes on to suppress the immune response.

Digital Journal Apr 7 2023 - 23:26

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has discovered the highly drug-resistant bacteria tied to EzriCare artificial eye drops can spread f

YAHOO!News Apr 7 2023 - 07:46

In all species, ribosomes synthesize proteins by faithfully decoding messenger RNA (mRNA) nucleotide sequences using aminoacyl-tRNA substrates.

GEN Apr 7 2023 - 05:00

Testing at Bruce Beach indicates no elevated bacteria levels in a coastal zone plagued by contaminants identified as specific to human waste.

YAHOO!News Apr 7 2023 - 02:01

An antibiotic-resistant bacteria was discovered for the first time in Los Angeles County and experts are concerned, saying the fast-spreading bacte

KTLA on MSN.com Apr 6 2023 - 18:49

Quirks and Quarks54:02Artificial auroras, home runs and climate change, baby’s first bacteria, math does crowd control, science and storylistening

CBC.ca Apr 6 2023 - 12:16

A new way of using 3D printing to create infection-fighting materials for use as medical implants has been revealed in a new research paper, publis

Phys.org Apr 6 2023 - 06:28

Until recently, we had no idea how important gut bacteria were to your overall health.

YAHOO!News Apr 6 2023 - 02:00

She explained that the bacteria from the mouth and teeth can 'cause your skin to dry out or become irritated', which can result in breako

Daily Mail Apr 5 2023 - 10:46