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A new study from Brazil suggests reusable plastic shaker bottles (and water bottles) are probably a lot more gross than you thought, unless you wer

phillyvoice.com Jan 2 2019 - 13:05

If you're hosting or attending a party in the near future, odds are you'll be pouring and downing all kinds of libations on the rocks.

Fox News Jan 2 2019 - 02:08

(Beyond Pesticides, January 2, 2019) The “indoor microbiome” of yoga studios and other athletic facilities often contain significant levels of anti

Beyond Pesticides Jan 1 2019 - 20:30

Illinois researchers developed a technique to unmute silent genes in Streptomyces bacteria using decoy DNA fragments to lure away repressors.

Phys.org Jan 1 2019 - 03:12

A Berlin sex club had a health scare on Saturday after a patron was rushed to hospital with deadly bacterial meningitis.

Newshub Jan 1 2019 - 00:51

In 2016, a mysterious illness spread inside the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center, the U.S.

Gizmodo Australia Jan 1 2019 (All day)

Sleep technologists might not think twice about cleaning their patients’ skin to hook them up to electrodes that monitor brain waves during an elec

Sleep Review Dec 31 2018 - 11:28

Chemistry matters. Join us to get the news you need. Yes! I want to get the latest chemistry news from C&EN in my inbox every week.

C&EN Dec 31 2018 - 11:27

New study finds that bacterial guests in our digestive tract calm the immune cells that drive up blood pressure.

Medindia Dec 30 2018 - 21:51

To a large extent our well-being depends on what bacterial guests in our digestive tract consume, as researchers have found that beneficial gut mic

Yahoo! India News Dec 30 2018 - 21:37

Berlin, December 31: KitKatClub, one of the raunchiest nightclub in Europe located in Berlin was recently in the news after it asked the guests vis

Oneindia Dec 30 2018 - 21:34

Whole-grain products and fruits contain cellulose and inulin fibers, from which gut bacteria produce the beneficial molecules like propionate.

TheHealthSite Dec 30 2018 - 20:58

The newly-discovered bacteria strain Streptomyces sp. myrophorea, which has been found to produce potent antibiotics(Credit: G.

New Atlas Dec 30 2018 - 18:16

A pill containing millions of bacteria ready to colonize your gut might be a nightmare to many.

KRQE Blogs Dec 30 2018 - 11:42

The substance calms the immune cells that drive up blood pressure, according to the study published online in the journal Circulation To a large ex

Mid Day Dec 30 2018 - 08:47

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — A Pennsylvania dairy farm is under quarantine after a man was sickened by drug-resistant bacteria.

CBS Philly Dec 29 2018 - 07:24

Evolutionary ecologist Professor Martin Kaltenpoth has been awarded funding by the European Research Council (ERC) to investigate different forms o

EurekAlert! Dec 28 2018 - 11:20

Hendrik Bartolomaeus in the lab.

Medical Xpress Dec 28 2018 - 06:52

HASTINGS, Mich. (CNN) -- An elderly man who was treated for Legionnaire's disease at a Michigan hospital has died.

WSAW-TV Dec 27 2018 - 21:02

BARRY COUNTY, MI -- A 92-year-old man died from pneumonia after he tested positive for Legionnaires' disease in late November, health leaders

MLive Dec 27 2018 - 16:58

Bacteria known to cause Legionnaire’s Disease has been found in the water supply at Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital in Hastings.

WZZM Dec 27 2018 - 11:05

FILE - This undated file image made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a large grouping of Legionella pneumophila ba

WOOD-TV Dec 27 2018 - 10:49

HASTINGS, MI -- The bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease has been found in the water at Spectrum Health Pennock hospital in Hastings.

MLive Dec 27 2018 - 10:21

Growth of the newly discovered Streptomyces sp.

Phys.org Dec 27 2018 - 08:42

Zone of inhibition produced by Streptomyces sp myrophorea on a lawn of MRSA.

EurekAlert! Dec 27 2018 - 08:13

Sugar can silence a key protein required for colonization by a gut bacterium associated with lean and healthy individuals, according to a new study

Futurity News Dec 26 2018 - 16:43

Patients were infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria living in the plumbing of the National Institutes of Health’s hospital in Bethesda, Md.,

STAT Dec 26 2018 - 14:03


U.S. News & World Report Dec 26 2018 - 09:36

In a recent safety announcement, the FDA revealed that 3% of properly collected samples tested positive for more than 100 colony-forming units of &

Celiac Dec 26 2018 - 08:39

WESLACO – Experts are warning well-water users to have their supplies tested.

KRGV Dec 24 2018 - 10:08

This holiday season, you may want to take extra caution when it comes to some ingredients.

abc13 Dec 23 2018 - 15:09

The hospital released a statement saying that the water supply of most large buildings contain small amounts of legionella, but that the majority o

News12 Brooklyn Dec 23 2018 - 09:56

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A warning for guacamole lovers — you may want to start washing those avocados before you eat them.

CBS Philly Dec 23 2018 - 07:21

An interdisciplinary team of three Virginia Tech faculty members affiliated with the Macromolecules Innovation Institute has created a drug deliver

Augusta Free Press Dec 22 2018 - 02:28

The FDA is out with a warning about avocados -- wash them before eating.

WNYT NewsChannel 13 Dec 21 2018 - 23:30

An interdisciplinary team of three Virginia Tech faculty members affiliated with the Macromolecules Innovation Institute has created a drug deliver

Lab Manager Dec 21 2018 - 08:05

(Nanowerk News) An interdisciplinary team of three Virginia Tech faculty members affiliated with the Macromolecules Innovation Institute has create

Nanowerk Dec 20 2018 - 10:01

Rick Davis (left), professor of chemical engineering; Bahareh Behkam (middle), associate professor of mechanical engineering; and Coy Allen (right)

Phys.org Dec 20 2018 - 09:05

It's bacteria's world, and we're just living in it.

INSIDER Dec 20 2018 - 07:23

A pill containing millions of bacteria ready to colonize your gut might be a nightmare to many.

The Daily Beast Dec 20 2018 - 06:30

Dissemination of colistin-resistant E. coli with mcr in local community residents of Vietnam.

Medical Xpress Dec 20 2018 - 06:02

From self-guiding bullets to brain-computer interfaces and robot insect spies, there are plenty of military technologies that sound like something

digitaltrends.com Dec 20 2018 - 00:59

TOWN AND COUNTRY(KMOV.com) - Water from a West County hotel has tested positive for Legionnaire's Disease in a preliminary non-cultured test,

KMOV Dec 19 2018 - 20:19

Parts of Middlemore Hospital have been declared 'transmission risk areas' after two patients were found to be infected with a bacteria re

Newshub Dec 19 2018 - 14:35

In a paper entitled “Programmable and printable Bacillus subtilis biofilms as engineered living materials,” a team of researchers discusses how the

3dprint Dec 19 2018 - 13:24

1 Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA.

advances.sciencemag.org Dec 19 2018 - 12:42

If you swim, kayak or hang out along the water's edge of the Hudson, you may feel good about how far the river's health has come since th

Lohud.com, Westchester County Dec 19 2018 - 07:40

NEW YORK: A well-accepted principle in the animal kingdom—from wasps to deer—is that creatures already occupying a habitat nearly always prevail ov

New Kerala Dec 19 2018 - 07:36

In a new report published in Expert Review of Vaccines, the Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) - a leading group of scientists, doctors and publ

News Medical Dec 19 2018 - 01:03