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Houston-based chemical manufacturing startup Solugen, announced Wednesday that it has raised a $32 million series B round.

Forbes May 22 2019 - 07:08

Antibiotic resistance in pathogenic microbes poses a significant threat to human health 1; antibiotics are critical not only in treating bacterial

Nature May 22 2019 - 02:20

According to archaeologists, people have been fermenting for at least 9,200 years, and yet, not everyone's convinced.

VICE May 22 2019 - 01:20

If you’re thinking of heading to the shore for Memorial Day weekend, you can look forward to taking a dip in the water, as all of the states’ lifeg

NJ.com May 21 2019 - 14:27

Although anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the US, affecting 40 million adults every year, only 37 percent of those dealing with it

PopSugar May 21 2019 - 14:13

People who experience anxiety symptoms might be helped by taking steps to regulate the microorganisms in their gut using probiotic and non-probioti

Science Daily May 21 2019 - 05:55

Evidence that suggests our gut bacteria play complex roles in maintaining and impacting overall health is piling up.

Medical News Today May 21 2019 - 05:13

The slender, rod-shaped Bacillus subtilis is one of the best-studied bacteria in the world, a go-to system for exploring and understanding how bact

Phys.org May 21 2019 - 04:19

“Recently we observed that when the MAC properly forms pores in the outer membrane of E.

Nature May 20 2019 - 15:26

It's not exactly the set of TV's "American Ninja Warrior," but a tiny obstacle course for bacteria has shown researchers how E.

Phys.org May 20 2019 - 12:03

In an attempt to improve water quality, Idaho officials have instated a “no pets allowed” rule at a Treasure Valley pond, according to an Idaho Sta

Idaho Statesman May 20 2019 - 10:18

It’s a question more than a handful of people have likely sheepishly typed into Google after their morning cup: Why does coffee make you poop?

Newsweek May 20 2019 - 02:04

Science continues finding evidence that the bacterial universe in our guts (aka the microbiome) affects our overall health, though big parts of the

Forbes May 19 2019 - 21:44

ZOLFO SPRINGS, Fla. — A pernicious disease is eating away at Roy Petteway’s orange trees.

The New York Times May 19 2019 - 17:29

The synthetic DNA contains 61 codons, as opposed to the 64 typically found in living organisms (NIAID via Flickr under CC BY SA-2.0) But as Tom Ell

Smithsonian Magazine May 17 2019 - 15:56

Everyone needs a comfortable, quality night's sleep, and while we often consider our mattress to be the biggest factor, perhaps we should spen

Mental Floss May 17 2019 - 14:13

Following is a transcript of the video. Narrator: Do you ever do this? In some ways sharing earbuds is like sharing a Q-tip.

Business Insider May 17 2019 - 13:32

Sure, buying one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars or collecting a lock of Charlotte Bronte’s hair might seem like the ultimate act of fandom.

Smithsonian Magazine May 17 2019 - 11:38

This planet has a problem with plastic.

Wired May 17 2019 - 08:00

The dangers plastic bags, bottles and other products pose to marine life are all too familiar.

Popular Science May 17 2019 - 05:53

Andrew Camilli is a co-founder and scientific advisor of PhagePro, a company developing phage products to promote global health.

The Conversation May 17 2019 - 03:45

Food and Drug Administration officials recalled several types of tattoo ink this week over worries that they could be contaminated with dangerous b

ABC May 16 2019 - 23:56

The Food and Drug Administration has recalled six types of tattoo ink over concerns they may be contaminated with bacteria.

al.com May 16 2019 - 23:15

As scary as that sounds, though, the likelihood of contracting the bacterium is still pretty small.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution May 16 2019 - 17:12

The Food and Drug Administration announced a recall Wednesday of tattoo ink that contain a bacteria that can cause health issues for people tattooe

MLive May 16 2019 - 15:44

Healthline Media, Inc.

Medical News Today May 16 2019 - 09:09

Scientists have created a living organism whose DNA is entirely human-made — perhaps a new form of life, experts said, and a milestone in the field

The New York Times May 16 2019 - 08:06

The Food and Drug Administration announced the recall of six types of tattoo ink because they are contaminated with bacteria.

USA Today May 16 2019 - 06:21

In recent years, scientists have begun to understand that trees rely on complex underground networks of fungi and microbes which interact symbiotic

Newsweek May 16 2019 - 05:52

People tend to treat dogs like members of their family. Kids treat them better than that, which is fair considering how much they have in common.

YAHOO! May 15 2019 - 14:20

A mozzarella (left) made with bacteria sampled from the belly button of Professor Green, and a Stilton cheese made with bacteria sampled from the n

The Guardian May 15 2019 - 09:22

A mozzarella (left) made with bacteria sampled from the belly button of Professor Green, and a Stilton cheese made with bacteria sampled from the n

The Guardian May 15 2019 - 09:22

The FDA says it discovered the problem during 2018-2019 fiscal year inspections and routine checks of inks on the market. The U.S.

Miami Herald May 15 2019 - 09:21

Cheese made with bacteria taken from celebrities' ears, toes, and armpits goes on display at London's V&A museum.

Reuters May 15 2019 - 09:07

LONDON — Cheeses made with bacteria taken from celebrities' ears, toes and armpits, a ceramic toilet cooked up from cow manure, edible water b

The New York Times May 15 2019 - 08:55

Since the end of the Second World War, along with the growing prosperity and the associated changes in lifestyle, numerous new and civilisation-rel

Phys.org May 15 2019 - 08:50

It's already been cast as an economic villain, to the tune of $2.5 trillion, disrupting "almost all marine ecosystem services" and s

Fox News May 15 2019 - 07:07

A research study is underway at surfing beaches in three New Jersey municipalities to better understand the linkage between rainfall and bacteria p

WHYY May 14 2019 - 17:05

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles make up a common additive — E171 — used as a coloring agent in many products.

Medical News Today May 14 2019 - 14:56

People who have inadequate vitamin A in their diets are more susceptible to skin infection, yet how that vitamin affects skin immunity has been unc

Phys.org May 14 2019 - 12:18

Stressful life events most likely contribute to autoimmune diseases, but scientists don't have a deep understanding of the underlying chain of

Medical Xpress May 14 2019 - 12:16

A study has found that rideshares like an Uber or Lyft are some of the dirtiest ways to get around, with far more bacteria than comparable modes of

The Drive May 14 2019 - 09:35

Imperial medical students have helped to devise a new type of ‘decoy’ drug to tackle infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

Imperial College London May 14 2019 - 09:25

We’ve all seen heartbreaking pictures of dolphins trapped in plastic six-pack rings.

Futurism May 14 2019 - 08:36

For the first time researchers of BacBio Laboratory of the University of Malaga have evidenced that the combination of 'Bacillus subtilis'

EurekAlert! May 14 2019 - 08:35

Ten percent of the oxygen we breathe comes from just one kind of bacteria in the ocean.

Science Daily May 14 2019 - 08:24

On May 18, a team of renegade cheesemakers will showcase some very outré cheese at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s forthcoming exhibition, Food: B

Atlas Obscura May 14 2019 - 07:02

Ten per cent of the oxygen we breathe comes from just one kind of bacteria in the ocean.

Phys.org May 14 2019 - 02:03