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Astronomers mourn the end of an infrared observatory that flew aboard a jumbo jet.

Wired Sep 30 2022 - 04:00

In May 2022, the International Journal of Astrobiology published a paper suggesting a candidate source of the WOW!

SETI Sep 29 2022 - 15:05

The first probable impact crater in Spain has been identified in the southern province of Almeria.

Phys.org Sep 29 2022 - 11:30

Enceladus is one of the moons of Saturn.

The Hindu Sep 28 2022 - 23:05

Discarded debris is common during Mars and Moon missions, but they're not trash piles but precious artifacts of our first footsteps on another

Forbes Sep 28 2022 - 17:00

When NASA's 990-pound Dragonfly rotorcraft reaches the Selk crater region—the mission's target touchdown spot—on Saturn's moon Titan

Phys.org Sep 28 2022 - 10:40

As NASA deflects asteroids and plans a return to the Moon, the European Space Agency (ESA) dreams of sending a nuclear submarine to the subsurface

Daily Express Sep 28 2022 - 04:25

Budding astronauts can now experience the sights and even the sounds of Mars as they "hike" across the red planet, thanks to a new intera

Newsweek on MSN.com Sep 27 2022 - 08:58

Unidentified flying object (UFO) organizations and specialists have been calling for "full disclosure" that alien contact has already occ

Space.com Sep 27 2022 - 04:00

Water trapped underneath the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon ‘Europa’ may be able to sustain life and NASA’s spacecraft ‘Juno’ is nearby and going to i

The Scotsman on MSN.com Sep 27 2022 - 03:48

Does the existence of life on Earth tell us anything about the probability of abiogenesis—the origin of life from inorganic substances—arising else

Phys.org Sep 26 2022 - 09:05

Blue stars are by far the biggest and brightest stars in the galaxy.

Space.com Sep 26 2022 - 06:36

The space agency will attempt to knock Domorphos off its orbit using a technique that could hopefully one day save the Earth from potentially life-

El País in English on MSN.com Sep 26 2022 - 06:09

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an international team of researchers led by the University of S

Labroots Sep 25 2022 - 10:00

Specks of dust retrieved by a Japanese space probe from an asteroid some 300 million kilometres from Earth have revealed a surprising component: a

Phys.org Sep 25 2022 - 08:20

Recent research has shown that the best chance astronomers have of finding life on another planet is likely to be on a super-Earth similar to the o

Inverse on MSN.com Sep 24 2022 - 14:00

Daliah Raquel Bibas is a second-year Geology & Planetary Sciences Master’s Degree Candidate at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

Labroots Sep 24 2022 - 10:00

Newly discovered super-Earths add to the list of planets around other stars that offer the best chance of finding life.

The Conversation on MSN.com Sep 24 2022 - 06:10

These two exoplanets are super-Earths — more massive than the Earth but smaller than ice giants like Uranus and Neptune.

Salon on MSN.com Sep 24 2022 - 04:29

Scientists may be on the verge of a stunning breakthrough after finding water from an asteroid around 186 million miles (300m kilometres) from Eart

Daily Express Sep 23 2022 - 04:21

You are leaving Cambridge Core and will be taken to this journal's article submission site.

Cambridge University Press Sep 22 2022 - 17:00

Discovery offers new support for the theory that life may have been seeded from outer space

The Guardian Sep 22 2022 - 12:43

Enceladus has an ice-covered water ocean that erupts into space, forming a plume.

The Jerusalem Post Blogs Sep 22 2022 - 10:10

Astronomers estimate that there are tens of billions of super-Earths in habitable zones where liquid water can exist in the Milky Way alone.

Singularity Hub Sep 22 2022 - 07:00

Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, has oceans that are rich with the materials needed to generate life, a new study has suggested.

Independent.ie Sep 21 2022 - 18:30

Sitting within a star’s habitable zone, they’re planning on using the James Webb Space Telescope to prove the planet has life-supporting conditions

Popular Mechanics Sep 21 2022 - 10:10

AstroAccess, an organization dedicated to promoting disability inclusion in space exploration, announced its second cohort of Disabled Ambassadors

SpaceRef Sep 21 2022 - 09:19

There should be as much phosphorus on Enceladus’ ocean as Earth’s seawater (Picture: /Science Photo Libra) As scientists look for signs of life in

Metro Sep 21 2022 - 08:12

The results of this study can be used to uncover more information about Europa's habitability and to prepare the Europa Clipper spacecraft.

YAHOO!News Sep 21 2022 - 06:33

Enceladus is one of the prime targets in humanity’s search for life in our solar system,” said Dr Christopher Glein from the Southwest Research Ins

The Independent on MSN.com Sep 21 2022 - 04:48

Humanity's hunt for aliens and alien worlds has made significant progress in recent years, but there is still much work to be done before we g

in.mashable Sep 21 2022 - 03:17

We've yet to encounter any Martians on the dry, dusty world next door and it increasingly seems the dark, ice-covered seas of Saturn's mo

CNET Sep 20 2022 - 12:29

Astronomers now routinely discover planets orbiting stars outside of the solar system – they’re called exoplanets.

Hindustan Times Tech Sep 20 2022 - 10:38

The nearest Earth 2.0 is likely to be at least 100 light years away, says the co-author of a new paper that conducted computer models to predict th

Forbes Sep 20 2022 - 10:22

Now we need to go to the moon to "see if a habitable ocean is actually inhabited", one of the scientists behind the discovery says.

Interesting Engineering Sep 20 2022 - 07:52

But in summer 2022, teams working on NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite found a few particularly interesting planets orbiting in the habi

The Hindu Sep 19 2022 - 23:06

Astronomers now routinely discover planets orbiting stars outside of the solar system they're called exoplanets.

Business Insider India Sep 19 2022 - 21:12

The search for extraterrestrial life just got more interesting as a team of scientists has discovered new evidence for a key building block for lif

Science Daily Sep 19 2022 - 13:50

The search for extraterrestrial life has just become more interesting as a team of scientists, including Southwest Research Institute's Dr.

Phys.org Sep 19 2022 - 12:43

The International Space Station is a space platform in the low-Earth orbit that serves as a microgravity laboratory and much more.

Interesting Engineering Sep 19 2022 - 07:36

NASA’s Perseverance rover is well into its second science campaign, collecting rock-core samples from features within an area long considered by sc

India Education Diary Sep 18 2022 - 22:59

NASA has made a new development while collecting organic material samples from Mars to pave the way for future special missions.

Hindustan Times Tech Sep 18 2022 - 13:54

The new images reveal JWST will be a fantastic tool for astronomers aiming to improve their knowledge of exoplanets.

Space.com on MSN.com Sep 18 2022 - 07:57

NASA's Perseverance rover is well into its second science campaign, collecting rock-core samples from features within an area long considered

Science Daily Sep 16 2022 - 13:28

The ground-breaking explorer has identified evidence which suggests that the red planet may have previously housed an enormous lake.

AS USA on MSN.com Sep 16 2022 - 09:01

NASA's SUV- sized Preservance rover has collected some organically rich molecules that might lead to some exciting revelations about the red p

India.com Sep 16 2022 - 05:45

The finding, published in Nature Communications, explains how life may have developed the biologic tools to deal with, and ultimately thrive in, ox

Eos Sep 16 2022 - 05:06

Mars 2020 Perseverance is part of NASA s Moon to Mars exploration plan which also includes Moon based Artemis missions

DNA on MSN.com Sep 16 2022 - 05:02

NASA’s Perseverance rover has brought us some good insights.

The Financial Express on MSN.com Sep 16 2022 - 00:33

NASA’s Perseverance rover has brought us some good insights.

The Financial Express Sep 16 2022 - 00:33