Links for North America:

  • The Enterovirus Foundation is a non-profit organization created to fund research to discover the persistent effects of enteroviruses, to determine the role they play in both acute and chronic disease, and to develop treatments to cure and prevent these diseases.

  • Representing physicians, scientists and other health care professionals who specialize in infectious diseases.

  • The mission of the IAS–USA is to improve the treatment, care, and quality of life for people with HIV, hepatitis C virus, or other viral infections through high-quality, relevant, balanced, and needs-oriented education and information for practitioners who are actively involved in medical care.

  • The society's purpose is to provide recognition to medical mycology as a flourishing and distinct division of medical microbiology, to unite all medical mycologists under a central organization that will recognize their needs and represent their interests, and to encourage fellowship among its members.

  • The Minnesota Interlaboratory Microbiology Association (MIMA) is an independent organization dedicated to clinical and public health microbiology issues. MIMA is composed of individuals interested in current topics in clinical and public health microbiology.

  • Promoting the discipline of leukocyte biology.

  • An association of health professionals dedicated to promoting the appropriate use of antimicrobials.

  • Promoting scientific knowledge of microbiology in the southeastern United States by providing educational opportunities and encouraging scientific investigation among its members. In addition SEACM also seeks to improve and enhance recognition of the field of clinical microbiology.

  • The U.S. Federation for Culture Collections (USFCC) is a society whose purpose is to further the science and practice of culture maintenance and systematic microbiology.