Links for Microbiology Clubs:

  • The Microbiology Club helps to inform students about the microbiology major and provides a community forum for students to learn about career opportunities and the latest news in microbiology.

  • The main goal of the Biotechnology and Microbiology Club is to explore and emphasize the broad areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

  • The Undergraduate Microbiology Club is an organization for those interested in the field of microbiology. We promote social activities and support those with similar interests.

  • http://isumicro.blogspot.com/
  • An organization created to promote student interest and development in microbiology, and to advance scientific knowledge through personal associations and the interchange of ideas.

  • Students are all from different majors but all finding microbiology interesting.

  • Aiming to provide Undergraduate Microbiology students with a network of students and faculty members in the same discipline, to provide students with information and resources on employment after graduation, and to enhance learning outside the classroom.

  • http://microclub.umd.umich.edu/
  • A group of undergraduates with an interest in and passion for all things microbiological.

  • To stimulate the interest of learning and understanding in the field of Microbiology, and spread public health awareness to the general public on current issues pertaining to Microbiology.

  • The Club promotes student interest in, and further improves the quality of, the microbiology program at the University.

  • An academic student organization that focuses on Microbiology.

  • Offering the opportunity to interact with other students and faculty members with microbiology interests.

  • To Graduate Students interested in Microbiology, Microbiology Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) is a group of graduate students that have a shared interest in the broad topic of Microbiology, although MGSO is open to any member of the ISU campus community.

  • To provide undergraduate students with an interest in microbiology a chance to meet and communicate with other students in this field of study.

  • The Microbiology Club is a group of undergraduate students within the Microbiology department and related departments that come together throughout the semester to share a common interest in all things microbiology related! The club aims to give students an opportunity to experience microbiology outside of the classroom and to network with other students, professors, and professionals in the field.

  • Presenting programs at local schools to raise microbiology awareness and by visiting local businesses that use microbiology to create their products.

  • The intent of the Microbiology Club is to provide students interested in microbiology with the opportunity to meet with other students, and with faculty in the Microbiology Department, in both social and academic settings. The Club is open to any members of the University community (staff, faculty, students) with an interest in microbiology, although the interests of undergraduate students will be the main focus of the Club.

  • Established in order to offer, stimulate and explore interests in the field of microbiological research.

  • Established to promote student interest and further improve the quality of the Microbiology program at MTU; to promote high school students' interest in microbiology

  • The University of Arizona Microbiology Club is an organization comprised of students and affiliated academic members that come together to promote interest in microbiology and all related fields including pathology, immunology, virology, mycology, parasitology and bacteriology. The aim of the organization is to not only spread the knowledge and interest in microbiology, but to also provide members with special opportunities and knowledge of scholarships, research opportunities, and field experience.

  • An organiation dedicated to enhance the experience of undergraduates in or interested in one of the six specializations in the Microbiology and Immunology Department.

  • http://www.uwlax.edu/microclub/