Links for R:

  • Publishes articles covering all aspects of microbiology, including general and molecular microbiology, physiology and microbial genetics, environmental and applied microbiology, industrial microbiology, mycology and medical microbiology, and now also covers microbial genomics, energing microbiological diseases, and the genetics of virulence.

  • Publishing reviews, mini-reviews, case presentations and original research from on-going research of the latest developments and techniques in medical microbiology, virology, mycology, parasitology, clinical microbiology, and hospital infection.

  • This journal publishes reviews in the area of virology.

  • A quarterly international journal publishing original work on all aspects of invasive fungal disease in humans, animals and plants, mycotoxicosis, fungal taxonomy and biology, industrial mycology and any other aspects related to the study of fungi.

  • An international forum for publishing original reports on RNA research in the broadest sense.