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  • Publishing research in the field of microbiology, including applied microbiology and biotechnology; microbial structure and function; fungi and other eucaryotic protists; infection and immunity; microbial ecology; physiology, metabolism and enzymology; and virology, genetics, and molecular biology.

  • A general medical journal publishing original research and review articles, commentaries and editorials, practice updates, an arts and ideas section and health news.

  • Publishing original studies in all areas of basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological, and prevention research devoted to the study of cancer and cancer-related biomedical sciences.

  • This journal brings together all the varied aspects of research that will ultimately lead to the prevention of cancer in man. The journal publishes papers that warrant prompt publication in the areas of Biology, Genetics and Epigenetics (including the processes of promotion, progression, signal transduction, apoptosis, genomic instability, growth factors, cell and molecular biology, mutation, DNA repair, genetics, etc.), Cancer Biomarkers and Molecular Epidemiology (including genetic predisposition to cancer, and epidemiology), Inflammation, Microenvironment and Prevention (including molecular dosimetry, chemoprevention, nutrition and cancer, etc.), and Carcinogenesis (including viral, chemical and physical carcinogenesis, metabolism of carcinogens, and the formation, detection, identification and quantification of environmental carcinogens).

  • Publishes findings in areas of experimental biology, including but not limited to cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, virology and microbiology, cancer, human genetics, systems biology, signaling, and disease mechanisms and therapeutics.

  • Focusing on the host cell responses elicited by the interaction of micro-organisms. Equal emphasis is placed on responses to prokaryotic, viral and eukaryotic micro-organisms.

  • Publishing original research and review papers on all aspects of chemoreception in both humans and animals.

  • Featuring cutting edge clinical investigations in the multidisciplinary specialties of chest medicine, such as pulmonology, cardiology, thoracic surgery, transplantation, sleep and breathing, airways disease, and more.

  • Publishing articles related to research in and the practice of cardiovascular diseases, including observational studies, clinical trials, epidemiology, health services and outcomes studies, and advances in applied (translational) and basic research.

  • Publishing fundamental, mechanistic research of relevance to the cardiovascular system from various disciplines including biochemistry, biophysics, cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, pathology, physiology, and pharmacology.

  • Publishing research on the immune response in health and disease showcasing discoveries in clinical, laboratory, and vaccine immunology. Areas of focus include microbial immunology, immune mechanisms, veterinary immunology, and all aspects of vaccine research: development and evaluation of vaccines, immune responses to vaccines, vaccine vectors, adjuvants and immunomodulators, assays of vaccine efficacy, and clinical trials.

  • Publishes original articles describing clinical research on the cellular and molecular characterization, prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of human cancer.

  • Publishing articles in the field of laboratory medicine.

  • Publishing articles on infections, public health, microbiology, and immunology to the prevention of infection, the evaluation of current and novel treatments, and the promotion of optimal practices for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Publishing articles of research in clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, virology and parasitology, including immunology and epidemiology as related to these fields.

  • Publishing minireviews on pathogenesis, diagnosis, epidemiology, therapy of infectious diseases, practical and brief articles on laboratory techniques, updates on important clinical problems, editorials and opinions on controversial issues in laboratory medicine, tips on improving the laboratory workplace, and case reports that describe or resolve difficult or unusual clinical cases.

  • Publishing developments in clinical microbiology and immunology. Topics include pathogenic mechanisms, individual and groups of microbial pathogens, clinical and laboratory aspects of newly recognized and reemerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial agents and their applications, and diagnostic laboratory technologies.

  • The journal is open to subjects of common interest related to Immunology and Immunopharmacology, Microbiology and human and animal Infectious Diseases.

  • Publishing high-quality reviews that organize, evaluate, and present the current status of high-impact, current issues in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology.

  • Publishing biotechnological techniques, from fermentation to genetic manipulation relevant to the food and beverage, fuel production, chemical and pharmaceutical, and waste management industries.

  • Publishing reviews covering all areas of microbiology relevant to humans and animals, including medical and veterinary microbiology, public health and environmental microbiology.

  • This journal publishes original research in crop breeding, genetics, and cytology; crop physiology and metabolism; crop ecology, production, and management; seed physiology, production, and technology; turfgrass science; crop ecology, management, and quality; genomics, molecular genetics, and biotechnology; plant genetics resources; and pest management.

  • Publishing all areas of biology, including: Cell Biology, Cell Signaling, Cell Cycle Regulation, and Apoptosis, Developmental Biology, Cellular and Systems Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Gene Expression, including Genomics & Proteomics, DNA and RNA Metabolism, including Transcription and Translation, Plant Biology, Immunology, Ecology and Evolution.

  • Publishing articles presenting genetic, genomic, molecular and systems-level analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms and cell organelles.

  • Publishing on all aspects of microbial cells including prokaryotes and eukaryotes and, where appropriate, viruses. The coverage spans general, medical, and applied microbiology and virology, drawing on physiology, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, morphology, taxonomy, diagnostic methods, and immunology as applied to microorganisms.

  • Publishing on topics in Analytical biotechnology, Plant biotechnology, Food biotechnology, Energy biotechnology, Environmental biotechnology, Systems biology, Nanobiotechnology, Tissue, cell and pathway engineering, Chemical biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical biotechnology.

  • Publishing articles covering Innate immunity, Antigen procesing, Lymphocyte development, Tumour immunology, Lymphocyte activation and effector functions, Vaccines, Host pathogens, Immune senescence, Immunogenetics and transplantation, Autoimmunity, Allergy and hypersensitivity.

  • Publishing articles covering Host-microbe interactions: bacteria, Cell regulation, Ecology and industrial microbiology, Host-microbe interactions: fungi/parasites/viruses, Antimicrobials, Genomics, Growth and development: eukaryotes/prokaryotes.