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  • Sampling and monitoring equipment for the water and wastewater industry.

  • Provider of full, life-cycle microbiology testing services for the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Tissue and Natural Products industries.

  • A global company in the development and marketing of products to control residues and improve quality for the food, agriculture, seafood, pharmacological and environmental industries.

  • Providing wastewater treatment system monitoring, drinking water quality testing services and external QA/QC testing for both the shellfish and food & beverage industries.

  • All-encompassing, process-driven LIMS and other software solutions that target the pharmaceutical, biotech and other health-care industries.

  • Novus Biologicals offers personalized service for customers, collaborators,and licensors and bring value to the scientific community by offering antibodies that are normally difficult to find. We at Novus Biologicals hold great respect for our customers, suppliers, and employees. We invest in creative solutions to ensure the highest level of productivity and customer experience. Novus as a company is built on honesty, collaboration, and strong relationships and will continue to provide quality tools to accelerate the bioscience research community.