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  • Providing flow cytometers, reagents, tools, and a wide range of services to support the work of researchers and clinicians who understand disease and improve care.

  • Promoting quality biochemistry and molecular biology education, and education in related fields such as microbiology and cell biology, worldwide.

  • The consumer guide for the life scientist. A resource for product information, product reviews, and technologies for life scientists.

  • A not-for-profit electronic publishing service committed to providing access to quality research journals published in developing countries.

  • Microbiology for the identification and characterization of microbial cells.

  • Dedicated to the advanced microbiological testing of water samples, solids and chemical matrices, food and consumer products, environmental samples, and proprietary devices and processes.

  • Manufacturer of laboratory and medical instrumentation for the clinical, research, biological, chemical, environmental, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories.

  • Biome360 offers people information to learn about and understand their own microbiome (gut, oral, skin, etc.), and the direct and indirect impact it has on many important aspects of human health. Additionally, Biome360 provides tools for customers to determine their specific microbiome profile, change it as needed, and then maintain their microbiome for the healthiest life outcome possible.

  • Developer, primary manufacturer of micro-encapsulated biostimulants for use in the bioremediation of organic wastes and contaminants in soil, water and animal bedding.

  • American optical engineering company that develops, and manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control systems used for qualitative and or quantitative light microscopy.

  • BCI provides microbiological and analytical services for environmental and engineering companies working with chlorinated solvents, as well as addressing petroleum and coal tar.

  • Development and production of immunological, microbiological and parasitological diagnostic tools.

  • Specializing in microbiological test kits and laboratory services.

  • Environmental sampling products.

  • Offering consulting in biotechnology and pharmaceutical information resources development and information use and analysis; technological, competitive, market and regulatory intelligence and assessments.

  • A company active in Research and Development, analysis services, production and commercialisation of Molecular Microbial Diagnostics for the detection and identification of micro organisms using a variety of molecular approaches like, FISH, DGGE or TGGE, Q-PCR or real time PCR, DNA micro array or other molecular techniques.

  • Keeping you informed while performing experiments, by providing you with insights and recommendations for products, equipment and assays. Scientists can view summarized information from millions of life sciences research papers and make quicker, informed decisions about the antibodies to use for their assays. The company's goal is to help scientists save time and money when selecting products to use in their experiments.

  • Producing quality resources for students and teachers of senior biology.

  • BOC Sciences provides a wide variety of custom services which range from bulk compounds to specialty species in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries.

  • A supplier of science materials and equipment to Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics teachers throughout Canada.

  • Providing a variety of the highest quality analytical testing services to support CMC for Drug Development and Release Testing, including complete Stability Testing, Analytical Development Testing, and Microbiology Testing.

  • Stocking a wide range of light microscopes, stereomicroscopes, accessories, prepared slides, stains and reagents that are suited to the professional and amateur microscopist, as well as educational establishments, industry and research.

  • BTF provides reference standards for microbiological testing.

  • Delivering products and services to solve microbial and corrosion problems in reliable, innovative, and cost-effective ways.

  • The firm specializes in upgrading older microscopes with modern lighting, optical systems and digital imaging systems with personal computers.