Links for Chemicals:

  • Offering an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. The firm also provides analytical services and laboratory services.

  • Microbiological Water / Wastewater Treatments.

  • Develops, manufactures, and markets in-vitro diagnostic reagents and stains for mycobacteriology, parasitology and general clinical microbiology.

  • Focused on providing the smartest products for Food microbiology & HACCP. We let you target food safety & quality by offering a wide range of smarter tests & equipment.

  • Providing flow cytometers, reagents, tools, and a wide range of services to support the work of researchers and clinicians who understand disease and improve care.

  • Developer, primary manufacturer of micro-encapsulated biostimulants for use in the bioremediation of organic wastes and contaminants in soil, water and animal bedding.

  • A company active in Research and Development, analysis services, production and commercialisation of Molecular Microbial Diagnostics for the detection and identification of micro organisms using a variety of molecular approaches like, FISH, DGGE or TGGE, Q-PCR or real time PCR, DNA micro array or other molecular techniques.

  • Keeping you informed while performing experiments, by providing you with insights and recommendations for products, equipment and assays. Scientists can view summarized information from millions of life sciences research papers and make quicker, informed decisions about the antibodies to use for their assays. The company's goal is to help scientists save time and money when selecting products to use in their experiments.

  • BOC Sciences provides a wide variety of custom services which range from bulk compounds to specialty species in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries.

  • A supplier of science materials and equipment to Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics teachers throughout Canada.

  • Covance is a provider of innovative antibody products and custom antibody development services to the research community.

  • Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, FISH probes, tissue array,
    microorganisms, equipments and related services for the research community.

  • Fisher Scientific's online catalog.

  • Develops and manufactures products to improve the speed and accuracy in protein and cell analysis research.

  • Offering innovative solutions for assay development and research applications by providing high-quality immunological reagents in such areas as cardiac markers, Troponin I and Troponin T, infectious disease antibodies and autoimmune disease reagents.

  • Supplier of centrifuges, microscopes, and lab-related products.

  • Offering dehydrated culture media, particularly for the culture and isolation of anaerobes.

  • Manufacturing and development of diagnostic reagents and culture media.

  • Providing medical, industrial and educational purchasers with an economical source for their laboratory supplies from established manufacturers.

  • Providing workflow solutions and automation, integrating each step in the workflow from biopsy to diagnosis. We create worldwide centers of excellence to ensure we build the highest quality manufacturing facilities and the most innovative development teams.

  • A large scale manufacturer of antibodies, viral antigens, recombinant proteins, and critical assay reagents. MLS also provides contract R&D, process development, and manufacturing services to the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic markets along with cGMP biologics manufacturing for Phase I/II clinical trials.

  • Specializing in easy-to-use, accurate water testing and microbiology applications.

  • A company focused on laboratory Equipment of Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Government Organization, Institutes and clean-room equipment technology.

  • A global company in the development and marketing of products to control residues and improve quality for the food, agriculture, seafood, pharmacological and environmental industries.

  • Novus Biologicals offers personalized service for customers, collaborators,and licensors and bring value to the scientific community by offering antibodies that are normally difficult to find. We at Novus Biologicals hold great respect for our customers, suppliers, and employees. We invest in creative solutions to ensure the highest level of productivity and customer experience. Novus as a company is built on honesty, collaboration, and strong relationships and will continue to provide quality tools to accelerate the bioscience research community.

  • Supplier of rhamnolipids for agricultural, animal husbandry, cosmetic, environmental, food processing, industrial, medical, petroleum, and research.

  • Helping customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity through their brands, Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services.

  • Manufacturing microorganism / enzyme formulas to reduce or eliminate chemical treatment in Wastewater, Aquaculture, Oil & Gas, Residential Systems.

  • Specialists in the design and manufacture of virus related antibodies and antigens.

  • Providing monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, DNA and ELISA probes, antigens and other reagents for the research community.