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Links for Web Gateways:

  • A collection of all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses.

  • This site brings together many links on bacteria, bacteriology, and related topics available on the web.

  • The Open Directory Project Microbiology section.

  • An on-line reference to all things mycological! Gives information about fungal infections and mycology in general. This web site is dedicated to timely dissemination of information about fungal infections via the world-wide web.

  • http://microbes.arc.nasa.gov/
  • A general Microbiology portal in Portuguese.

  • An internet site containing information about diversity of fungi. Mycology.Net aims to: provide online data on the biodiversity of fungi, including lichens, especially their taxonomy, distribution, phylogeny, descriptive characters, collections, literature etc.; inform about mycological institutions, journals, databases (link sections) and persons engaged in mycology; facilitate interaction between databases and support the development of standards for data exchange; reach scientists all over the world and invite them to use the platform and to help improving the quality and quantity of data; maintain a discussion forum for mycological subjects and the further development of the platform itself.