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KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE: If you plan to get the flu vaccine this year you might not want to wait.

fox45now.com Aug 17 2016 - 20:09

The nasal spray version of the flu vaccine that many people prefer over the flu shot is not recommended for the coming flu season because it doesn’

Niagara Gazette Aug 17 2016 - 19:12

The study, funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research are not black and white.

cdanews.com Aug 17 2016 - 17:32

Consider a stock: For years it has been a market darling, delivering double digit underlying earnings growth in eight years out of a decade and con

Australian Financial Review Aug 17 2016 - 16:56


WLOS ABC 13 Aug 17 2016 - 15:45

Tracy Van Auker, Wegmans media relations coordinator, 585-429-3826, tracy.vanauker@wegmans.com ROCH

Press Release Point Aug 17 2016 - 14:12

NEW BRITAIN - With the winter months coming up quickly, it’s time to learn about the flu vaccine, how to prevent it, and if you get the flu, how to

Patch Aug 17 2016 - 07:59

A pregnant woman in the middle of a marathon 52 hour labour was left in such intense pain that she was almost able to imagine the horror of man flu

dailysquat.com Aug 17 2016 - 02:30

With the former Novartis ($NVS) flu vaccine unit in hand, CSL has big plans for its newly formed Seqirus unit.

FiercePharma Aug 17 2016 - 01:54

Nearly two dozen pigs tested positive for swine flu at the Ashtabula County Fair over the weekend, prompting concern for the pigs at the Canfield F

WFMJ Aug 17 2016 - 01:26

Cough syrup is disgusting. There’s really no way around it, right? The texture, the taste, the everything – it’s all just plain unpleasant.

hellogiggles.com Aug 16 2016 - 20:54

Residents from Alexandra Hills, Redland Bay and Wellington Point who received their flu shots have contributed $616 towards a fund raising total of

redlandcitybulletin.com.au Aug 16 2016 - 18:23

There has been an increasing demand for Global Flu vaccine Market in a global scheme, so several market analysts have dedicated time and effort to

reports.pr-inside.com Aug 16 2016 - 18:16

A large study of nearly 500,000 moms and babies shows that moms who got a flu shot while pregnant helped their babies stay healthier.

9&10 News Aug 16 2016 - 18:09

A golden staph infection during or after catching the flu ends up killing more patients because the virus urges white blood cells to attack patient

Cosmos Aug 16 2016 - 16:57

We've all endured gag-inducing cough syrups and hard-to-swallow horse pills in the name of treating the sniffles.

womenshealthmag.com Aug 16 2016 - 13:08

We've all endured gag-inducing cough syrups and hard-to-swallow horse pills in the name of treating the sniffles.

womenshealthmag.com Aug 16 2016 - 13:08

The flu-related sales may pick up by the fourth quarter and the story beyond the flu products is relatively underappreciated.

Seeking Alpha Aug 16 2016 - 12:47

Every year we are reminded of the important impact that Influenza A virus (aka 'the flu') has on human health.

ABC Online Aug 16 2016 - 12:40

Vaccines are truly one of modern medicine’s biggest farces. The flu vaccine is one of the best examples of this.

Natural News Aug 16 2016 - 11:57

CDC and its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have updated their guidelines on egg allergy and receipt of influenza (flu) vaccines.

cdc.gov Aug 16 2016 - 10:38

The intranasal trivalent live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) and the trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) provide similar protection

Medscape News Aug 16 2016 - 07:18

People are more susceptible to infections in the mornings than at the end of the day, new research has found.

Sunday World Aug 16 2016 - 06:13

CAMP HILL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rite Aid announced today the availability of seasonal flu shots at Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide.

Business Wire Aug 16 2016 - 06:06

Avoid getting others sick with these expert tips. Video courtesy of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

parents.com Aug 16 2016 - 06:06

A study led by McMaster University researchers and published in the scientific journal Annals of Internal Medicine, has found that flu nasal sprays

Med India Aug 16 2016 - 05:59

Flu vaccinations now available every day at CVS Pharmacy® and MinuteClinic® nationwide, including evening and weekend hours, no appointment necessa

prnewswire.com Aug 16 2016 - 05:23

Regular readers of this blog are well aware that science is a process, and sometimes, it can be messy and inconsistent.

afludiary.blogspot.com Aug 16 2016 - 05:16

A study led by McMaster University researchers has found that, contrary to recent reports, flu nasal sprays provide similar protection against infl

outbreaknewstoday.com Aug 16 2016 - 04:19

STATES CHRONICLE – Things are getting complicated when it comes to the nasal spray flu vaccine. A few days ago, the U.S.

States Chronicles Aug 16 2016 - 04:19

A SURGE in influenza cases across the state has struck down nearly 2000 people in just one week, prompting a warning from health authorities as hos

The Telegraph Aug 16 2016 - 02:10

(WIAT) — A new study finds nasal sprays provide children just as much protection against influenza as standard flu shots.

CBS 42 Aug 16 2016 - 00:58

It has been revealed that cold and flu medicines do not cure the infectious illnesses but only work to treat symptoms as this year's tally of

Daily Mail Aug 16 2016 - 00:51

A spike in emergency admissions for influenza has signalled that the flu season is gathering pace, with nearly 2000 confirmed cases last week in NS

Sydney Morning Herald Aug 16 2016 - 00:22

In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shocked the medical community by recommending against the use of the live nasal flu vaccine

Salon Aug 15 2016 - 23:18

RIO DE JANEIRO — About 6 a.m.

National Post Aug 15 2016 - 20:12

The flu mist immunization is not being recommended for use in the 2016-2017 year because it is considered ineffective.

KAKE TV Aug 15 2016 - 19:36

A death from the flu shot might appear on your local media, like it did in 2015, for Katherine McQuestion, a 26-year-old healthcare worker from Wis

renegadetribune.com Aug 15 2016 - 16:59

The nasal vaccine is as effective as the flu shot, found a McMaster University study in direct contrast to American research.

Hamilton Spectator Aug 15 2016 - 16:59

Nasal spray or flu shot? A new Canadian study suggests the nasal flu mist is just as good at getting the job done as the flu shot.

reportca.net Aug 15 2016 - 14:35

CATSKILL >> Flu clinics will take place in September through the Greene County Public Health Department in conjunction with the Greene County

DAILYFREEMAN Aug 15 2016 - 13:31

Here are some immunizations you might want to consider after discussion with your health care professional: People with certain health conditions,

Times Union Aug 15 2016 - 13:17

Flu season might be a few months away, but that hasn't stopped a team of researchers from discovering some added benefits the flu vaccine hold

informationaboutdiabetes.com Aug 15 2016 - 12:27

A new study says babies are much less likely to get the flu if their moms are vaccinated during pregnancy.

WNDU Aug 15 2016 - 12:05

Natural sleeping patterns are vital in protecting the body from viruses and bugs as when disrupted they leave people more susceptible to infection.

The Daily Express Aug 15 2016 - 12:05

Longer term, with stressed livestock (particularly pigs and poultry), one has to worry about more losses, and the possibility of seeing a rise in z

afludiary.blogspot.com Aug 15 2016 - 05:53

Community pharmacist vaccination programs have spread across Canada in recent years.

Pharmacy Times Aug 15 2016 - 05:53

Daniel Lebowitz MD, owner of IV Me MD says, “Vitamin IV therapy is a great way to feel better, sooner.

usfinancialnewstoday.com Aug 15 2016 - 04:20

BEMIDJI -- There was a distinct lack of clucking and wings flapping at the Beltrami County Fair last year, with not a bird in sight.

AG Week Aug 15 2016 - 04:05

There are no reported human illnesses, but the Van Buren/Cass District Health Department says 20 pigs at the Cass County Fair last week were infect

WSJM Aug 15 2016 - 03:51