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The World Health Organization said that although a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan selling live animals likely played a significant role in the

U.S. News & World Report May 9 2020 - 13:56

Sissi has approved amendments to the country's state of emergency that grant him and security agencies additional powers, which the government

SFGate May 9 2020 - 13:39

The figures for those in intensive care also fell, with 38 people admitted for critical care.

YAHOO! May 9 2020 - 13:27

Fewer men wash their hands. They aren't as attentive to social distancing.

Houston Chronicle May 9 2020 - 13:17

Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened Saturday to pull the company’s factory and headquarters out of California in an escalating spat with local officials

Associated Press May 9 2020 - 13:07

Indian authorities used drones and fire engines to disinfect the pandemic-hit city of Ahmedabad on Saturday, as virus cases surged and police clash

YAHOO! May 9 2020 - 12:40

Kansas lawmakers are turning to virtual meetings to prepare for an upcoming session aimed at dealing with the financial fallout from the coronaviru

U.S. News & World Report May 9 2020 - 12:06

Former President Barack Obama described President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic as "chaotic" in a conference c

Reuters May 9 2020 - 11:36

He urged people to continue to work from home if they could, but said if they did have to travel to work they should consider cycling or walking ra

U.S. News & World Report May 9 2020 - 09:39

As India enters an extended coronavirus lockdown, the government is actively pursuing contact tracing to help control infections.

SFGate May 8 2020 - 22:11

The number of people dying from the coronavirus in Ohio's nursing homes has continued to increase at an alarming pace.

SFGate May 8 2020 - 20:38

The coronavirus could "smolder" in Africa for years and take a high death toll across the continent, the World Health Organization has wa

Houston Chronicle May 8 2020 - 17:08

The state Department of Health said the number of positive cases remained at 629.

U.S. News & World Report May 8 2020 - 17:03

Alphabet Inc's Google said on Friday it has asked employees to take a day off on May 22, to address work-from-home-related burnout during the

Reuters May 8 2020 - 15:09

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - COVID-19 remains a "lethal threat" to North Carolina residents who don't take it seriously, Gov.

SFGate May 8 2020 - 14:07

"Even before the COVID-19 crisis we assessed a certain level of coordination between Russia and the PRC in the realm of propaganda," said

International Business Times May 8 2020 - 13:42

Stocks ended higher Friday even after the ugliest monthly jobs report ever as traders bet the worst of the coronavirus and its impact on the econom

CNBC on MSN.com May 8 2020 - 13:10

We meet for a memorial service by video conference because that’s how it must be done these days.

Associated Press May 8 2020 - 12:31

Hundreds of protesters in Kenya blocked one of Nairobi’s major highways with burning tires to protest government demolitions of the homes of more t

ABC May 8 2020 - 12:30

Mississippi lawmakers on Friday started talking about how the state should spend part of the $1.25 billion it is receiving in coronavirus relief mo

Associated Press May 8 2020 - 11:22

The names and addresses of Tennesseans who've tested positive for COVID-19 are being provided to first responders, law enforcement and paramed

U.S. News & World Report May 8 2020 - 11:11

One possibility would be to administer a harmless virus that bears the required gene.

Scientific American May 8 2020 - 08:19

Major social networks are rushing to take down a new coronavirus conspiracy theory video which has rapidly spread across the internet.

BBC May 8 2020 - 06:22

A wholesale market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan played a role in the outbreak of the novel coronavirus last year, as the source or possibly

Reuters May 8 2020 - 03:47

Europe is marking the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany to Allied forces following six years of war in a low-key fashion as a resul

Raleigh News & Observer May 8 2020 - 01:53

Europe was marking the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany to Allied forces following six years of war in a low-key fashion Friday du

YAHOO! May 8 2020 - 01:52

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people.

Houston Chronicle May 8 2020 - 01:47

Japan's Sharp Corp, an Apple Inc supplier, cut its full-year profit forecast by 48% on Friday, as demand for technology devices took a hit fro

Reuters May 8 2020 - 01:10

Hong Kong on Friday began to ease major social distancing measures with bars, gyms, beauty parlours and cinemas reopening their doors after the fin

International Business Times May 8 2020 - 00:17

On Friday's 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, talk of war is afoot again - this time against a disease that has killed at

Houston Chronicle May 8 2020 - 00:06

Nearly 200 inmates within North Carolina's prison system have been allowed to serve the rest of their sentences outside of prison to discourag

SFGate May 7 2020 - 23:17

China and South Korea both reported more coronavirus infections Friday after reopening economies damaged by devastating outbreaks.

SFGate May 7 2020 - 23:11

United Nations chief António Guterres has said the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a “tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scare-mon

The Guardian on MSN.com May 7 2020 - 22:57

China’s soft power is getting a lot harder thanks to Covid-19.

Reuters May 7 2020 - 19:35

The televised golf match involving Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and two of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks is raising $10 million for COVID-19 relie

NBC New York May 7 2020 - 13:47

President Donald Trump is falsely suggesting that children are safe from the coronavirus as he pushes to reopen the country now and schools in the

SFGate May 7 2020 - 13:30

A French court on Thursday ordered French auto giant Renault to suspend production that had resumed at a plant in northern France due to insufficie

International Business Times May 7 2020 - 13:14

The new applications brought the total number of jobless claims since mid-March to 33.3 million.

BBC News on MSN.com May 7 2020 - 13:13

We know the coronavirus can be detected in blood, sputum and saliva. A new study adds to the evidence that the virus is found in semen as well.

Los Angeles Times May 7 2020 - 13:01

The televised match involving Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and two of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks is raising $10 million for COVID-19 relief

NBC New York May 7 2020 - 12:36

U.S. President Donald Trump is doing well and is very healthy, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News on Thursday, after a U.S.

YAHOO! May 7 2020 - 12:35

The number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in Arizona has reached 450 and confirmed COVID-19 cases have neared 10,000, health officials sai

Associated Press May 7 2020 - 11:44

Air France-KLM on Thursday announced a first-quarter loss of 1.8 billion euros and warned of more woe to come as the coronavirus pandemic decimates

International Business Times May 7 2020 - 11:16

The Defense Department has begun barring the enlistment of would-be military recruits who have been hospitalized for the coronavirus, unless they g

Associated Press May 7 2020 - 08:14

Posted . Indigenous groups from nine countries in the Amazon basin called on Wednesday for donations to help protect 3

Reuters May 7 2020 - 01:45

China's manufacturing sector is set for more troubled export numbers and employment woes over the next few months given the lack of orders ami

CNBC May 7 2020 - 01:28

We are "worried" that humanitarian spaces for refugees may shrink if coronavirus infections within refugee camps rise, says Peter Maurer,

CNBC May 7 2020 - 01:28

More than 60% of coronavirus deaths in Washington are linked to long-term care facilities and authorities say more than 250 such locations in the s

SFGate May 7 2020 - 01:14

China's government declared the whole country now at low virus risk Thursday as its new cases fall to near zero and no new deaths have been re

SFGate May 7 2020 - 00:11