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The Ebola outbreak that devastated West Africa in 2014 was a product of multiple factors, including a population that relies increasingly on global

The Huffington Post Nov 3 2016 - 23:16

Horses at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank were placed under quarantine after an outbreak of a deadly virus, ABC7 has learned.

abc7.com Nov 3 2016 - 22:19

Genetic mutation acquired by the Ebola virus during the 2013-16 helped the virus better target human cells, reveal The Scripps Research Institute (

Med India Nov 3 2016 - 17:25

The Ebola virus that went on a deadly three-year rampage in West Africa before it was smothered earlier this year was on the move in more ways than

Sci-Tech Today Nov 3 2016 - 16:57

Health workers carry a body of a person killed by Ebola at a graveyard on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, March 11, 2015.

gizmodo.in Nov 3 2016 - 14:26

The Ebola virus that went on a deadly three-year rampage in West Africa before it was smothered this year was on the move in more ways than one.

The Seattle Times Nov 3 2016 - 13:36

(CNN)Mexican food chain Wahaca closed nine of its UK restaurants after the outbreak of a suspected stomach bug last week.

CNN Nov 3 2016 - 12:25

The Ebola virus that went on a deadly three-year rampage in West Africa before it was smothered earlier this year was on the move in more ways than

Los Angeles Times Nov 3 2016 - 11:13

On Nov. 2, 1988, a computer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was infected with one of the first-ever self-spreading viruses.

Motherboard Nov 3 2016 - 10:09

The sheer size of the Ebola epidemic that began in 2013 and engulfed West Africa is still a bit of a riddle for scientists.

Science Magazine Nov 3 2016 - 09:04

A study led by scientists at UMass Medical School demonstrates that an Ebola virus mutant dominated the 2013–16 epidemic by making the virus better

University of Massachusetts Medical School Nov 3 2016 - 09:04


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Nov 3 2016 - 05:58

The Crochet Virus Shawl by Julia Marquardt is one of the most famous shawls of today’s era.

thecrochetcrowd.com Nov 3 2016 - 05:51

The Ebola virus mutated to more effectively infiltrate human cells during the West African outbreak that killed more than 11,300 people between 201

Washington Post Nov 3 2016 - 04:54

Social media is an important source of news for many Americans, but the health stories that are most popular may also be the least accurate, sugges

FOX News Nov 3 2016 - 04:25

Malware has forced three UK hospitals to cancel routine operations and outpatient appointments.

TechEye Nov 3 2016 - 02:52

Consistent with our stated policy of making available the best research material from across the globe to our ever-growing list of erudite clients,

Medgadget Nov 3 2016 - 00:58

Beginning in December 2013, the Ebola virus spread like wildfire across Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, killing an estimated 11,310 people over

The Verge Nov 2 2016 - 23:17

No one wants to hear the words brain cancer, especially glioblastoma, which is the most aggressive kind of cancer.

abc7.com Nov 2 2016 - 22:13

Smoking cigarettes may shorten the lifespan of people living with HIV more than the deadly virus itself, scientists including one of Indian origin

The Tribune India Nov 2 2016 - 20:54

Researchers, on Monday, discovered that the Zika virus can cause lasting damage to key cells in the male reproductive system through shrinking of t

Flapship Nov 2 2016 - 20:04

Federal health officials have identified seven new substances, including five viruses, as known carcinogens in a new report. The U.S.

ABC News Nov 2 2016 - 19:50

Social media is an important source of news for many Americans, but the health stories that are most popular may also be the least accurate, sugges

CBC Nov 2 2016 - 14:06

If you’re a male, the news about Zika’s possible effect on your sex life couldn’t be worse.

Curacao Chronicle Nov 2 2016 - 12:19

Most of the research to understand the effects of Zika infections has focused on pregnant women and birth defects.

Futurity Nov 2 2016 - 11:21

It is the genome of an oncolytic virus, it is 34,000 base pairs long, and it is 100% artificial.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Nov 2 2016 - 08:44

NORWICH, England, Nov.

United Press International Nov 2 2016 - 07:40

Health officials are investigating what could be the second human case of West Nile Virus in Williamson County.

fox7austin.com Nov 2 2016 - 05:52

Chippewa County (Press Release) - State and local health officials are advising residents to continue to protect themselves against mosquito bites

WQOW Nov 2 2016 - 04:12

He called the factors that led to the mass spreading of the virus a “perfect storm.” War, the draft, the lifestyle, culture — and the gun.

suncommunitynews.com Nov 2 2016 - 03:15

A second Miami Beach Police Officer has contracted the Zika virus, according to the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police.

NBC Universal Media Nov 2 2016 - 01:35

A DANGEROUS breed of mosquito lurking near Australia could soon make it to the mainland, bringing with it serious diseases.

News.com.au Nov 1 2016 - 23:47

A new study revealed that men who are exposed to the dreaded Zika virus might develop some serious reproductive problems, leading to infertility.

Nature World News Nov 1 2016 - 21:53

If you've picked up a newspaper, turned on the TV, or casually looked around the internet, then you know what the Zika virus is.

YourTango Nov 1 2016 - 16:23


snopes.com Nov 1 2016 - 14:36

The hospital says the "major incident" means patients should avoid visiting if possible.

ZDNet Nov 1 2016 - 13:53

A study has found that the Zika virus can cause a man’s balls to shrink and significantly lower fertility.

sickchirpse.com Nov 1 2016 - 08:24

We modeled the potential cost-effectiveness of increasing access to contraception in Puerto Rico during a Zika virus outbreak.

wwwnc.cdc.gov Nov 1 2016 - 06:36

Zika virus infection can break down and severely damage animals' testes and affect reproductive health of males, suggests a new research.

gizmodo.in Nov 1 2016 - 04:56

It seems every time we think we know all the terrifying health effects of the Zika virus, new research shows it’s even worse than previously believ

Inhabitat Nov 1 2016 - 03:09

A virus infected the network of the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundations Trust (NLAG) forcing its hospitals to shutdown its computers an

TechWeekEurope Nov 1 2016 - 02:47

Very long press conference by Gael Monfils in, Paris Bercy!

Tennis World Nov 1 2016 - 02:11

Nineteen sites in western Victoria will next year trial a new virus known as RHDV1 K5 to significantly reduce rabbit populations and their devastat

The Standard Nov 1 2016 - 00:46

Hospitals in Lincolnshire, England, have cancelled hundreds of operations after being hit with a "major" computer virus.

The Business Insider Nov 1 2016 - 00:10

(Newser) – The Zika virus has been linked to microcephaly, or shrunken heads, in the infants of pregnant women who contract the virus, but it also

Newser Nov 1 2016 - 00:03

The Zika virus epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean has infected potentially millions of people and is pegged as the cause of congenital Zik

The Huffington Post Oct 31 2016 - 21:54

New research in male mice has revealed that Zika virus infection can break down and severely damage the animals' testes.

News-Medical Oct 31 2016 - 20:35

Zika Virus Targets the Male Reproductive System Zika Infection Causes Infertility and Lowers Levels of Sex Hormone in Males The Zika Virus causes a

i4u.com Oct 31 2016 - 18:33

Zika virus infection causes testicular shrinking, lower testosterone and fewer sperm in mice.

Cosmos Oct 31 2016 - 16:53

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Zika fears on Miami Beach are now affecting the police department.

Local 10 News Oct 31 2016 - 16:53