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The three adult resistance genes (RBgh1-3) share new mechanisms for fighting the barley powdery mildew pathogen, making them the best hope yet of a

Farm Weekly Sep 22 2021 - 23:00

The discipline of infectious diseases has strict definitions for the level of containment for a communicable disease.

The Bulletin Sep 22 2021 - 21:15

GUELPH, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd.

YAHOO!Finance Sep 22 2021 - 07:45

But what is less understood is how these reservoir species live with these pathogens for so long, and what conditions lead to the point where the p

News Medical Sep 21 2021 - 23:24

The organisation warned that the alleged organic fertiliser imported from China would cause much more damage than the chemical fertilizer.

The Statesman Sep 21 2021 - 23:24

According to psychologists, in addition to our physiological immune system, we also have a behavioral one: an unconscious code of conduct that help

News Medical Sep 21 2021 - 21:37

Turns out the Allegheny River Valley is not necessarily ground zero for mosquito swarms. It just feels like it is.

Olean Times Herald Sep 21 2021 - 14:41

A graduate student and professor in the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences have received a $415,000 grant for their researc

Auburn University Sep 21 2021 - 13:11

The scientists assessed epidemiological data from March to December 2020 from the CDC to investigate the prevalence of COVID-19 disease among diffe

News Medical Sep 21 2021 - 09:00

But what is less understood is how these reservoir species live with these pathogens for so long, and what conditions lead to the point where the p

EurekAlert! Sep 21 2021 - 08:31

Since the start, COVID-19 has been tough to define. Part of the problem is that COVID-19 is the disease, not the virus.

The Atlantic on MSN.com Sep 21 2021 - 08:02

In a recently published article on the bioRxiv* preprint server, scientists from the USA and UK have described the significance of early inflammato

News Medical Sep 20 2021 - 22:52

New research led by Reeta Rao, professor and interim head of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, shows that two yeasts derived from food s

wpi.edu Sep 20 2021 - 12:04

Ontario Genomics and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI Ontario). Program. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Genome Data Science.

University of Guelph Sep 20 2021 - 11:10

Bacterial blight leads to browning and sometimes the death of important crops.

Phys.org Sep 20 2021 - 09:35

Fitchburg-based Promega Corp.

Madison.com Sep 20 2021 - 05:05

Cerus Corporation (Nasdaq: CERS) today announced its participation in the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM) Virtual Annual Mee

Killeen Daily Herald Sep 20 2021 - 05:02

ABSTRACT Historical accounts show that infectious diseases have shaped human population history, but historical records are incomplete or non-exist

nsf.gov Sep 20 2021 - 04:05

OXFORD, England and AUSTIN, Texas, Sept.

Business Insider Sep 20 2021 - 02:00

Experts have warned that the recently revealed presence of a plant-based pathogen Erwinia in organic fertilizer samples from China, - Get the lates

News Sep 19 2021 - 11:44

The idea of waning immunity has picked up steam in recent weeks, with some countries using it to justify rolling out third-dose COVID-19 vaccine bo

680 News Sep 19 2021 - 10:20

<p>While antibodies — proteins created after infection or vaccination that help prevent future invasions from the pathogen — do level off ove

The Canadian Press on MSN.com Sep 19 2021 - 05:00

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Agriculture confirmed today that a microorganism identified as ‘Erwinia’ was discovered in samples brought - Get the latest

News Sep 17 2021 - 06:04

Dr Placide Mbala-Kingebeni and Prof Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, discuss pathogen sequencing for epidemics in the Democratic Republic of Congo

openaccessgovernment.org Sep 17 2021 - 05:29

It’s the rare engineer who gets to conduct experiments in space. But Lehigh University now has three who will be doing just that.

EurekAlert! Sep 16 2021 - 22:43

The North America ultraviolet disinfection equipment market size was valued at 565 4 million in 2020 and is projected to reach 2 460 9 million by 2

openpr.com Sep 16 2021 - 07:47

As per Persistence Market Research's latest industry analysis, the global plant disease diagnostics market was valued at US$ 88.8 Mn in 2020,

YAHOO!Finance Sep 16 2021 - 05:30

Inc., (TSX-V: LXG; OTCQB: LXXGF) (the “Company”), a molecular diagnostics company that develops fully automated rapid pathogen detection systems, i

YAHOO!Finance Sep 16 2021 - 04:45

When producer growers donated to form the Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) several years ago, their chief concern was Fusar

Markets Sep 16 2021 - 04:34

The activation of transposable elements and relaxed purifying selection underpin an incipient expansion of the genome in populations of a major whe

eLife Sep 16 2021 - 03:00

Now, researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Darlinghurst in Australia, CSIRO Data61, and the School of Biotechnology and Biomolec

News Medical Sep 15 2021 - 21:43

“With virus and pathogen awareness on high alert due to the Delata variant and inevitable new variants in the future, we are very excited to immedi

Morningstar%2c Inc. Sep 15 2021 - 07:28


YAHOO!Finance Sep 15 2021 - 06:39

A study published on the bioRxiv* preprint sever focused on ONT sequencers that can rapidly provide data on the SARS-CoV-2 virus sequence.

News Medical Sep 15 2021 - 01:30

Members of Congress introduced bipartisan legislation to freeze federal funding for gain-of-function research.

YAHOO!News Sep 14 2021 - 12:46

The pathogen can lurk on blankets, bed rails, trolley handles, sheets, door handles, light switches, bedside tables, bedside table drawers, curtain

Infection control Sep 13 2021 - 11:43

Primary lung abscess as a complication of necrotising community-acquired pneumonia due to multidrug-resistant (MDR) Klebsiella pneumoniae is rare.

BMJ Sep 13 2021 - 10:34

The study and estimations of this Food Pathogen Testing Market report also helps to figure out types of consumers, their views about the product, t

openpr.com Sep 12 2021 - 21:57

Pejman Rohani, a professor in the University of Georgia's Odum School of Ecology, was recently quoted in a Wired article about future flu seas

Albany Herald Sep 12 2021 - 10:23

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) continues to plague US swine herds.

The Pig Site Sep 11 2021 - 03:26

One theory involves “viral interference,” the idea that a durable respiratory pathogen could occupy a susceptible population so that it’d basically

Gwinnett Daily Post Sep 10 2021 - 07:23

If an individual can warn their group about danger they might be able to overcome it.

Labroots Sep 9 2021 - 17:12

Complete protection against infection has long been hailed as the holy grail of vaccination. It might simply be unachievable.

The Atlantic on MSN.com Sep 9 2021 - 16:12

"China intentionally misled America and the world about what they knew and slowed our response," Kansas Senator Roger Marshall said.

Newsweek on MSN.com Sep 9 2021 - 15:14

Plant bulbs act as a hub for genetic recombination between strains of A. fumigatus, leading to more fungicide-resistant strains to azoles.

BioTechniques Sep 9 2021 - 06:06

Researchers from Germany and France tried to determine if epidemiological studies based on co-detection prevalence data can offer a reliable estima

News Medical Sep 8 2021 - 20:47

Global Rapid Food Pathogen Testing Market Report 2021, Covid 19 Outbreak Impact research report added by Report Ocean, is an in-depth analysis of m

Inter Press Service Sep 8 2021 - 17:27

From plague and rabies to Lyme disease and Ebola, nasty pathogens have a long history of jumping from their usual animal hosts to people.

umn.edu Sep 8 2021 - 10:44

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba have found that coating soybean plant leaves with cellulose nanofiber (CNF) gives protection against an

EurekAlert! Sep 8 2021 - 09:55