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Dr. Thomas Ruttledge died on Tuesday while out on one of his famous bike rides.

Cornell Daily Sun May 25 2020 - 08:54

Sonovia developed an almost-permanent, ultrasonic, fabric-finishing technology for mechanical impregnation of zinc oxide nanoparticles into textile

The Jerusalem Post Blogs May 25 2020 - 07:28

The two medical professionals are planning to send their 'hypothesis' to an American institution for further research This deadly RNA-vir

The Tribune May 22 2020 - 22:15

To the Editor: The co-authored, well-written op-ed by college seniors Lindy Hamilton and Michael T.

New Hampshire Union Leader May 21 2020 - 17:00

An international team of researchers has found evidence that suggests wild relatives of domestic goats passed on a gene to their domesticated relat

Phys.org May 21 2020 - 07:12

Patients in Jilin and Heilongjiang have been carrying the virus for longer and taking more time to recover than their predecessors in Wuhan, a lead

Daily Mail May 20 2020 - 08:18

Patients in Jilin and Heilongjiang have been carrying the virus for longer and taking more time to recover than their predecessors in Wuhan, a lead

Mail Online May 20 2020 - 07:26

Regulatory News: Eurofins Technologies (Paris:ERF) announces the launch of its CE-IVD marked multiplex Real-Time RT-PCR (reverse-transcriptase

MarketWatch May 19 2020 - 03:19

Like detectives searching for cold case matches, microbiologists are tracking the COVID-19 outbreak back in time to the parasitic ancestors that sp

MSN May 18 2020 - 18:04

In influencing the trajectory of the pandemic stage of an emerging pathogen, a population's susceptibility to a novel disease is more influent

EurekAlert! May 18 2020 - 09:57

Research by scientist from Wuhan laboratory accused by Donald Trump of being the source of virus that sparked Covid-19 pandemic looks at how Sars-r

South China Morning Post May 16 2020 - 09:00

S. maltophilia strains occur in several natural and human associated ecosystems.

News Medical May 14 2020 - 21:19

An international consortium found a remarkable global spread of strains of a multi-resistant bacterium that can cause severe infections—Stenotropho

Medical Xpress May 14 2020 - 09:13

An ongoing topic of discussion in the field of aging is the role of chronic inflammation in the brain, especially in the context of neurodegenerati

Nature May 14 2020 - 02:09

Jason Gigley, a UW associate professor of molecular biology, has received a Fulbright Scholarship to study how nutritional immunity and disease tol

University of Wyoming May 13 2020 - 09:02

Research into COVID-19 by UMass Medical School scientists Ann Moormann, PhD, MPH; Robert Finberg, MD; and Jeremy Luban, MD, is being funded by the

University of Massachusetts Medical School May 13 2020 - 08:29

The Delhi high court has said the period of home quarantine linked to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cannot be limited to 14

Hindustan Times May 12 2020 - 11:10

The order came after a petition was filed by a person who was put in quarantine from midnight of March 24-25, when he first had contact with a deli

Hindustan Times May 12 2020 - 11:10

As rising greenhouse gas emissions yield higher and higher temperatures around the globe, new research suggests plant pathogens are likely to grow

UPI.com May 12 2020 - 09:38

Anitox, global leader in pathogen control and milling efficiency programs for the primary meat, egg and fish production sectors, announced Chris Te

YAHOO! May 11 2020 - 08:44

Many pathogens manipulate ubiquitin-mediated signaling to evade host cell defense.

Nature May 11 2020 - 02:16

Sepsis due to multidrug resistant pathogens is the most common cause of death in intensive care units.

Nature May 11 2020 - 02:08

When the Covid-19 crisis is over, we must build a global rapid response capability to develop new treatments and vaccines against novel diseases.

STAT May 11 2020 - 01:52

The Left in the UK is bringing racism and identity politics into the COVID-19 pandemic, according to media commentator Katie Hopkins.

The Daily Telegraph May 9 2020 - 10:46

If a virus could laugh, it would laugh hysterically at these gun-toting protesters currently touring state capitals.

News Tribune May 9 2020 - 09:25

The pathogen is thought to be a strain of Hepatitis E which was thought to only affect rats.

Express May 9 2020 - 08:07

A professor of infectious diseases has revealed she is “rinsing” her deliveries amid the coronavirus outbreak.

YAHOO! May 8 2020 - 03:53

Doctors from Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in China looked at the semen samples of 38 men who tested positive for the infection.

YAHOO! May 7 2020 - 17:12

Deliberately infecting healthy volunteers with the virus that causes Covid-19 may speed studies of vaccines against the deadly pathogen, the World

Bloomberg on MSN.com May 6 2020 - 13:30

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have both claimed that there is evidence the pathogen came from the lab in Wuhan -- th

International Business Times May 5 2020 - 22:25

Workaholic whose departure from Sage is huge blow to Johnson standing on pandemic

The Guardian May 5 2020 - 13:48

The Israeli startup Sonovia, which sped up efforts to manufacture masks using its anti-pathogen fabric at the start of the coronavirus crisis in Is

The Jerusalem Post Blogs May 5 2020 - 06:11

The interaction of pathogens between wild and farmed aquatic animal populations is a concern that remains unclear and controversial.

Nature May 5 2020 - 02:27

Microbial plant-soil feedbacks (PSF) are fundamentally important for plant diversity.

Nature May 5 2020 - 02:25

"The Food Pathogen Testing Market report provides a detailed analysis of the dynamic of the market with extensive focus on secondary research.

ARN May 4 2020 - 01:37

Since COVID-19 began taking a toll on the people in the country, Kajol's 11-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son not only just worried for th

The Daily Star May 2 2020 - 11:24

A new analysis of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, reveals that the pathogen can infect and replicate in cells that line the inside of t

EurekAlert! May 1 2020 - 07:35

He is threatening trade tariffs to punish Beijing for its alleged failure to contain the coronavirus, even accusing a Chinese lab of manufacturing

Reuters May 1 2020 - 07:26

Los Angeles based developer/consulting firm The Code Solution ( recently announced that it would be deploying its patent-pending hygiene and sanita

YAHOO! May 1 2020 - 05:38

Grignard Pure is currently under review for an emergency exemption from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New Jersey

Associated Press Apr 29 2020 - 07:11

A hotter planet could change the relationship among infectious agents, their hosts and the human body’s defense mechanisms

Scientific American Apr 29 2020 - 07:05

Diseases pose an ongoing threat to aquaculture, fisheries and conservation of marine species, and determination of risk factors of disease is cruci

Nature Apr 29 2020 - 02:17

"The Global Food Pathogen Testing Market 2020 Research Report investigates the industry thoroughly and offers a complete study on Food Pathoge

ARN Apr 29 2020 - 01:33

The infection rate and death toll in the U.S.

WTOP News Apr 28 2020 - 17:43

Therefore, they require specialized “containment.” BSL-3 and 4 containment laboratories utilize safety features developed over decades to minimize

Forbes Apr 28 2020 - 11:00

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says now that he wishes he "blew the bugle" on the coronavirus threat back in January instead of waiting w

YAHOO! Apr 28 2020 - 10:51

Biomedical engineers at Duke University are adapting a rapid testing platform originally designed to detect Ebola to see whether it could be of use

Medical Xpress Apr 28 2020 - 07:01