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The fungus Entomophthora muscae has a survival strategy that's both fascinating and potentially going to put you off your next meal: it infect

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Jul 23 2022 - 17:06

A unique fungus survives by 'bewitching' male flies into mating with dead female flies.

India Education Diary Jul 22 2022 - 23:31

Kerassentials aids in the prevention of toenail fungus, stinky feet, brittle nails, and dry skin.

Outlookindia Jul 21 2022 - 15:51

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has reported the discovery of a fungus in southeast Colorado that causes a fatal disease in bats.

KRDO Jul 21 2022 - 14:59

A fungus that causes a disease deadly to bats known as white-nose syndrome (WNS) has been detected in Colorado for the first time.

FOX21 News Jul 21 2022 - 14:10

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a fungus that causes the fatal 'white-nose syndrome' among bat populations has been detected in

The Gazette Jul 21 2022 - 09:54

Many factors can have an impact on fingernails and toenails. Nail fungus is indicated by yellow and white patches on the nail.

The Village Voice Jul 20 2022 - 14:45

After it infects a housefly, the fungus takes control of the host's behaviour within days, essentially turning the housefly into a 'zombi

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jul 20 2022 - 04:42

A unique fungus survives by getting male houseflies to mate with the fungal-infected corpses of dead females, according to a new study.

Nextgov Jul 20 2022 - 04:00

Residents of the Kumaon once earned lakhs from selling caterpillar fungus.

Scroll Jul 19 2022 - 20:30

Oak wilt is a dangerous fungus for oak trees, both for the tree and its roots.

KAAL TV Jul 19 2022 - 15:24

The creepy fungus survives by 'bewitching' healthy male flies to have sex with female corpses - and the longer the body has been left to

Daily Star Jul 19 2022 - 00:54

Banana freckle disease has re-emerged in the Northern Territory, sparking fears the outbreak could threaten the banana industry.

News.com.au Jul 19 2022 - 00:44

Fungal Provocateur Welcome to hell.

Futurism on MSN.com Jul 18 2022 - 13:53

The fungus ‘bewitches’ male houseflies and causes them to commit necrophilia with the infected corpses of dead female houseflies.

Yahoo News UK Jul 18 2022 - 08:21

The fungus can eject its infected spores at up to 10 meters a second, which is among the fastest of nature’s movements.After infecting a female fly

earth Jul 18 2022 - 06:42

The researchers called it "a true master of manipulation" for the "deliberate strategy" it uses to lure male flies.

International Business Times Jul 17 2022 - 18:57

A reader wrote in to ask "can you identify this for me? It was on two small trees I cut down." Naturally, Janet is here to help!

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Jul 15 2022 - 23:41

A fungus that turns houseflies into zombies ensures its survival by 'bewitching' males into mating with the fungal-infected corpses of de

Daily Mail Jul 15 2022 - 14:48

In truly creep news, a team of scientists has announced that a known fungus causes male flies to mate with the bodies of dead females.

New Atlas Jul 15 2022 - 11:13

Entomophthora muscae is a widespread, pathogenic fungus that survives by infecting common houseflies with deadly spores.

Phys.org Jul 15 2022 - 07:53

Nowadays racism and sexism are almost universally scorned as evils.

The Washington Post on MSN.com Jul 15 2022 - 05:15

A species of fungus never before seen in science is among the "wild and wonderful" species found in the Cairngorms.

Yahoo Style UK Jul 15 2022 - 03:55

Kerassentials Reviews - Kerassentials is a doctor-formulated blend for healthy skin and nails.

DNA India Jul 15 2022 - 02:58

Recent release "The Hellish Fungus of Bornewich" from Newman Springs Publishing author Blake Barnes is a spine-tingling horror novel abou

Daily Herald Jul 14 2022 - 03:00

The study also uncovered two species of fungi new to the UK and never before seen in Scotland.

STV Jul 14 2022 - 02:49

These included a ‘strangler’ fungus (Squamanita contortipes), which takes its name from its ability to take over other fungi, and the fungus amanit

Metro on MSN.com Jul 14 2022 - 00:16

A never before discovered type of fungus has been amongst the “wild and wonderful species” that have been found in the Cairngorm mountains.

heraldscotland Jul 13 2022 - 17:01

Soil samples taken from Munros in the Cairngorms were analysed, revealing a brand new species and many rare ones.

YAHOO!News Jul 13 2022 - 16:01

A never before discovered type of fungus has been amongst the “wild and wonderful species” that have been found in the Cairngorm mountains.

Yahoo News UK Jul 13 2022 - 16:01

Kerassentials is a plant-based potent mix of oils and minerals that provide much-needed nourishment to your skin and nails.

Outlookindia Jul 13 2022 - 12:53

But master gardener Ed Buyarski says gardeners should look out for botrytis, a fungus disease that can spread throughout crops.

KTOO Jul 13 2022 - 12:29

Market Street Medical, a multi-specialty practitioner clinic in Olney, Illinois, recently added the Astanza Duality laser to offer various aestheti

Associated Press Jul 13 2022 - 08:27

Taiwan has been using advanced technology to help its allies in Central America address a new strain of Panama disease, which affects banana plants

The Taipei Times Jul 12 2022 - 09:00

This dietary formula comes in a natural oil formula that helps prevent toenail fungus, flaky skin, smelly feet, and yellow nails.

Metro Times Jul 12 2022 - 08:01

A biomass to treat a difficult and evasive fungal infection with a high mortality rate has been made by 3P Biopharmaceuticals.

the Top 10 Jul 12 2022 - 04:46

The study focuses on global companies that operate in the Global Black Fungus Market and includes information such as company profiles, product sam

MarketWatch Jul 11 2022 - 11:38

Mushroom enthusiasts and celebs in LA celebrate the launch of Shroomboom TOPANGA, Calif., July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The mushroom e-commerce bra

Associated Press Jul 11 2022 - 08:01

Pocket gophers fertilize and harvest fields of subterranean roots. Some say this is a form of farming.

National Geographic news Jul 11 2022 - 08:00

The consequences of the climate crisis-more wildfires, devastating drought, sea-level rise, flooding, ecological disease-are plaguing the country

WMUR9 Jul 10 2022 - 19:24

Since most of us are working from homes and do not need to dress up often, chances are that our clothes and shoes have already become the breeding

Free Press Journal on MSN.com Jul 9 2022 - 18:30

The most basic qualification, certified arborist, requires months of preparation and study followed by a comprehensive, 200-question test.

Virginian-Pilot Jul 9 2022 - 05:00

Those who underwent organ transplantation, or those suffering from hematological malignancies are also at great risk, the study says.

The New Indian Express Jul 8 2022 - 18:21

The developed model can predict the patients at high risk, thus initiating preventive care or aiding in the early detection of mucormycosis infecti

The New Indian Express Jul 8 2022 - 18:21

Fungus infection, which results from an imbalance between yeast and bacteria, happens when individual compounds which protect the body against the

Maryland Reporter Jul 8 2022 - 17:00

This Kerassentials toenail fungus supplement is perfectly designed for those who are struggling with the problem of toe fungus, itching, and crumbl

Maryland Reporter Jul 8 2022 - 13:30

The hydrangeas have outdone themselves this year. They are absolutely beautiful, except for one small problem.

Paducah Sun Jul 8 2022 - 12:04

Soak the entire root zone at least twice a week in dry summer weather.

Deccan Herald Dec 15 2016 - 12:29

Our news editors obtained a quote from the research from the University of Munster, "Less well known is that the crop fungus is also used by m

4 Traders Dec 15 2016 - 12:29

Nintendo has revealed its first batch of rewards for the game available through the My Nintendo loyalty service, including a new character, Toad, a

in.ign.com Dec 15 2016 - 10:49